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Firstleaf wine club is an established club whose members get to enjoy the best treatments of wine at affordable rates. Remember, Firstleaf wine club cuts the chain of distribution by linking consumers to winemakers directly with no middlemen involved. Well, as you know, the shorter the chain of distribution, the better the prices.

Firstleaf attracts various subscribers across the globe as it is open to everyone, provided you are of legal age. Moreover, it is affordable and so if you love wine, then you are missing big time. But, how about we tell you about the privileges that Firstleaf wine club members come to enjoy? Well, there are many beneficial things you’ll experience by just associating yourself with the club. Some of the benefits that a member enjoys include but not limited to the, following:

Choose Whenever You Want To Receive Shipments

While most clubs will give you a definite shipping period, which is often done quarterly, the Firstleaf wine club allows you to choose when to receive deliveries. For instance, you can choose to receive the shipment monthly, a two-month basis, or quarterly. That way, you have the opportunity to get your favorite bottles once every month! And if that is not enough, how about getting a fully customized wine, tailored to match your taste and preferences every month?

Introductory Package

It can send you wondering how a company can remain afloat, especially after giving a $120 introductory offer discount to all first-time users. Well, in other words, you get to enjoy a total of six full bottles, carved from natural grapes growing in natural conditions to give you the best of natural taste. So, approximately, the bottles will go for about $39, excluding the shipping fees and any other additional expenses that will be determined by your jurisdiction. Either way, that is quite a crazy introductory offer that most customers wish there could be several other introductive offers!


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Quiz Responses Crafts Curated Options

On your Firstleaf wine club introductory offers, you’ll get a quiz puzzle that you need to fill according to how you find the wine. It may be smooth, a bit rough, or maybe too sweet for an alcoholic drink! The quiz responses are later on forwarded to wine specialists who will make sure that they strive to match whatever you described in the quiz responses. In the long run, you’ll be enjoying curated options of wine for the rest of your life!

Fast Shipping

You’ll get your shipment right at your doorstep in less than five business days. For instance, if you order on a Monday, you should have the package by Saturday evening latest!

Awards From Tasting Organizations

Lastly, at Firstleaf wine club, you’ll get treated to various gifts in every shipment you get. For instance, there is an envelope package that comes with congratulatory messages from wine tasting organizations. Well, that is just the smallest portion of awards. There are several medals up for grabs, likely above 1000 every year.

Moreover, Firstleaf club wine has managed to maintain an exceptional portfolio of award-winning wines amongst its peers. So, as a member, the more you taste and the more you order, the higher you stand a chance of winning one of the medals. In addition to that, wouldn’t you love to be awarded for doing something as enjoyable as tasting exotic wines? Or maybe, you should just try the introductory package and see how it goes! The only thing that we are sure about is that you’ll never get enough of the wines!

Firstleaf is way ahead in everything, including its customer-centric services, which are just on another level. From everything ranging from the first introductory package to the award-winning medals, it would be right and true to infer that Firstleaf is one of the best that anyone shouldn’t miss!

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