4 Tips For Setting Up A Productive Home Office

Working from home is increasingly becoming the new norm for people of all professions. However, working from home can be very different from working from the office, presenting both newfound freedoms, as well as new challenges.

At home you can control your surroundings, setting your office up exactly how you like it, curating a space that optimises your creativity and productivity. Here are four tips that will make your workday better, helping you be happier, more productive, and more efficient.

Routine Is Key

While working from home is the dream for many, it does come with its own challenges. Not having to leave the house can make it hard to switch between home mode and work, it can develop bad habits, getting easily distracted and procrastinate with life admin. To avoid this making sure you have a designated home office space set up separate from the rest of the home, this will help you to transition seamlessly into work mode.

Wake up at the same time that you would if you were heading into the office, try to stay on a regular schedule maintaining the hours you would work if you were doing a regular 9-5. Instead of having an extra sleep in, utilise the commuting time productively, to exercise, meditate or play with the kids.

Create A Functional Work Space

The success of being able to focus when working from home is having a designated home office area to go to, knuckle down and work. Having the proper tools to jump in and work, will make you much more comfortable and therefore more productive.

See if your company will reimburse you for office furniture, if not it is worth the investment to set up your home office with some ergonomic furniture. If you need more space at home to set up your office, considering decluttering the designated room for your office. You can tackle the issue of minimal space by renting a garage for storage.

A comfortable desk and chair will help you to focus while ensuring that you are looking after your body. If you are someone who hates to sit still, consider having a standing desk.

Keep It Safe

Having a home office means investing in some good quality tech equipment. To safe peace of mind and keep it safe, install a smart home security system. Dependable and secure, smart home security systems use smart tech products that are integrated with a smart home assistant. You’re able to control and monitor your system from the palm of your hands. On top of keeping your equipment safe, working from home means that you have to store and access sensitive client information in your home office, with the Vivint alarm system, you can be sure that it will stay safely out of unwanted hands.

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Keep Organised

Clutter can be both overwhelming and distracting, working and operating in mess can feel chaotic, so keeping your desk clean will help you to focus when in the work mode. If you are someone who needs to use a lot of paper or equipment for your job, make sure you have sufficient storage space. Anything you are not using should be put away so it doesn’t distract you.

Create A Space You Enjoy Spending Time In

The benefit of working at home, is you get to decorate your space however you like. This means you can decorate it so that you find aesthetically pleasing and want to spend time in. Decorate bland walls, with motivational quotes, your favourite artwork or pictures of your family and friends. A great way to decorate is by bringing nature inside, not only will plants bring energy, colour and vibrance into a room, it also helps to improve air quality.

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