The Best BBQ’ing Tips: And Selecting The Best BBQ Grills

The Best BBQ’ing Tips: Getting Ready for the Summer Barbecuing

There is nothing better than getting ready for barbecuing on a nice summer day. The aroma of juicy hamburgers or mouthwatering barbecue ribs lingering in the air – it would make anybody want to get the barbecue grill out and start making a feast for your family. Arm yourself with these best bbq’ing tips for the sensational summer of barbecuing

If you are thinking about purchasing a new barbecue there are different types of barbecues to purchase. Anyone can get detoured by looking at a shiny new grill with flashy features. However, in order to find the right grill you must know what you are looking for first. Here are the different types of grills:

Types of BBQ Grills

  • The gas grill is going to be the most popular type of backyard grill. One of the main reasons why this is so popular – the gas grill can be started with propane or natural gas. A simple turn of a knob and a gas grill is ready to go. This is a great type of grill for someone who wants the grill to be ready fairly quick and when all of the food is done – the cleanup is extremely quick. One of the major pitfalls with this type of grill is the fact that gas grills do not have the intense smoke flavor like other grills. Also, gas grills can get expensive. A higher-end gas grill is going to have more burners, the body is going to be a nice stainless steel, and it also might have heating pots and extra storage areas to set pots and pans.
  • The charcoal grill is another great way to barbecue. One of the main reasons why a charcoal grill is used is because of the temperature and also the flavor profile. Using this type of grill is going to be more time-consuming and it also is going to require fuel and fire power for cooking. Anyone that enjoys smoking meat or getting a high-quality sear on a steak is going to love this. One of the major disadvantages of cooking with a charcoal grill is going to be that it’s time-consuming. It takes at least a 45 minutes before a charcoal grill is going to be ready. The cleanup with this type of grill can also be difficult. You need to be sure that you know where you can dispose of your used briquettes and you also need to use a wired brush to clean the grill after you are done barbecuing.
  • The electric grill is very versatile and it also can be used inside. This is a great grill for somebody that doesn’t have a backyard. Those who live in the city would greatly appreciate an electric grill. Unfortunately this type of grill does not have any type of smoky flavor. You can always use special seasonings, but the natural smoky flavor is completely lost. This grill is great for indoor usage though and when you are barbecuing with this grill getting those grill marks is really easy. Also, the cost of this type of grill is affordable. However, some of these grills can get expensive to wear some of these grills can cost almost $500.
  • A portable grill is fantastic for anyone that likes to travel with their barbecue. For instance: a tailgater at a sports function would love this type of grill. It’s runs on either charcoal or propane and it is light weight. The only disadvantage to a grill like this would be the size. Obviously, a lightweight portable grill is going to be smaller. Pricing for this type of grill is also quite reasonable. Those are on a budget can realistically pick up a portable grill for under $50.

Pairing up with the right grill is going to be a matter of your lifestyle and your budget, but also you need to take into consideration the flavor you are trying to seek and how much time you would like to spend grilling your meals.

Selecting the best BBQ’ing Grills:

The Best Barbecuing Grills

The Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas Grill in red is a #1 bestseller with thousands of reviews. This is a fantastic portable gas grill that has a 145 square inch grilling area with a feature that is amazing. This portable grill has folding legs that can cook up to eight burgers at a time. It also has a 5,500 BTW stainless steel burner with aluminum legs. This barbecue grill is also really easy to carry with briefcase style carrying handles and it only weighs 13.5 pounds.

The Kenmore 3 Burner Outdoor Patio Gas BBQ Propane Grill in black is another great outdoor propane grill. This barbecue has three gas burners and it also has 552 square inches of cooking space. This is a very easy barbecue to start as well. All you need to do is push a button and this grill is already warming up. This barbecue also has special hooks to hang all of your grilling utensils and your cleanup brushes.

The George Foreman 15 Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill in silver is another great way to barbecue both indoor and outdoors. This grill has a nonstick coating with enough space to cook up to 15 servings of food. It also has five heat settings, so you are able to cook almost anything. This is also an apartment approved grilling unit. The George Foreman grill comes into many different sizes and styles for both portable grilling and for indoor grilling. These units are also really popular with grilling vegetables to get that grilled from the charcoal barbecue look.

When you go to barbecue always be sure that you are being careful. It is important to read the instruction manual so that you are able to use your grill the correct way. Also, be sure that your grill is in an area that is free from any type of debris or outdoor furniture that could potentially catch fire. Grilling utensils are also highly recommended, because these specific utensils are designed to be used with a barbecue, so that you do not injure your hands or get burned.

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