Waterfowl Double Old Fashioned

A Guide to Waterfowl Double Old Fashioned Glasses

Now that summer is full in effect, it is also time for entertaining guests and throwing barbecues. Having the perfect setting can make any party look amazing. Getting the right glassware is important, especially if you have picky guests. Making sure that all of your party goers have the right glasses for their cocktails can really make a party fun and exciting.

The Best Waterfowl Double Old Fashioned Glasses

Here are a few of the best-selling double old-fashioned glasses. As you will be able to see the artwork and the exquisiteness of these designs is charming, but yet so sophisticated.

The Whitetail Deer Double Old Fashioned Glasses by Rosemary Millette are a set of four glasses that are perfect at the end of the day. This is a Wild Wings exclusive with original full-color designs. This particular glass needs to be hand washed. The set of four comes boxed and they all are matching.

The Upland Gamebirds Double Old Fashioned Glasses by David A. Maass is another set of four glasses that are boxed together. Each of these individual glasses has a different type of bird on it. These glasses are unique and they also need to be hand washed as well.

The Ned Smith Upland Gamebirds 14 Ounce Double Old Fashioned Glass Assorted Set of 4 is a lead free glass that is made in the USA and is dishwasher safe. This is a wonderful gift for any outdoor enthusiast. There are four different gamebirds – with one printed on each glass.

Artland Iris Greed Seeded 12 Piece Double Old Fashioned Glass and Highball Tumbler Set includes six double old-fashioned glasses and six highball tumblers. These glasses are green and also handmade/handblown. This amazing design has hundreds of miniature bubbles inside the walls of the glass. This is truly an one-of-a-kind glassware set.

Need a gift for a birthday? This Whitetail Deer Portrait Double Old Fashioned Glass by Michael Sieve is the perfect glass for a hunter or a person that loves being outdoors. A single glass with the imprint of a Whitetail deer. This is a smooth glass style that is delicate, therefore handwashing is recommended.

These are some of the best selling double old-fashioned glasses. The price range is going to be competitive between all of them and each of them would be ideal for a party or a gift idea.

Planning An Outdoor Enthusiast Party

If you have never done something like this before, it can be overwhelming and it can also be tricky. Most people have never planned a specific type of party, especially a party for someone who loves the outdoors. Planning a “Hunting” party or having a theme can be fun. Here are some important tips for making sure that you have a successful outdoor party.

  • No matter what – always be sure that you have proper lighting. You want to be sure that all of your guests are able to see where they are walking. You also want to be sure that you have plenty of lighting near your walkways. A quick fix is purchasing an expensive LED solar lights a few days before your party. These lights can get charged and provided excellent lighting all around your dark outdoor areas.
  • Seating is also going to be important. You want your guests to feel comfortable and be able to relax. It is better to have too many chairs than not enough. You also want to be able to provide pillows or if you have a guest that would like to put their feet up – you need to have a stool or something to make your guest feel comfortable.
  • Tables are going to be another important part. You need to make sure that you have plenty of space to put all of your plates and your glassware. This is the perfect opportunity to get out your best set of double old-fashioned glasses. You can either put them for each guest or you can also have a specific area designated for cocktails.
  • Food is a must! Some people do not want to hassle with cooking and trying to entertain guests at the same time. Catering is a great idea if you have the budget for it. If you have all of your food catered, you are able to spend more time getting drinks and socializing with your friends and family. If you plan on doing the cooking yourself, barbecuing is something everybody enjoys. Or you can have your guests bring a dish. That can get fun if everybody brings something they love to make. The food assortment can be amazing.
  • Don’t forget music! Make sure that your music is not too loud. It can be really hard to engage in conversations if your music is blaring. Also be sure that your music is user-friendly. You don’t want to have rap music playing if everybody is more into soft rock or even classic rock. Try to find a nice happy medium that everyone will enjoy.
  • This is something everybody forgets – garbage. Always have plenty of trash cans nearby. This makes cleanup so much easier and it is quicker. All you need to do is be sure that you have garbage bags properly secured inside the trash cans. If you are into recycling, be sure that you properly label each trash can, so your guests know what goes where.

Outdoor parties are fantastic and they are so much fun. Make sure that you also have the numbers for taxis or your guests have Uber accounts just in case too many delicious cocktails are consumed with double old-fashioned glasses. It can happen, especially if the food is good, the music is just right, and the conversation is flowing.

A good outdoor party with the right accessories can be the perfect way to start the summer season. Finding good glassware for every occasion can make all of your future barbecues and festivities even more fun for your guests.

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