Sunset on Dunnigan

Sunset on Dunnigan is a popular Tequila cocktail containing a combinations of Sauvignon Blanc,Citrus Forward, Light Juniper Gin,St. Germain Elderflower and lime juice. This cocktail is an alcoholic beverage that was invented by Irish bartender Patrick Duffy in New York during the 20th century. It's a popular drink served at bars and restaurants in the United States. It made its first appearance in print during 1935 when it was featured in Harry McElhone’s Barflies and Cocktails . The author calls it “the most original drink I have ever seen or heard about” because it's "a combination of two drinks - whiskey sour and daiquiri."

Spirit Used


2 ounce Night Harvest Sauvignon Blanc
1 ounce citrus forward, light juniper gin
½ ounce St. Germain elderflower liqueur
Garnish: grapefruit zest


1. Pour all ingredients over ice and stir for 15 seconds.
2. Julep strain and serve up in a cocktail glass. Garnish with a 2" pass of a bar zester over a fresh grapefruit rind, directly over the cocktail so as to spray the oils over the surface of the cocktail.
3. Drop the zest into the drink.

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