Celebrate Outdoors Pens

Celebrate Outdoors Pens: The freedom for your pets to play

Celebrate outdoors pens to give your pets the freetime to play outside the house safely. Every single pet owner is going to rave about owning a pet, but playtime is also a major part of having animals. If you are a new pet owner that is trying to decide which outdoor pen is going to be the best for your animal, there are many factors that need to be considered. 

Puppy Blues

Right after you bring a brand-new puppy home it is all fun and games, until your new puppy wants to play. Not every single homeowner is going to have a fenced in yard. This is where finding the perfect outdoor pen is going to be instrumental in the playtime for your dog. What you need to do is know how much your puppy ways. If you have an idea that your puppy is going to possibly way over 50 pounds when it is full-grown, then you can either buy a smaller outdoor pen while the puppy is still small, or you can simply purchase an outdoor pen that is going to be suitable when your puppy is full-sized.

You have two different options, but the most affordable choice is going to be purchasing the larger outdoor pen. You also want to consider all of the extra accessories that some outdoor pens have. Do you want to have an outdoor pen that has a cover for your dog just in case it rains? What type of opening which you like to have? These are all different things to consider. Yes, it can seem like it is a lot just for an outdoor puppy pen, but if you have an energetic dog that wants to play – these accessories are going to be extremely important in the long run.

A nice basic outdoor pen is going to be this New World Foldable Metal Exercise Pen & Pet Playpen available in five different sizes. This is a fantastic simple way to let your puppy play outside and inside as well. The pen is connected with eight panels and it does not require any tools. It also folds for easy storage and has a black wrist preventative coat that protects the dog. This exercise pen works with other animals besides just puppies. You can use it for rabbits for guinea pigs – even ducks or turtles.

This outdoor pen is a bit more expensive, but it also is available in four different colors. This can be used indoor and outdoors with all different types of animals. The AmazonBasics 8 Panel Plastic Pet Pen is a safe enclosure for pets. It is made out of heavy duty commercial grade plastic that includes eight panels that interlock. This is a really nice outdoor pen that also has a hinged lockable gate.

Another great way to travel with your animals or just use this outdoor pen for everyday use is going to be the Meiying Pet Cage Crate for indoor and outdoor use. This can be used with any type of pet. The soft crate is portable and easy to fold into a small convenient size for easy transport. This pen also has a whole cage that is sealed, so that the top and only one panel zipper can open. This is an incredibly high quality type of outdoor pen.

Traveling with Pets

Another great reason why having an outdoor pen is when you travel. Some people think traveling with pets is extremely hard, but if it is properly planned out with the right traveling accessories – it can become a really fun trip. Your pets should always be secured properly and a moving vehicle. If you do not have any type of harness or a place for your animal to sit where they will be restrained – you can always do an online search to find the proper seating for your animal.

The actual traveling part is something that pet owners are not sure how to handle. If you are traveling in an RV, you can actually buy a smaller pet carrier or outdoor pen. You can put the pen together inside of the RV and let your animals get some light activity. This is also great if you are at a rest stop and you have more than one animal – you will be able to set up your portable pet pen.

When you reach your destination, you will be able to use your portable outdoor pen all day long. It is also a good idea to do a trial run before you leave to make sure that you have enough space for all of your pets to get adequate exercise space.

Always be sure that when you are traveling with animals that you bring along any type of medications and your animals normal dog food. It is important to make sure that your pets have all of their essentials, so that you do not stress your animal to the point where they might end up getting ill. That would make for a bad trip, but an emergency veterinarian bill. Those can get expensive really fast if your animal is struggling.

It is also highly recommended that you bring your animals collar and leash, so that you are able to get plenty of exercise along with your pets. Even a 15 minute walk with their favorite no jump harness is going to make your animal be in good spirits and it will give your animal time to get some fresh air. These portable outdoor pens are almost a must for anybody that owns an animal. You never know when you might end up in an emergency situation and you need to have an immediate way to set up a place for your animals.

A happy healthy animal will bring any owner joy throughout its life. Having these types of accessories can really make your animal happy and it will also bring pets extra exercise almost anywhere. This type of accessory can even be taken to holiday functions like Christmas day when everybody is opening presents. All of your critters can be present for the festivities that will make a wonderful memory, but you will be able to take pictures and include the entire family.

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