4 Ways To Enjoy Spicy Jerky on Your Next Camping Trip

When you finally decide to pack up the family and head out to the forest for an overdue vacation in the woods, what kind of food do you bring along? If your family is like most, there are probably some standard essentials that may come to mind, like marshmallows, graham crackers and brats or hot dogs. What about when you want to just have an easy, quick snack though? This is when having some spicy jerky on hand can be a real treat.

In truth, there are many types of foods that people bring along on camping trips. The thing that makes jerky so great is that it is super versatile. You can eat it while doing numerous different activities as you are enjoying your nature outing. Check out these four examples for future inspiration.

1. Playing Corn hole

If you have never played corn hole before, then you are in for a real treat. It is an action-packed game of bean bag throwing, clumsiness and laughter, and jerky is the perfect snack to munch on during all of the excitement. However, take it easy and pay attention. If you are not careful, jumping around while eating jerky could lead to a choking hazard.

2. During Game Night (Possibly in a Tent)

Another noteworthy opportunity to bust out your spiciest jerky is when everyone is huddled up together around a game of Sorry! or Monopoly. When you are in a tent, it can be even more satisfying as you open your delicious snack and all your surrounding companions groan from hunger at the smell of your treat.


3. Chilling in Your Hammock

Spending time with others while you are camping can be meaningful, but sometimes nothing beats a little solitude. For this sort of leisure, hanging a hammock between two trees somewhere in the middle of nature is ideal. When you do, have some spicy jerky next to you while you stare up at the trees above or read your latest favorite book.

4. Spending a Day At the Beach

A camping trip at the beach can offer another excellent opportunity for packing a snack of spicy jerky. Spending a day at the beach not only gives you the chance to connect with nature and dip your toes in the water, but it is also the perfect opportunity to sit back and relax while you meditate on the meaning of life as you stare out at the sea. Munching on some jerky while doing so might even be helpful for processing your thoughts.

While many people have tried jerky, it might not be the first snack that comes to mind when you pack for a camping trip. With that said, would you have thought of eating it while doing any of these four activities? Chances are, probably not. For the sake of making the most out of your next jerky-eating experience and appreciating the most you can out of nature, why not use this list as inspiration for your next outdoor adventure?

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