Diy Scrimshaw Knife Kit: The Best Scrimshaw Knife Kits

DIY Scrimshaw Knife Kit

The Scrimshaw is an art form that was developed in the late 1700’s by the whaling industry. A whaler would be at sea for many long hours, therefore etching not equal themes on items was something to do. The instrument that was used to do all of these unique drawings was called a sail needle, a nail or a pocket knife. Artwork would be scratched into the bones or teeth of a sperm whale. After that process was completed, either tobacco juice or lamp black would be rubbed into the bone.

As America began to start traveling towards the West, this particular type of art form was being applied to knives and other items. If you have ever noticed carving on stones or even animal antlers – more than likely it was done using some type of Scrimshaw set.P

The Best Scrimshaw Knife Kits

The Old Timer 2014 Scrimshaw Set is made in China. This set was designed specifically for performance and durability. This kit was also created by the highest quality of materials. The knife is hand packed inside of a Schrade Old Timer Limited Edition gift tin. This knife would make an amazing gift or perfect for someone that loves Scrimshaw art work.

The Rose Wood Pocket Knife with a Damascus steel blade is made out of Damascus steel. This is a unique piece of art that has a real buffalo horn. All of the designs on this knife are handmade. It also has a 100% cow leather sheath that will make this a very durable knife. The Damascus steel has a sleek texture and this knife is light weight. This is an excellent gift for a special friend or even a coworker.

The Rough Rider Scrimshaw Set RR1579 is an affordable Scrimshaw knife kit that includes a trapping knife, etching tools, ink/swabs, and a nylon carrying pouch. The blades are stainless steel with a standard edge. This kit has a mirror polished finish with a white handle.

The best way to find the best Scrimshaw knife kits is to read reviews online, but don’t forget to use coupon codes or promotional codes that can be found by doing a simple online search using Google or your favorite Internet browser. These kits are extremely affordable and each of the kits come with their own accessories. You have plenty of options to choose from, so that you will find the perfect Scrimshaw knife kit.

Scrimshaw For Beginners

In order to start doing Scrimshaw artwork, you will need to first find something to etch or carved. Most of the time you can use shell, bone, ivory, teeth, and even in some cases polymer. Once you have found something that is going to work for all of your carving, you will then need to get your Scrimshaw tools. There are many different types of Scrimshaw kits, so this is where it really is going to depend on the user. One important tip is to be sure that you find a Scrimshaw kit that has a comfortable handle. If you purchase a Scrimshaw kit that is not comfortable, it is going to be extremely hard on your hands.

When you begin to do your carving, getting good lighting is going to be essential. You can choose any type of subject you want to carve about. Lighthouses are really neat and so are seashore scenes, so you really have the freedom to do whatever you would like. The carving process is going to be time-consuming, so be sure that you do not rush. When all of your carving has been completed, this is the time that your bone or whatever the case may be needs to be etched. Black shoe polish is an option or you may go for a soot and oil mix.

Also, if you are new at drawing, you may want to pencil in the drawing you would like to do for a reference. It is important to know that once you start to etch, you cannot change anything. This process may seem like it is fairly easy, but getting the drawing done right is hard work and very time-consuming. You also may need to rub off your blackening just in case you need to make alterations. That is why it is such a good idea to use a pencil. You can really get all the fine details done just the way you want it.

Scrimshaw Party

Yes, believe it or not you can throw or host a Scrimshaw party. Note: this might be the one type of party that you choose to limit the alcohol. The last thing you want is one of your guests or yourself to injure themselves. It is a fun way to explore your creative side and also have fun with your friends/family. You can have this type of party catered or you can have it be very informal and casual. You can always have your guests bring food and beverages, while you provide the Scrimshaw kit. In this case, you will have to buy more than one pending on how many guests you have. A decent sized table is also recommended.

You want to be sure that the seating is comfortable, because more than likely you and your guests will be sitting down for long periods of time. Snacks such as a veggie tray or even chips and dip are ideal for this type of party. It is going to be easier to have appetizers rather than a meal, but you can always stop in the middle for a sit down dinner, then resume your Scrimshaw etching. Pictures of nautical themed items is also a great way to help your guests dig deep down and explore their inner creativity.

A Scrimshaw kit is a really nice way to not only develop your creative skills, but you can do this type of activity with anyone. It is not recommended that children do this activity, but teenagers and older with adult supervision can participate. This type of artwork is truly amazing and unique.

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