Gift Games Dirty Santa Or White Elephant

Gift Games: Dirty Santa Or White Elephant

What is more fun than a dirty Santa or a white elephant party? These types of parties are generally held during the holiday season for office coworkers, but they can be also a fun way for friends and families to have a good old-fashioned game of trying to find the best white elephant gift.

Both a dirty Santa and a white elephant party are essentially the same thing, except that if you are having a dirty Santa party it is generally going to be more of an expensive gift, perhaps in the $20 range. A white elephant party is more of a tackier way to have fun and most of the gifts are going to be free or next to free. This can be really fun, because you can literally go to a dollar store or a dollar tree and find a bunch of silly gifts for the person that you picked.

Getting Started

Before you get started, you will need to first off figure out if you are going to do dirty Santa gift games or white elephant party gift games. Most of the time, especially if you work in an office – it is going to be adirty Santa gift.

What happens is: everyone in the office gets their name put down on a piece of paper that is then placed in a hat or bowl. From there, everybody takes their turn pulling out a name, but no one is to reveal who they are buying a gift for. The fun part begins when there are a few rules that need to be obeyed.

Literally, this is when you find out how much you are able to spend. Most of the time, office coworkers will try to stay within the budget, but from time to time you will find a few gifts that exceed the recommended dollar amount. If you are doing a dirty Santa or a white elephant party with friends and family, this can get fun, because the gifts are going to be personalized specifically to whoever you picked. If you get the name of a family member that is really funny, you can always buy a bunch of silly hats or gag gifts that will make everyone laugh.

The next part is going to be setting the date for the party. You want to be sure that there are plenty of beverages and food to enjoy while all of the gifts are being opened. Don’t forget to get a camera out, because the gifts can get really funny. It is a great way to celebrate the holidays with lots of laughs. Now let’s find some of the best dirty Santa and white elephant gifts. Don’t forget to select a theme just so it will give those individuals that are bad when it comes to shopping for gifts, they will at least have an idea.

Theme ideas can be something as simple as Christmas ornaments, or you may want to do something involving coffee mugs or office plate wear. You might even do something like silly socks or ties if you select the boss in your office. It is the perfect opportunity to buy something silly and embarrassing. Also, do not forget about wrapping paper. The best part about these types of gifts is that you can take a really small gift and put it in a huge box, or add multiple boxes, so that the recipient spends a bunch of time trying to find the actual gift. That can be a really hilarious time for everyone to enjoy.

Here is the perfect gift for either a dirty Santa or a white elephant party that is under eight dollars. This is a motivational mug that can be for literally every occasion, but it also is a funny conversational starter. This is great for coffee drinkers, but it also is a high quality ceramic mug that is chip resistant and it also is microwave-safe. It is recommended that this coffee mug be hand washed though.

This is one of those holiday gifts that is perfect for any type of party, but this is best suited for a family or friends type of party, just because this is one of the best funny gifts anybody can get. This is a unisex  adult baby onesie . This is under $15 and it can be one of the most hilarious gift items you will ever purchase for anyone. Especially, if your recipient is conservative – this is going to be a jaw dropper, but get ready for a belly full of laughs.


Here is the best office gift ever – this magnetic paperclip holder is fantastic, because it is in the shape of a sheep. Yes, this is Sheepi! Believe it or not, this fantastic white elephant gift also includes 30 white paperclips as well. Instead of trying to search for paperclips or if you have an office that deals with a great deal of paperwork, this is going to be a lifesaver.

No more trying to pick up all of the paperclips, you can simply pick up Sheepi and he will do the job. This is great for personalizing a desk or getting everything organized, plus it will provide a great chuckle

Don’t forget different gift games item such as a vintage boardgame, or you may get a simple throw blanket that is really comfortable, or you may even get something silly like a giant inflatable bowling set. There are so many different items to choose from, but don’t forget candy or liquor. Nothing says happy white elephant gift games than a nice bottle of tequila or vodka.

For teenagers, you can always go with a Bluetooth speaker or a nice set of headphones, but if your white elephant or dirty Santa recipient is into candy, you can’t go wrong with a few pounds of gummy worms or anything covered in chocolate. For children, a gumball machine, a coloring book, or color crayons are a wonderful way for the kids to enjoy all of the festivities. Legos is also another gift that will entertain more than one child.

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