Best Cities to Raise a Family in Texas

Texas has many stereotypes stuck to its name—country music, southern drawl, BBQs and cookouts, rodeos, cowboy hats, star-spangled banners on every house. Well, some of these stereotypes are true, but Texas has much more to offer, even to modern professionals and people looking to start a family in a safe and developing state. So if you’re looking for a developing economy, growth, good education and safety for your loved ones, here are the top cities in Texas to settle down with your family:


Austin is Texas’ capital city, located in Travis County, but extending into Hays and Williamson. With just under 1 million citizens, Austin is the 11th biggest city in the States, but definitely at the top when it comes to growth. This capital is very unique and authentic, as well as open-minded and safe, with good vibes flowing from every street thanks to friendly Austenite’s who are proud yet gentle people. Austin is known for its lively entertainment scene, especially live music, so you can expect to have tons of fun with your family and quickly make new friends. The city is also one of the safest in the USA, with amazing education opportunities (elementary, secondary and higher education). You and your family will build a great life in Austin.


Southlake is one of the friendliest cities in the state of Texas, with many opportunities to have fun and learn all year round. It sits on Grapevine Lake and is famous for golf courses, shopping centers and amazing schools. All the schools in the city regularly receive the highest grades from the Texas Education Agency. Moving to Southlake is also more than realistic because the city offers a lot of job opportunities in corporate giants like Sabre Holdings or TD Ameritrade. The median income for young people goes around $160,000 per year—not bad at all.


What do families want from a city? Low housing costs, younger population, short commute, great schools, plenty of entertainment? Lubbock offers this and much more. Regularly ranking high on the list of the best cities to live in Texas, this young city has a booming job sector, perfect for young professionals to start their careers, settle down and raise a family. You will be greeted with a very affordable housing market and many Lubbock apartments for rent that don’t require you to break your bank. In Lubbock, the American Dream is not just a dream!


This small but adorable city in Texas is located in the central part of the state, quite close to Austin (22miles away). The population in Hutto is rapidly growing, recording an almost 70% increase in the last 10 years. Another great thing about this city is its percentage of young people. The median age of residents in Hutto is just 29 years (35% are under 18)—this is perfect for young people looking for a fun, active and lively place to start a family. Hutto is not all play, though, and it has ten schools and a college with a lot of higher education opportunities.

Arlington City


Arlington is perfect for people who love a bigger lively city. With a population of almost 400,000, it’s the 7th biggest city in Texas. Due to its size and popularity, professionals will always have a bunch of job opportunities, especially with famous companies rushing to bring their business to Arlington. Also, your kids will get amazing elementary education, as well as higher education with the University of Texas Arlington being right in the city. And if you or your little ones have athletic dreams, the sports scene in Arlington is great—after all, it’s where Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Wings and Texas Rangers play their home games.

Texas is a state of opportunities for young people. It’s a perfect place to raise a family, build a comfortable life and have a lot of fun with lovely people. Any one of these cities would welcome you and your loved ones with open arms.

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