15 Healthy Living Tips for Students All Over the World

Ever since the dawn of the new century, people have found new ways of living a very healthy life. If someone is fit and healthy, they can perform tasks easily, avoid catching deadly diseases and live longer. With the help of CustomWritings, a professional writing company, this article will look at 15 healthy living tips that students can use in their everyday lives.

Following a healthy diet

If college or university students eat a mix of whole grains, nuts, fruits, legumes, and vegetables as part of their everyday diet, they will have a healthy body. It is recommended that adults need to eat 5 portions of vegetables each day. Academic writing expert Lauren Bradshaw said “eating healthy regularly minimizes the risk of one suffering illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, strokes and heart problems”.

Reduce sugar and salt intake

Consuming the right amount of salt isn’t a bad thing, however, too much of it can cause strokes and heart diseases. When one reduces their salt intake to around 5g a day, they will be able to live a healthy life. This means cutting down on things like soy sauce, fish sauce, and heavy seasoning when preparing their meals.

The same logic can be applied when it comes to sugar as well. Too much of it can lead to weight gain and tooth decay in students of all ages. Students can reduce their sugar intake by not eating a lot of sweets, sugary beverages, and snacks.

Reducing fat intake

Fats when burnt in our bodies can be a source of energy however, too much of it is very harmful. Too much fat leads to unexpected weight gain, high blood pressure and increases the risk of heart problems. The sort of fat one should be consuming can be found in avocado olive oils, fish, and canola. Fat from food such as pizza, butter, fatty meat, cheese, cream, coconut oil, biscuits, fast food, and spreads should be avoided.

Avoid alcohol

If you are a student that drinks a lot of alcohol, you should reduce your intake if you want to leave a healthy life. Too much alcohol can lead to heart diseases, liver problems, cancers, addiction, violent behavior, and potential injuries from accidents. There are so many healthy beverages one can drink to live a healthy life, and substituting alcohol with them can do wonders for one’s health.

No Smoking

Avoid smoking

Top-rated paper writing services say smoking is just as bad as alcohol abuse because it leads to strokes, lung and heart diseases. Smoking as a habit is not only dangerous to the smoker, but also to those around the person who is smoking. If a student is a heavy smoker, it is not too late to quit as long as they get the right help. There are so many professionals out there that are willing to help those looking to kick the habit.

Be active as much as possible

Any form of physical activity that requires movement of the muscle is always good for the body. Being active means doing household chores, exercises, playing, and more. The amount of activities one needs heavily depends on their age. On average, students need between 150-300 minutes of exercise per week.

Have regular blood pressure checks

High blood pressure is known by many people as a silent killer. This is because most people who have hypertension don’t even know they have it or are unaware of the signs and symptoms to look out for. If a student doesn’t control their blood pressure, they can suffer from kidney, brain, and heart diseases. Students who feel that their blood pressure is very high need to seek medical help immediately before it is too late.

Getting tested regularly

Students who want to know their health status need to get tested regularly. There are so many illnesses out there, especially sexually transmitted ones. If they are left untreated, some serious illnesses can lead to death and one is unable to complete their course. When one knows their health status, they know how to avoid catching serious illnesses. Students can get tested at either private or public health facilities, whichever one they feel comfortable with.

Getting vaccinated is very important

Vaccines divide opinion, but they do a great job of protecting people against various illnesses. Take the coronavirus outbreak of 2019 for example; many lives have been saved thanks to the vaccine and booster jabs. If a student is eligible for such a vaccine or any other vaccine that prevents serious illnesses, they need to take it for the sake of their health. Students can speak to their doctors to find out about their immunity status.

Know how to practice safe sex

If a student is in college or university, the chances of them being sexually active are very high. A student needs to look after their sexual health by practicing safe sex so that they don’t contract serious illnesses like syphilis and gonorrhea. When getting intimate, it is advised that students use condoms to protect themselves from STDs and make sure to go for regular std testing to make sure that they are healthy, especially if they are having sex with multiple partners.

Student Taking a Glass of Water While Studying

Always drink clean water

The importance of clean water should never be underestimated. If a student is drinking unsafe water, they can contract water-borne diseases like hepatitis, diarrhea, and even cholera. Students that live in countries where they feel the water might be unsafe, can take a few safety measures like letting the water run for a few seconds from the tap before using or they can boil it for a minute. As the expression says, it is better to be safe than sorry because there are so many people across the world that die from illnesses related to unsafe water.

When feeling down speak to someone

Depression is something that affects over 200 million people across the world and for students, this can be brought about by assignments, exams, peers making them feel worthless, negative thoughts, and more. It is important to remember that any students feeling like this are not alone, they can reach out to mental health professionals, family members, or friends.

Taking meds when prescribed

Feeling ill happens to everyone including those that work for custom writing services once in a while and it can be tempting for students to take meds such as antibiotics. The misuse of antibiotics has been a huge concern for many doctors all across the world, leading to health problems or even death.

Students should only take antibiotics or any other high dosage meds when prescribed by a medical professional. Once prescribed, students should take the meds as instructed for the treatment to work and should never share their pills with their peers.

Wash hands regularly

Washing hands isn’t exclusive to people working in the medical field or restaurant, it is something that everyone has to do. When a student has clean hands, it prevents the spread of various illnesses.

Every student should make it their duty to wash their hands with water and soap every time their hands are dirty. Retail stores these days sell different types of handwashing products that will clean the dirty hands of students and with the coronavirus outbreak, it is not more important than ever to have clean hands.

Fresh Food

Food needs to be prepared properly

Academic essay writers say unsafe food is known to cause over 200 diseases because it contains harmful chemicals, parasites, viruses, and bacteria. Students can get anything from cancer to diarrhea if they don’t prepare their food properly. When buying food from the supermarket, experts say students should always check the labels to see if it is safe to eat. When preparing food, there are 5 things students must follow, keep food clean, separate raw and cooked food, cook properly, store food at safe temperatures and use clean water.

Final thoughts

Overall, online professional essay writers who produce content or papers on healthy living tips have said people are more health-conscious now than they were 30 years ago. People are always looking for ways to prolong their life for as long as possible. While science and innovation in medicine have helped people live longer, to avoid catching illnesses, a healthy lifestyle goes a long way.

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