Fountain of Youth: Preserving Intimate Experiences in VR

Call it a prejudice of society, the influence of media and commerce, an evolutionary drive, or just human sexual interest. Still, once we reach a certain age, our attractiveness steadily declines. It may feel cruel and unjust, but it is almost as certain as gravity, and nothing significant can be done about it. Just because an aging body is less likely to be looked upon with lust and desire doesn’t mean the person inhabiting that body is any less prone to sexual thoughts, wants, and needs. With that in mind, and with the popularity of VR porn proving it an unstoppable form of adult media, acclaimed virtual reality porn studio VR Bangers set about attempting to freeze us for posterity in our most attractive states. Using VR technology, VR Bangers aims to capture our richest, most active, most sexual periods of life so that we can relive them at any later age, enjoying ourselves and our partners in a new light.

Memories Fade, VR Remains

The proprietary synchronized VR experience for couples that VR Bangers has dubbed Time Capsule allows participants to record and save a completely synchronized sexual experience that can be recreated via VR at any future point in time. Time Capsule offers 6K ultra-HD video resolution and binaural audio to realistically capture the physicality, intimacy, and affection between two people. Many anticipate and expect VR to deliver the ability to re-experience a past moment without relying on our fickle, inaccurate memories. Unfortunately, few VR developers have prioritized this, instead focusing on delivering entertainment and artificially created experiences.

With recent advances in haptic, fragrance, and temperature feedback, VR has moved on from only tackling two human senses (sight and hearing). These newer elements come into play with Time Capsule, which can capture 3D imagery, spatial audio, scents, and body and environmental temperature to fully recreate a sexual experience regardless of the participants’ gender expression or sexual orientation.

Making “It” Happen

Of its decision to innovate in the area of personal sexual memories made (virtually) real, VR Bangers CEO Daniel Abramovich said, “Even though we spend most of our days creating ever-new VR adult fantasies for our growing community of fans and members, we also invest a decent amount of our resources on developing new technologies and solutions like Time Capsule.”

Filmed with intricate synchronization using timers trained on the positions of each partner, Time Capsule is no small undertaking. After production is complete – which, as expected for such an intimate and personal experience, can be done with or without a crew present – the entire sexual encounter will be preserved inside of the virtual reality environment.

From that moment on, those utilizing the Time Capsule service can wear their VR headset or device and experience the encounter anytime they want, experiencing themselves and their partner at their younger age. The Time Capsule system informs users about upcoming changes in activity, new sexual positions, and key moments to guide them and keep realism high.

This one-of-a-kind technology package has apparently been extensively tested, and producers ensure clients are comfortable during the recording process. This is, after all, essential to keeping authentic intimacy and affection.

“This is not a beta version,” says Egor Dress, the VR Bangers’ producer. “Not only that, but before Time Capsule being available to the public, we worked with many celebrity couples who provided feedback and guidance. Naturally, we cannot disclose the names of our clients; confidentiality is a part of the signed agreement between production and client and is of utmost importance.”

A Luxury Experience for Lovers

Fountain of Youth: Preserving Intimate Experiences in VR 2

Although expensive – clients can expect to pay $10,000 for the most streamlined Time Capsule productions – VR Bangers is confident in its technology and process. The cost to clients not only covers production and post-production but rental of often beautiful shooting locations, luxurious locales appropriate for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, chosen based on the needs of a given client.

After recording clients’ intercourse and saving it for their Time Capsule package, VR Bangers provides a simple and easy-to-view experience. VR headsets of all kinds and capabilities can replay the encounter, making it accessible to many potential clients. All that is required is a pair of VR devices. (Time Capsule is, after all, a two-person experience.)

As human cloning, digital avatars, and forward-thinking social media aim (and, so far, fails) to preserve us in our youth, VR Bangers has utilized its expertise and experience in producing virtual reality adult entertainment to accomplish what others have failed to.

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