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5 Common Archery Mistakes And How To Correct Them

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When mastering the art of archery, or any other sport at that, mistakes are bound to be made. Think about this though, knowing the mistakes that could be made will lower the chances of you making them, and if by chance you do, you’ll know how to tackle it.

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Common Archery mistakes

Obtaining a new skill often comes with making mistakes, as it’s all part of the learning process. However, learning about the mistake before hand will help you a great deal.

With that being said, here’s our top 5 common mistakes that archers make:

1.     Losing your aim

Despite having a fixed aim, sometimes archers tend to lose their aim right before they release the arrow. For example, if the archer wants to aim at the red dot on a circle, when releasing the arrow, they could mistakenly aim for the line that’s near it, hence losing their aim.

2.     Overaiming

Aiming too hard and for long, has been termed to also be dangerous. At times, archers tend to get nervous which leads to them overthinking the whole situation hence holding the arrow for a longer period of time. This disorients their focus as well as their aim.

3.     Lowering your bow arm

Dropping your bow arm could lead to a low shot. This might be experienced between the time of your release and when the arrow actually leaves the bow. Lowering the bow arm before your arrow completely leaves the bow alters the bows direction hence changing the distance it’ll cover.

4.     Failure to adjust your bow sight

At times, you might be doing everything right but it seems you’re just having the same problem, you just can’t reach your target. If this is the case then maybe it’s time to adjust your bow sight towards the place your arrows are grouping more. For example, if your arrows seem to be grouping towards the left, then you should adjust your bow sight towards the left and vice versa.

5.     Peep Sight alignment

When using a compound bow, you will realize that a peep sight has been outfitted to it. The peep sight helps the archer in getting an anchor point that’s consistent and as much as very many archers know this, they often overlook aligning their peep with their sight house. Failure to align this creates a non consistent anchor point.

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Correcting Archery Mistakes

To every mistake, comes a solution so here’s ours based on the mistakes discussed above:

●      How not to lose your aim

The key to not losing your aim is to stay focused on your main target at all times. This way, you have a clear mind as to what you want to hit. Another thing is to do a lot of practices that strengthen your arm.

●      How to not overaim

As much as this can only be fixed with adequate training, one thing you need to know is that you should not change anything that you’ve been doing, or add something extra to it. Instead, you should do things exactly as you have been doing them and with this you’ll be good.

●      Preventing arm dropage

Correcting this can be done by making sure you maintain a strong arm, until you hear the target getting hit by your arrow. You should also resist the urge of wanting to see your arrow go as you might end up lowering your bow to obtain a view that doesn’t have any obstruction.

●      Adjusting your bow sight

Continuously missing your target can be frustrating, especially if you’re doing everything correctly. Don’t worry though, this can be corrected by making small adjustments to your bow sight till it covers the whole group. Note that distances that are closer will need bigger adjustments as compared to distances that are farther.

●      Aligning your peep

This can also be corrected through training, however, one thing that you should know is that aligning your peep to your sight house will create two circles that are centric. When this has been achieved, you’ll be able to obtain an anchor point that’s consistent.


As I conclude, one thing that you need to know is that no one is perfect and that we all make mistakes. Don’t be too hard on yourself and most importantly, don’t compare yourself to others.

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