How To Get Your Garden Ready For Summer

With longer days and warmer weather on the horizon, you may be starting to think about getting the garden ready for family BBQs and lazy days spent relaxing outside. Here are some top tips that will help you give your garden a new lease of life ready for the summer months.

Get Rid Of Dead Plants And Weeds

One of the first things you should tackle is any dead plants and weeds in the garden. There are several ways to do this, but the key is to remove the entire weed from the root. You could use a handy weed puller or patio weed removal tool to dig up the weeds. There are also many brands that sell effective weed killers, with different products available for lawns and patio areas. Simply spray onto the affected area and say goodbye to those pesky weeds.

Clean Patio Area flags

Patio flags of all materials can accumulate a huge amount of dirt and debris throughout the winter months. So much so, that you’ll probably see your flags change color after a decent pressure wash! That’s why it’s worth giving your patio a thorough clean in the spring to give it a new lease of life ready for warmer weather. First of all, remove any leaves, twigs, or other debris using a brush or a leaf blower. Then, pressure wash the area to remove grime. Your patio will look as good as new!

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Rent A Dumpster to Make Trash Removal Simple

More often than not your backyard ends up full of stuff and if you haven’t done a good clean up in the last few of years, then taking the little extra time to get rid of the things you are not using and piling up in the corners, under the deck, etc… will really go a long way in making the yard look clean and you feeling great about it. According to dumpster rental professional, Luke Hancock, you could reorganize a medium backyard from anywhere between a single day and a week, and have it ready for redecoration as early as next week.

Introduce New Flowers And Shrubs

A great way to inject some vibrancy into your garden is to plant some new flowers or shrubs. Choose areas that need a little TLC, for instance where previous plants and flowers are struggling to bloom. Some popular seasonal flowers include marigolds, petunias, hydrangeas, and dahlias, but there are plenty to choose from!Opt for flowers that will add a pop of color to your space to make it an inviting environment. You could also introduce additional shrubs to increase your garden’s greenery and improve privacy.

Invest In New Furniture

If you’ve had your current furniture set for several years, it may have started to show signs of wear and tear. After all, our outdoor furniture can take a battering throughout the winter months. If this is the case, it may be worth investing in a new set of garden furniture to brighten up the space. There are plenty of fantastic options to explore, so you’re sure to find something suitable no matter how big your garden. For example, you could opt for an on-trend rattan furniture set, a beautiful wooden bench, or a swinging hammock!

Whether you’re planning a little or large garden transformation, it’s important to factor in the costs to your overall monthly budget. This will ensure that you create a Pinterest-worthy space without breaking the bank. Once you’ve established the amount you can spend, you can get to work creating the ultimate outdoor space that you and your family will love. Get professionals from tree care Rancho Cucamonga for your gardening projects.

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