Essay Writing about Healthy Lifestyle: Tips and Tricks

A healthy lifestyle is a topic trending for more than 20 years. There are countless blogs devoted to this topic, most of which are useless, harmful rewrites with no substance at all, just a number of keywords for better Google indexation. Here, we won’t teach you how to make a successful blog about a healthy lifestyle, we will focus on essay writing on this topic. Still, if you decide to have your own blog, remember these tips as they are not useless for that purpose either, especially if you are interested in establishing a quality blog that will be both popular and useful for readers. Returning to essay writing on a healthy lifestyle we should admit that it cannot be easy. At first, you feel like you can write about anything, because the topic is on the surface, but later you realize that you lack substantial information and valid citations. Here, we teach you how to overcome such obstacles gracefully. 

How to Write About Healthy Lifestyle

We do hope that you didn’t expect to read some boring tips like “don’t forget to proofread your paper,” “write an outline first,” “research your topic,” etc. You can find such tips in any essay writing guide and they will be the same for essays on any topic — computer science, gender studies, lifestyle, management, marketing, you name it. Here, we focus only on the tips that may be helpful when it comes to essay writing about a healthy lifestyle – a topic that we all feel experts in, but actually, we are not. Again, like in the case of leading a healthy lifestyle, just reading about good essay writing (or healthy eating) won’t help you write better assignments (lose some weight). Start using these tips, and only then you can actually see results. 

  • Check all the recommendations thoroughly

    When writing about a healthy lifestyle you will have to give/repeat some common recommendations. Don’t just pick the first ones from Google — check what you write thoroughly and find legit sources to back it up. 

  • Use real-life examples to support your tips

    Please, don’t cite celebrities and fitness gurus. However, you can find some proven real-life examples in some journal articles. Pay more attention to Google Scholar than just to a normal Google search. This way you will find more academically relevant sources faster.

  • Address your personal experience

    Of course, everything depends on the type of your essay, but we recommend adding some personal touch. It is always more interesting to read about someone’s personal experience. The whole topic of your essay may be about how you tried common tips, and failed/succeeded. 

  • Write about trends with caution

    Every year, or even more often, we face a new trend. It may be about green coffee, or some electrolytes in water, it may be about intermittent fasting or the hazards of intermittent fasting. When writing about trends – be cautious. You are not writing an article for some daily lifestyle blog, you are writing an academic paper. These trends have not been here long enough to be proven by academically valid research. Still, you may mention them as social interest phenomena. 

  • Mention only realistic tips and recommendations

    Let’s put it this way — you don’t want to look stupid in your professor’s eyes. That is why, please, write only about some realistic lifestyle tips, tricks, and stories. Make sure your citations are correct and academically acceptable. 

If reading all these tips made you feel exhausted already, it may be a sign of creative burnout. In this case, it is better to delegate your healthy lifestyle essay writing assignment to a professional writing company, such as essay service SmartWritingService, and rest a little bit. Expert writers will cover your assignment, do the needed research, collect facts, style it, etc. Delegating tasks is part of the grown-up world you will still have to enter one day. Why not start by delegating some simple tasks to professionals right now right here?

How NOT to Write About Healthy Lifestyle 

Well, now you know what to do, how to write about a healthy lifestyle and feel like you can jump into action. Not that fast, please! Here are some “don’ts” you better pay attention to as well. Sometimes a minor style or logic mistake can cost you a good grade, and these mistakes will definitely make your essay much less appealing to your professors’ eyes. Remember, that the same tips you can use when writing about a healthy lifestyle in your blog, as requirements for academic writing often correspond with the requirements of quality journalism. 

  • Don’t overpromise

    You may receive a creative essay task, for example, to imagine that you are a fitness trainer or a lifestyle coach and you need to give tips on how to lead a healthier life. Please, give valid tips and don’t overpromise. It looks cheap even in the essay. 

  • Don’t just “rewrite” online articles

    Essay writing is a creative process that should be backed by solid research. If you just pick several articles from the first Google search page, be prepared that your essay won’t receive a good grade. Also, remember to follow the academically required essay structure instead of copying the online blog structure.

  • Don’t cite healthy lifestyle blogs

    Just a quick reminder — you cannot cite all those “How to stay fit after 30!”, “Why potassium is gold for your liver” kind of article in your academic essay, even if some freestyle is allowed. Please, use links only to peer-reviewed journals. 

  • Don’t shame people in any form

    No matter what you are writing about you should not shame any group of people for their life choices. You can offer better, healthier solutions, but don’t allow yourself to be judgemental. 

Now, you are fully prepared to start on your healthy lifestyle essay writing. One more tip that we almost forgot — try to enjoy what you are doing, otherwise, you will get bored and write like a bored writer. That never ends well.

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