Wooden Serving Trays

Wooden Serving Trays: Selecting the Best

There are so many different ways to use wooden serving trays – that is why they are so popular for consumers. Not only are these wooden trays versatile, they also can be used for a wide variety of reasons. For example, if you are thinking about doing remodeling job to your living room or you are thinking about doing an upgrade with new accessories – adding wooden serving trays is an excellent idea.

Not only can you use these trays to serve tea or beverages to your guests, but you can also use them to accessorize candles and other home décor that you might be thinking about putting it on display. You can also get different colors of wooden trays, so you can really customize your look.

Also, you can use these trays for parties and special occasions. The more wooden serving trays you have – you will be able to utilize them and use these trays on a regular basis.

Wooden Serving Tray Trends

This Lipper International 1165 Acacia Curved Serving Tray is very popular with amazing customer reviews. This serving tray has an elegant curve to design with specialty cut out handles, so that any purchaser will be able to have a secure grip. The surface is slightly recessed to prevent any type of slippage. This is a great serving tray for presenting snacks to guests or even drinks. This serving tray is also extremely affordable for the price of only $21.78.

Everyone loves Etsy.com for many reasons, but one of the best reasons why this site is so popular is the fact that all of the items for sale are handmade. Take this wooden serving tray that can be personalized for almost any occasion. This can be the perfect tray for a bed-and-breakfast or this can be the ultimate wedding gift. You also can select a different color for lettering, so that your specialized custom made wooden serving tray is special just for your needs. The price of this customized wooden serving tray is only $43.00.

Who isn’t going to absolutely love this B. Smith 20 Inch Acacia Wood Tray from Bed Bath and Beyond? This wooden tray really shows off how lovely the wood grain is on this premium finished would tray. This is a great way to carry more with this classy looking serving tray. It needs to be hand washed with care. You can literally serve anything you want with this serving tray. From coffee or tea – or you can serve a meal to your guests.

Party Time

Now that you have gotten a few ideas about which wooden serving trays are going to be your best option – it is now time to officially start planning a party. You will need to think about whether or not you plan on hiring servers. There are a few benefits to hiring a waiting staff that will be able to attend to your guests.

  1. You will be able to socialize and communicate more with all of your friends and family if you hire some type of staff that will be able to serve drinks to your guests, but also serve appetizers. This is the perfect time to utilize all of your new wooden serving trays.
  2. Something to take into consideration is the style of serving trays. Obviously you will have more than one item on a tray, so it is advisable to use trays with handles. This is another benefit to having waiting staff, because they will be occupied tending to all of the food and beverages for you.
  3. The cleanup is also going to be easier. Generally when you hire waitstaff, they will also do the after party cleanup. This is extremely beneficial and it will help you not become so exhausted by the end of a party.

Hosting a smaller party that does not require so much set up can be done easily with the help of a few wooden serving trays. This is really simple, because you can use each tray and set up a station with appetizers and hors d’oeuvres. Each individual tray can have cheese and crackers or you can even set up a veggie tray. It is simple to move each tray around, so that your guests are able to eat.

Also, an interesting way to use serving trays is by giving each of your guests a tray. Your guests will be able to carry their serving tray and load up as much food/beverages as they want. This is for more of an intimate setting where it is close friends and family.

However, you can also do this for more of a casual party. It is just easier to use a wooden serving tray rather than paper plates. Your guests will be able to navigate better and they will be happier, because they will be able to carry more food at once. This is an excellent idea especially if you have children or toddlers, because their food can be carried on one tray instead of having each child have their own tray. You have options to choose from when it comes to wooden serving trays and kids.

Wooden serving trays are not only affordable, but they are a wonderful addition to any home. Even businesses and offices are going to have serving trays. It makes doing presentations and posting any type of event that much easier using these type of trays. You can even use them in the bathroom of your home or your office. Do you have a sick kid? You can use a serving tray to present a healthy chicken noodle soup to your child.

Or, are you trying to do something special for a loved one like a romantic dinner? A serving tray can be used to present the main course or a special gift. You simply can’t go wrong by purchasing an affordable wooden serving tray, because you will be able to use it for so many things in your home and your office.

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