Deer Hunter Antler Bolt 30 Cal Pen

Deer Hunter Antler Bolt 30 Cal Pen

Obviously, every single person in the world has experienced using a pen. Pens are literally everywhere from your car, office, living room, and even multiple drawers throughout your home. Also, if you are familiar with pens – you have also experienced which pins you prefer. Especially for those of us who are writers or if we work in an office making receipts all day long – after some time there is a preferred pen.

Pen Facts

  • Here are some interesting facts about pens. Most people enjoy rollerball pens, however they are water-based and can dry out. A retractable ballpoint pen is an oil-based pin, therefore you do not need to worry about this particular type of pin drying out. The retractable gel pen is a type of pen that has wax on the tip that must be taken off before writing. For some people – that can become a pain.
  • Pens are actually 5000 years old that were developed by the ancient Egyptians. They would use reed straws and ink made out of soot or a red ochre that had been mixed with vegetable gum and beeswax. Birmingham became the top pen nib manufacture in 1850 producing half of the pens in the world.
  • The Bic Cristal ballpoint pen has the ability to produce a line around 2km. That may not sound like a big deal, but that is a really great pen, because it means that one pen could draw a line over four times longer than the height of the Empire State building that is in New York. That is pretty darn incredible to think that one pen could produce a line that long.
  • Modern ballpoint pens use a metal ball for the writing point. These balls are made from tungsten carbide which is actually three times tougher than steel. Therefore, you know that you are going to get a high quality pen. A gold nibbed fountain pen is more of a customized pen, because it will slowly adjust to your writing style. The nib eventually starts to flex and soften. It is an incredibly comfortable way to write.
  • On average a pen can approximately write 45,000 words and the biggest ballpoint pen ever weighed 82 pounds and 1.24 ounces measuring in at 18 feet long by 53 inches. Another fact that can be alarming about using a pen is the fact that it’s actually caused over 100 deaths in a year by people messing around with a cap in their mouth and swallowing it.
  • When given a pen, 95% of people will write their name before they write anything else. In World War II pilots would use ballpoint pens because they do not leak at high altitudes. There are also only five main kinds of pens that are used throughout the world – ballpoint, fountain, soft tip, rolling ball, and then specialty pens. There are more than 2 billion pens that are made in the United States each year.
  • Left-hand writers are going to appreciate knowing that ballpoint pens have quick drying ink that makes it perfect for their hand writing. For those who like the ballpoint and roller pens – the gel pen is a great combination of both features and it really has a smooth feeling to it when it is being used.

Great Deer Antler Bolt 30 Cal Pens

This 30 Caliber Bolt Action Bullet Cartridge Deer Antler Pen is a great gift idea for any hunting or target shooting enthusiast. The pen has a realistic bolt action handle that retracts to lock securely in place. It also has a bold action rifle clip and a replica 30 caliber cartridge. The rose gold bullet tip adds for a nice addition. Each pen is made out of carefully selected deer antlers, but you need to act fast because these are available in limited qualities. If you are looking for different options, you can always order this pen with 24 karat gold plating, chrome, or you can even go with a gun metal finish.

The Unique Ballpoint pen from Amazon features a barrel that is made from naturally shed deer antlers. It features antique brass metal components and it also has a bold action antler bolt 30 cal pen set.

This Handcrafted Lever Action ballpoint pen is an amazing gift idea, but it also is perfect for anybody that is a hunting enthusiast. This is a one-of-a-kind pen that has antique brass components. It also has an etched deer design on one side and on the other side is a bullet casing. The barrel is made from naturally shed deer antlers that were protected with numerous coats of Cyanoacrylate glue sanded. This barrel was also polished to a 12,000 grit for a long-lasting shine. This also has an ammo box pen case.

One of the best deer antler bolt 30 cal pens is going to be from This made to order deer antler pen has a classic twist and is made in gun metal. This is a full functioning ballpoint pen that twists to be used. It is made from a piece of real deer antler and it has been fitted with high quality gunmetal. This would make a terrific gift or anyone that is looking for a customized handcraft pen – this is going to be fantastic. The pen can be refilled using Parker refills.

Getting the right deer antler pen can be tricky, but with the help of the Internet and doing the right research you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. These pens are fantastic for gifts, but if you are a person that is really into hunting and the outdoors – then you are going to love this type of pen. The ballpoint twist pen is an excellent choice and it can be used by anyone. These pens are also affordable, so this can be the perfect Christmas or birthday gift. Don’t forget anybody graduating – a custom pen can be a great gift for a college student.

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