3 Top Camping Spots in England

3 Top Camping Spots in England

A travelers guide to the top 3 camping spots across England.

1. Isle of Skye in Scotland

Ohh Bonnie Scotland! Home to famous sparkling glens, lochs, rolling hills and lush farmland! Relaxed trespassing laws that allow camping in the open country? Check! Free camping in the wilderness of the Highlands? Check! Do check out the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. Seriously, what more can you ask for in a camping spot?

Isle of Skye has now one of the most popular places to visit in Scotland, due to its unrivalled natural beauty. It’s scenery ranges from cheery, sparkling sandy beaches to mysterious, misty mountain ranges like Cuillin, one of the top camping spots in England.

Isle of Skye
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The Quirang

One of the most scenic must-see tourist destinations would be the Quirang. The hike would figuratively and literally blow you away! The wind can be really brutal here, but gets better about 15 to 20 minutes into the Quirang walk. If you divert from the main path, towards the same side of the road as the carpark, you would find flat, grassy areas – perfect to pitch a tent.

However, if you want to be close to your car, you can drive 5 minutes down the Uig-Staffin road (west from the Quirang, closer to Uig). At that area, you can park and set up on flat, dry ground. Bonus! Pitch up your tent near a calming stream, right near a waterfall.

Coral Beach

White sands and the stunning coastline views of Loch Dunvegan awaits! This place is truly a hidden gem. The walk to the beach is only 20 minutes. But beware of rabbit holes! Hence this makes it difficult to pitch your tent right on the beach. A few minutes’ walk away from the beach there are spots where you can pitch your tent on flat solid ground. Speaking of holes, there are potholes on the road to Claigan, but keep driving till the end and you’ll find a large carpark.

A definite highlight would be watching the sunset here, with the entire beach to yourself!

2. Cornwall, England

If you love the sea but can’t be bothered to travel all the way up to Scotland. Why not go down to Cornwall, where you can still get your sun and fun? Cornwall has great facilities with access to some wonderful beaches, good weather and a relaxed lifestyle.

Lovelane Caravans, Roskilly’s Organic Farm, Helston

Fancy a more retro style of camping? Roskilly’s Organic Farm could be right up your alley! This special retreat is just for romantics and families alike. Hire a classic caravan on Roskilly’s Organic Icecream farm near some of Cornwall’s best beaches. Lovelane’s period caravans are restored to their former glory. Think sipping tea out of nostalgic antiques, such as thimble-like gold-rimmed cups from the Queen’s coronation.

Just like the name suggests, the farm is famous for its ice cream! You can watch the whole process of how ice cream is made from start to finish. From the cows being milked, all the way to the clotted cream and ice cream you’ll be gorging yourself on in the courtyard cafe. The campsite is conveniently located within walking distance to two lovely beaches for the kids to run around, namely Coverack Cove and the black sands of Godrevy Cove.

3. Lake District

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Camping beside serene lakes are one of the best ways to unwind and let loose! One amazing place to set up fort would be the Great Langdale site, run by the National Trust. They have top-notch facilities and the tents are pitched in the shadow of the Great Langdale Pikes. Lay back and enjoy some of the finest mountain scenery England has to offer. One of the most popular routes is through the Langdale valley in the Lake District National Park.

This route brings you through beautiful sights of mountain lakes (known as tarns) and meandering paths, with a backdrop of lush fields and the best part? Without too much serious exertion! Stick to low levels and you’ll come across pretty bridges, which make for great romantic photo spots. The final stretch would most definitely take your breath away! It’s no wonder this route is so popular and well-known in Cumbria!, one of the top camping spots in England.

Mount Helvellyn

Are you up for a more thrilling camping destination that appeals to your wild side? Why not try scaling and staying on the 2nd highest mountain in England – Mount Helvellyn? In fact, it is the most popular mountain within Lake District, with its impressive and one of only four Lakeland Fells that rise above 3,000 feet. Striding Edge is the name of its most famous scramble, where the path snakes up the left-hand ridge. At 5.0km from starting you hit the Striding Edge ridge, considered to be one of the top camping spots in England.

It does take some degree of difficulty to hike the ridge, so do be prepared! If you’re not up for the challenge, there is an option of a flatter, easier path that bypasses the ups and downs and goes around the ridges. Expect superb views as you journey from the long summit ridge. Towards the east coves bite into the mountain, split by narrow rocky ridges. Gorgeous views below the summit, lies the shimmering waters of Red Tarn.

A great place to set up camp would be the Hard Tarn. You can get to it by just going a few hundred metres north of the stream. The banks can be slightly rocky, so just look around to find your perfect spot to pitch your tent, in one of the top camping spots in England.

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