Cycling adventure in Australia – Best places to see

Australia is a continent that has so many things to offer, some of the best cycling adventures included. If you are a cycling fan and a nature lover, then this is just the thing for you. Some of these cycling routes are suitable for couples, some for families with kids while others are more fitting for professionals, so consider them carefully before you embark on the adventure. As for the scenery, you can choose some epic trails along the coast, through lush forests, across diverse mountainous areas and various stunning national parks. If you’re thinking of engaging in this type of active holiday, consider some of the most amazing places to visit in Western Australia.

1. Enjoy one of the most scenic beach rides from Bruns to Byron

North of Sydney there is a well-known beach town called Byron Bay, and all the cycling enthusiasts have heard about it. This town is surrounded by beautiful nature and natural sights. Though, the most fascinating thing is that the number of people owning a bike exceeds the number of people owning a car. So, surely there must be something that bike lovers appreciate about it. There are cycling trails leading to green hills as well as a 13km long trail along the beach. This experience will enable you to enjoy one of the most epic cycling trails near Sydney.

2. Revel in the beauty of the Royal National Park

On the other hand, heading south of Sydney you will reach another remarkable paradise for cyclers and nature lovers – Royal National Park. This national park is one of the oldest nature reserves in Australia and it features a 70km long cycling trail through lush nature and roads lined with dense bushes and tall trees. It offers plenty of options for different types of cyclists, from beginners to more experienced ones. The most famous cycling track for those seeking a mountain biking adventure is the Manly Dam Mountain Track. It is only 10km long but it features rough terrain and sweeping turns, making it quite challenging and amusing.

3. Cycle in the kid-friendly Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is a perfect destination for a cycling holiday with kids for numerous reasons. The island’s scenery is absolutely scenic and features flat terrain, suitable for enjoying your bike ride. There are more than 60 beaches on the island and all of them provide a great spot for stopping and taking a break. What’s more, the roads on the island are closed for traffic, only the island buses course there, so it’s also a very safe cycling alternative. Moreover, you can see Australia’s most adorable animal there – a smiling quokka! All of these reasons make it the perfect family cycling destination, even for young children and toddlers. All you need to do is pack your and your kids’ bikes and head to this amazing place.

Rottnest Island
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4. Take your whole family on a Murray to Mountains Rail Trail

Another family-friendly trail takes you on a journey from Murray to Mountains Rail Trail. What makes this trail different from the others is the fact that it offers a wide variety of regional food, wine and beer when taking a break from cycling. It is a quite well-connected trail to different places nearby. These places are full of gourmet shops, extraordinary cheesemakers as well as bakeries. You can easily organize a family picnic at some point in your cycling routes. This cycling trail is going to delight all of your and your kids’ senses.

5. Cycle along the iconic Great Ocean Road

Imagine enjoying the warm sunshine, breathing fresh ocean air, while gazing upon the stunning ocean view – all of that from your bike. Well, you can easily enjoy this kind of ride if you take your ride up a notch and cycle along Australia’s most famous beach, the Great Ocean Road. It is one of the most popular cycling routes as it features all kinds of natural sights: cliffs, beaches, rainforest and of course, the ocean. It is so stunning that it makes us feel like one with nature. And the best part is that while taking a break from cycling, you can enjoy a quick swim in the ocean! The coastline spans for about 250km, so make a plan on how to cycle along with it.

Ocean and Rock
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6. Ride your bike through the Southern Highlands

These spectacular highlands are located halfway between Canberra and Sydney and they feature some of the most amazing scenery Australia has to offer. If you roll into this route, you’ll be able to enjoy beautiful hills, untouched bushland as well as the sight of distinct local animals. You can choose from a few cycling routes, depending on your preferences. Although, every route has its own charms to be appreciated.

7. Enjoy the historic Goldfields Track

As its name suggests, this route is connected to the supply of gold that was found there; this particular area had made Melbourne the richest city in the world at some point in history. Now there is a 210km long cycling track there. It takes you through various historic towns such as Ballarat, Creswick, Daylesford, Castlemaine and Bendigo.

8. Indulge all your senses in the custom-designed cross-country trails of Stromlo Forest Park

Stromlo Forest Park has located just a 15-minute drive from the city centre of Canberra, which is very close to becoming Australia’s most cycling-friendly city. It is a highly popular place with bike fanatics as it features more than 50km long custom-designed cycling routes as well as dirt jumps and dedicated zones for bolder cyclists. This trail is perfect for those who are limited with time but want to use their time actively, cycling and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

cycling and enjoying the beautiful scenery
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9. Only for the sturdy ones – Clare Valley

Clare Valley includes an epic 800km cycling track named the Riesling Trail. This adventurous trail takes you through different sceneries along the way. It goes by farmland, vineyards and forests and offers the possibility to enjoy a wide range of cafes, restaurants and wineries. In many of these wineries, you can taste some of the best, award-winning Aussie wines. You can even enjoy some organized cycling tours, including several gourmet cycling tours, which will engage all your senses. This is a perfect alternative for people who like to get active, cycle through beautiful scenery and taste some of the most delicious and refined wines along the way. It is a holiday that awakens all your senses for sure.

10. Appreciate the remarkable Kakadu National Park from your bike

This is one of the world heritage-listed destinations. Kakadu National Park is located a three-hour ride east of Darwin, in the Red Centre. It is a place everybody should visit at some point in their life as it features some beautiful murmuring waterfalls, ancient rock art galleries, and a luscious rainforest, providing an unforgettable experience. Gibb River Road and Tanami Track are two popular options for serious cyclists. Some spectacular waterfalls include Koolpin Gorge, Maguk, Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls, which will surely stun you and make a great Instashot!

There are so many amazing cycling options in Australia. No matter which one you opt for, you won’t regret it. You can choose the perfect alternative for you by considering a few factors such as your free time, preferences and the fact whether you’re travelling on a romantic holiday with your partner or a family holiday with your kids.

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