Five Mistakes Students Make in Writing: How to Avoid Them

All learners need excellent writing skills to go through their schooling successfully. Most academic tasks and tests revolve around writing papers that you submit to your teacher for marking and grading. As a high school or college student, the last thing you want is to get poor grades in your subjects, which will affect your GPA. It happens when you are reckless with your essay writing tasks and making mistakes that end up frustrating the grading work of your educators.

While writing a winning high school or college essay is not a simple task, it remains a doable task for most learners. When you are keen to write a good-quality essay, you will enjoy the beautiful grades you earn from this exercise. It is said that to error is human. As true as it may sound, there is always a reward in learning to correct the mistakes and ensure you submit a top-notch quality piece for all your academic assignments.

Students make mistakes when writing their academic essays; learn how to correct them to get A grades.

Poor Sentence Structure

When students buy custom essay writing services, most of them fail to construct sentences as required. They mix up their words and disorganize the structure of the sentences they write. Students err by writing long sentences thinking that they add value to their essays. On the contrary, it makes your essay hard to read and lowers its quality. Run-on, fragmented, or incomplete sentences are also common in students’ writing.

You can fix the mentioned mistakes by understanding different sentences and constructing them as expected. There are several sentences from simple to compound and compound-complex ones. Since you will need to use these sentences at some point in your writing, learn the trick about crafting them. Also, always read your sentences aloud and note the flow. Be quick to correct the ones you feel are incorrect.

Grammatical and Other Writing Errors

Some students have a problem with the English language. Hence, they make several grammatical mistakes that lower the quality of their writing. Some errors include wordiness, inappropriate verb use, ambiguous modifiers, punctuation confusion, etc. Sometimes you may not know when you are making these mistakes. That is why it is vital to proofread your work and edit it accordingly. The best way to avoid writing errors is using tools such as Grammarly to help you correct all the errors appropriately. Also, it helps to have a friend go through your work and help you note and fix your mistakes.

Incorrect Referencing and Formatting

Academic writing adheres to a specific referencing or formatting style. You do not just put words down and fill a page; you ought to follow particular guidelines that will make your work presentable, appealing, and academically correct. Unfortunately, students make mistakes in mixing these referencing styles, proving they have little understanding of the academic writing requirements.

If you want to avoid any errors with referencing, take time and learn about the various formatting styles. Every publication has unique and strict guidelines for formatting an academic paper. Be sure to stick to the guidelines given by the publication for the specific style you are expected to employ. For example, if it is MLA style, be keen not to mix with the APA pattern.


Students copy other people’s content online and paste it into their essays, committing plagiarism. It is not ethical to borrow similar content and write it word by word in your piece. Academic writing calls for honesty and originality in writing, and this is wrong to plagiarize your paper.

In modern education, there are plagiarism checker tools online that educators use to detect any traces of plagiarism. If you do not want to plagiarize your work and attract harsh consequences from your teacher, do your research well and avoid borrowing content online unethically.

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Incorrect Essay Structure

Any academic essay follows a specific structure. The typical design should show an organized flow from the introduction to the body and conclusion. Also, depending on the type of academic paper, there can be other parts of an essay such as thesis statement, referencing section, an outline, abstract, etc. A simple piece differs from a dissertation or a thesis in structure. Thus, it is vital to understand various essay types and the correct format.

You can write and submit exciting and winning academic papers to your professor by understanding the common mistakes you are likely to make as a student, fixing them as required.

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