Handmade Custom Jack Daniels-Barrel Motorcycle Pen

Handmade Custom Jack Daniels Barrel Pen

For the love of Jack Daniels, nothing is better than Jack Daniels memorabilia even if it is something simple as a nice homemade custom Jack Daniel S Barrel Pen. These rare collectible pens are amazing for gifts, but they also are perfect for anybody that enjoys a nice homemade whiskey barrel pen. Naturally, there are other types of Jack Daniels memorabilia, but a true favorite is going to be this particular pen.

This is a whiskey barrel pen made from Jack Daniels barrel wood. Does it get any better than that? This can be the perfect gift for a whiskey lover, you can give this as a gift for your husband or even father, but this is also the perfect gift for someone that truly appreciates the customization of these unique pens.

Jack Daniels Memorabilia

Here is another amazing pen that is made out of homemade whiskey barrel wood . This is a twist ballpoint Jack Daniel S Barrel Pen that is handmade that can be custom engraved. This truly is a one-of-a-kind pen that anybody would enjoy. It is only $50 and the shipping is under four dollars. This is a really great deal and the Jack Daniel S Barrel Pen is also extremely smooth when it is in use

The twist mechanism makes this Jack Daniel S Barrel Pen even easier to use and while you are writing – you are going to notice how smooth everything is as you are writing. This takes approximately one day to create, so you will not be able to get this over night.

The history of the Jack Daniels brand goes back to being produced in the Lynchburg, Tennessee. This became the top selling American whiskey in the world. The history of this brand is interesting, because it suggests that the founder of Jack Daniels – Jasper Newton “Jack” Daniel was born in 1850, but this is only according to his tombstone.

The real exact birth date is unknown, but the brand’s website prefers to celebrate his birthday on September 5, 1846, however an interesting fact is that his mother died in 1847, therefore these two birthdates do not match up. Jack was the youngest of 10 children from his parents, but his mother died and his father remarried – adding three more children to the clan. Jack had a rough start, because he did not get along with his stepmother. After the Civil War, his dad had died during that time in the war, so Jack essentially became an orphan at a very young age.

His career started when he was taken in by a local hay preacher and a moonshine distiller named Dan Call. Over the years Jack worked to take over different distilleries and he began doing his own brand. It did not take very long before he was the top of his game, however he died in 1911 from blood poisoning. It is an old tale that his infection started in his toe and it spread. He never had any children, therefore – he gave the distillery to his two nephews.

Here is the perfect personalized whiskey barrel sign. You simply can’t have a man cave and not have some type of fun personalized sign like this. It has an oak barrel and it also can be laser engraved for personalization. This is a handcrafted hand cast resin barrel sculpture in the center, but you also are able to customize and make this your own brand in four different spots.

The price is right and it also is a great way to spruce up a bachelor pad or you can also use it in the garage if that is an area that you like to hang out with your buddies. Don’t forget to make sure that you have plenty of whiskey shot glasses.

Whiskey Party

Have you ever thrown your own party or try to do some type of party that might have a thing? You have found the right place for any questions you may have. Throwing a party is fun, but making it a party about whiskey or even bourbon is even better! Naturally, this is a party that needs to be thrown in a safe location, where all of the drinkers are safe and will not be on the road. This can be done at a hotel or you can host it at your home with designated drivers or even Uber to assist those who have had one drink or more.

It is important to have plenty of appetizers and food, because when your guests start to drink, those who have not had anything to eat might end up getting extremely intoxicated. You want to have a nice menu with lots of carbs and salty foods. A great way to make it where your guests can enjoy hand foods is by having platters of nuts, cheeses, a vast array of meats, and then top it off with a huge vegetable platter.

You can also have breads like rolls or even you can make tortilla roll ups with cream cheese or ham in the middle. This is if you are going for more of a casual party. It is more on the relaxed side where your guests are personal friends. If you were to have a party like this at a hotel, then you would need to make arrangements in the lounge or there may be some specific type of whiskey event? That is another way to find out what is going on in your local area.

Often times there are many different festivals and holidays that revolve around margaritas or you may even find yourself lucky enough to be at a Jack Daniels World Championship BBQ in the future. Each year a world championship BBQ is held. This is a wonderful way to experience the entire world of Jack Daniels, but you also be able to enjoy some of the best barbecue in the world. This is a wonderful way to spend time with your family, but going to this event is really intense with some great flavors and cooking.

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