Guide To Choosing The Best Thermal Imaging Cameras

5 Best Thermal Imaging Cameras To Buy In 2020

FLIR TG165 Spot Thermal Camera

FLIR is one of the world’s leaders when it comes to manufacturing thermal imaging products. The company is well established, and you will find a wide range of offerings and innovations from the market leader. We bring you the all-new TG165 equipped with superb capabilities that make it a top-performing thermal imaging camera. An inside look tells you that this is a product worth considering, and here’s why:

To start with, this product seems like the midpoint between a single spot infrared thermometer and a traditional thermal imaging camera. That’s because you’ll find a digital thermometer and a thermal camera of high quality on this portable heat sensing device. If you are looking to get the best cold and warm area identification via thermal imaging, these two features help you achieve that. So, whatever issues there are, you should have no problem identifying them. Also, the TG165 comes with a world field of view of 50 degrees, as well as decent 80 x 60 pixels resolution provided by a Lepton IR Imagine Engine.

We also find the dual laser pointers satisfactory and the right fit for this sophisticated thermal imaging camera. You get wide temperature range measurements from the pointers between 13 to 760 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll admit that this temperature range is quite impressive, which should help you test heavy-duty equipment for extreme temperatures with ease. Storing photos on this device shouldn’t be a problem as you have an 8GB capacity memory card that can contain up to 75,000 images with no fear of running out of space. Even if you want more memory, you can get a 32GB memory card.

Yes, this thermal imaging camera provides a very okay image resolution, but we feel it could be better. The images aren’t of the very best quality when compared to some other premium devices.


  • Can support 32GB memory card
  • Comes with 8GB memory storage
  • Wide field of view
  • Wide temperature ranges


  • Not the best image quality

SEEK Thermal Reveal

As an expert in your field, you don’t only want a device that’s convenient, but you need something smart with long battery life too. That’s why we want to review the SEEK Thermal Reveal camera. This unit is among the best heat-sensing devices available, so we’ll take you through its core capabilities. That should help you decide whether or not to consider this product. When it comes to convenience, Reveal takes things to another level and comes with an angled head to improve targeting.

There’s more. This unit offers you as much as 10 hours of power, which we think is a considerably great powerful battery life. So, no need to worry about you getting the device charged now and then. This means you can work for long without the fear of losing battery power. Seek Thermal Reveal comes with intense LED lighting to improve your performance when you have to work in dark environments. Ranked as one of the best thermal imaging devices, this is one smart gadget that every professional leads in their toolbox.

Here’s another thing that should convince you about this thermal imaging camera. You get multiple user modes to make detection a piece of cake. When you find yourself in work environments where the heat emission metrics are similar, that’s when you’ll come to love the device even more. With its auto emission and auto-detection user modes, finding and identifying issues with high accuracy becomes easier.

But we feel this product checks all the boxes except when it comes to pricing. Yes, we know that it gives you access to various features that you may not find on similar brands, but lowering the price can propel Reveal ahead of other brands. Again, it’s quite disappointing that there is no video recording support on the gadget.


  • LED lighting
  • Extended SD card slot
  • Long battery life
  • We
  • Ergonomic design


  • Quite on the high side in terms of cost
  • No video support
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