e-Bike Ownership – What Not To Do

Your new e-Bike is an investment, and you want to take care of it. If you do, it will last for years and provide hours upon hours of smooth, fun, and easy transportation. These bikes are fast and will take you places very quickly if you take care of them. Electronic bikes are unique and fragile if you don’t treat them right. Below are a few things you should avoid doing in order to extend the life of your e-Bike.

Don’t Stress the Motor of Your e-Bike

The internal controller of an e-Bike can send slightly more than 1000 watts of power to the motor. This is a great benefit when you need short bursts of power to go fast or push up a hill. Unfortunately, running your e-Bike to the maximum drains the battery rapidly and can overheat the motor.

When you run your e-Bike at 1000w for too long, there is a risk of damaging the motor and leading to some hefty repairs. It’s essential to monitor the real-time wattage on your e-Bike’s display. While e-Bikes are strong and fast, they have their limits. You can use the information on the e-Bike’s display screen to avoid running the throttle at full usage unless it’s needed on short hill climbs for example.

Don’t Charge It Like Your Smartphone

You’ve probably heard that it isn’t good to overcharge your electronics. Instead of charging overnight, it’s best for your e-Bike to maintain a battery charge level between 30-80 percent. According to e-Bike brands, adhering to these charge levels increases the life of the bike’s battery cells. It’s imperative to take the bike off the charger and avoid charging it more than it needs to be charged. Simply monitor the charge levels of your e-Bike and disconnect it from the charger when it reaches full power.

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Don’t Ignore Noises from Your e-Bike

When you hear noises from your e-Bike’s chain, saddle, cranks, or brakes, there is typically an issue that needs to be addressed. It’s best to find out what the problem is right away to prevent it from escalating and becoming more serious than it is at first. You should treat your e-Bike like a car. When your car is making some strange noises, you wouldn’t ignore it. Would you?

Cranks that are loose or dry when not properly greased create a noisy drivetrain. It’s important to keep them properly greased. If the cranks get too loose on your e-Bike, they can torque off during a ride, which is dangerous and can lead to an accident. It’s ideal when you can self-diagnose noises from your electronic bike and fix the problem accordingly, but if you can’t figure out what it is, building a relationship with a local bike mechanic will help you avoid these problems.

Protect the Wires on Your e-Bike

The wire connections on your electric bike are critical for it to function correctly. Don’t leave wires tangled or in a stretched-out position. Wires left in these states will eventually tear and fail. When the e-Bike’s wires are torn, crimped, or pulled apart from the connector, it will probably result in a critical component failure. Most motor failures are a result of ignoring these suggestions regarding the wire management of your electronic bike.

e-Bikes are very exciting. It is like getting a new form of transportation to facilitate your commute or enjoy weekends at the park. However, they aren’t cheap. It is pivotal to care for your electronic bikes like a car or a motorcycle. Electric bikes are fragile, but when handled carefully and treated well, there is no limit to what one of these bikes can do for you.

Whether you live in a city or want to take your e-Bike around a lake, this relatively new product is providing a convenient and easy way to travel further without wearing yourself out. The beauty of it all is that you can treat it like a bike or you can crank up that engine and treat it like a motorcycle.

When you want to get some exercise, you can still do that. But when you’re in a rush, tired, or going up a hill, e-Bikes provide solutions to these problems. You can get where you need to go without worrying about all the things you would normally have to keep in mind with a regular bicycle. You can even wear your finest clothes, ride into the city, and get off the bike without a drop of sweat.





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