Reclaimed Wine Barrel Home Decor And Accessories

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Home Decor And Accessories

Reclaimed wine barrels come from either a wine or whiskey barrel that was used once upon a time to age alcohol. Due to the fact that these barrels can only be used one time, they have become a great used material that can be recycled to create almost anything you can think of. Not only can these wine and whiskey barrels become furniture, they can actually become flooring as well.

Can you imagine having a home customized using reclaimed wine barrels? The benefits are absolutely wonderful and it also can add rich hues and character to your home. The look is rustic and it also can really show off the timeless beauty of this type of reclaimed wood.


If you are thinking about adding an unique piece of furniture to your home – check out this whiskey barrel coffee table! This is a best-selling coffee table that is made out of a vintage oak whiskey barrel that has been uniquely turned into a coffee table. Now, this is an amazing conversational piece, but it also is dramatic and eye-catching. It also has plenty of storage space, so it is convenient if you have a great deal of magazines or even blankets that you want to store in the bottom area. The finish has the distressed look and it also possesses the charm of an Irish pub. This is a handcrafted solid oak construction.

Thinking about creating a bar or a family room with a theater in your home? Or, are you thinking about perhaps having an area that is adult friendly where you can have drinks with your friends underneath your patio awning? This barrel bistro table with an oak top is amazing. It is uniquely designed and it also is available in five different finish options.

If you like a natural look that is available, but red & dark mahogany are available, dark walnut, and ebony finishes are all available. This can be customized, so you really have the freedom to do whatever you want. You might be opening a restaurant and you can’t quite figure out what kind of style you are looking for? This is a great way to add a pub like setting to your restaurant.

How about an oak wood whole wine barrel? This can be used for a wide variety of things including Wine Barrel Home Decor And Accessories. Well, it can be used as home décor or you might think of it as a centerpiece for your home? There are plenty of different ways to use a whole wine barrel . These wine barrels are reclaimed and if you take a good look, you might even be able to see the wine stains or even smell the scent of wine.

These are oak and they also have a protective sealer on the exterior, so if you think that you may want to put one of these wine barrels outside in your backyard – it will be able to withstand all of the different elements in the weather. This barrel home decor also has three bands of galvanized steel around the barrel that will keep the barrel wall from sliding down. Each of these individual barrels are going to be different, so you are always going to have a one-of-a-kind piece, an awesome wine barrel home decor piece.

Barrel Planter

This is a must for anyone that is hard-core into gardening that loves a classic whiskey barrel planter ! This planter is a distressed oak finish that has antique pewter colored bands that also has a UV coated finish. This whiskey barrel planter is lightweight and very durable. It also has drainage holes in the bottom for outdoor usage. The volume is 12.5 gallons, so it is a good-sized planter that can be used anywhere outside.

Wine Barrel Serving Tray with Rustic Iron Handles

This wine barrel serving tray is the perfect centerpiece for your coffee table and perfect for serving anywhere inside and outside during gatherings with your friends. This tray is sure to be a conversation starter for old friends or people you are just getting to know and are just visiting your place for the first time. 

The tray is 20″ across and about 1″ thick, so it is large enough to carry just about anything you would need and sturdy enough to not have to worry about it breaking.

Maintaining your Reclaimed Wood Barrel Home Decor.

Maintaining your reclaimed wood is not as difficult as one might think. Obviously, it will take a little bit of care, because you want the reclaimed wood to last as long as possible. One of the main things you need to do is make sure that your new piece of wood is properly finished. Before you do all of this, you want to be sure that your reclaimed wood is already clean.

If your wood is not clean, there are many different ways to get everything cleaned. You can go to a hardware store and take a look to see if there is a specific type of cleaner for reclaimed wood? If you are unsure about this, it is recommended that you ask one of the sales associates for assistance.

You want to be sure that you mention you have reclaimed wood, because you do not want any harsh cleaners that will strip down the oils in the wood and you don’t want any of the existing finish to be removed. If you are looking for more of a natural approach, you can always use a mixture of olive oil, white vinegar, and water – however this is for reclaimed wood that does not have a finish on it already. If the wood does have some type of finish or a treatment, then it is safe to stick with gentle soap and a damp cleaning rag.

Should you see areas that might be a bit more difficult to clean – it is safe to use a soft brush to scrub out any extra debris. Be careful that you are not applying too much pressure and you also want to use extra water to help get any of the debris out of the cracks. Don’t worry about watermarks either, most of the time you can get rid of a watermark using a bit of baking soda, salt, and water. Even non-gel toothpaste can work for getting out the water stains. One of the main things to watch for is heat on your reclaimed wood.

No matter what always be sure that you use a hot pad or some type of plate to prevent any of the heat making direct contact to your reclaimed wood top. General maintenance on this type of furniture is going to preserve the life and the quality of your wood.

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