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Even though we have smartphones and other gadgets that tell time, wearing a watch is still has its benefits. One such benefit is the fact that many watches are at the very least water-resistant, whereas smartphones and electronics are not. Another advantage is that watches do not run out of battery nearly as fast, but choosing the perfect watch can be difficult, particularly if you do not know what is available.

If you are shopping somewhere where they have a large selection like My Gift Stop watches can get confusing. It isn’t difficult to clarify the confusion if you know a few basics about each type and style of watch.

Watch Bands

When it comes to watch bands, you have a few choices. There is a rubberized silicone watch band. You would normally wear this type when you are allergic to metal or cannot wear metal during work hours. There is a leather watchband which is made from heavy-duty leather. If you do not work in the heat and need a durable natural watchband, the leather may be your best choice. Then there is the chain watchband. This particular band is metal and made up of separate links making it adjustable and durable.

Analog Watches

Analog watches are probably the most common traditional watch movement. These watches have a minute, hour and second hand. They can operate from a battery or with a winding mechanism. Some of the older analog watches are even self-winding and display the date.

Digital Watches

Digital watches are probably the second most common watch. These watches have an LCD screen and require a battery to operate. They were once considered advanced watches and came with a variety of functions. These functions could include date, time and calculator operation, all of which can be done with a touch screen watch.

Touch Screen Watches

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Touch screen watches or smartwatches are the latest in timepiece technology. Some touch screen watches also serve as GPS devices. These watches require a battery and usually link to a smartphone through Bluetooth or wifi. Although smartwatches are an excellent tool, they are expensive, breakable and rarely waterproof.

Fitness Watches

Fitness watches are one of the newer types of watches. They are designed to measure things like heart rate, activity and sometimes sleep patterns. They do tell the time, but they also report biometrics usually to a phone or computer through Bluetooth or wifi. Fitness watches are becoming more popular as people become more health-conscious. Like smartwatches, they are battery operated but are more often waterproof or at least water-resistant.

Hybrid Watches

Hybrid watches combine digital and analog watches. Sometimes they are even combined with smartwatch technology. These combinations are usually battery operated. Hybrids are becoming more popular, particularly because they look and feel like an analog watch but have digital or smartwatch functionality.

On top of the different types of watches, there are different styles of watches as well.

Casual Watches

Casual watches are usually for everyday wear. These watches are functional but not very pretty. They are also the most common type of watches. Most of the time, they do not have fancy features or gadgets; they are just simple analog watches. They are designed to fit with almost every style of casual dress without clashing.

Dress, Fashion or Luxury Watches

Dress watches are a bit fancier than casual watches but still designed to fit with everything. They can be battery operated or have a winding mechanism. Dress watches can also be digital, analog or hybrid, but traditionally they are analog. They are considerably less expensive than fashion or luxury watches.

Fashion and luxury watches are high-end and usually very expensive. These watches are made by specific designers such as Armani or Gucci. One of the more famous brands of a luxury watch is Rolex. They might be set with diamonds or other gemstones but are worn more for looks than for functionality. These watches are status symbols rather than a simple timepiece.

When you are purchasing a watch, you should consider all of these factors. Although there has been some talk about watches being replaced by smartphones and other gadgets, it is unlikely that they will completely disappear off the face of fashion. They are still a traditional gift for graduation and retirement and are easier to use than having to look at your phone constantly.

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