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Headlamp Battle: Black Diamond Spot and Spot325 vs. Storm

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Have you ever noticed how headlamps are essential for your outdoor activities? Arguably, their significance is profound!

Outdoor activities are essential for personal rejuvenation and mind refreshment. Whether you prefer night camping, mountain climbing, skiing, or diving, the interactions with nature are inevitable and equally necessary. Correspondingly, it is impossible to have a successful outdoor experience without reliable lighting apparatus and appliances ranging from outdoor lighting stoves to headlamps. Whether you are involved in an evening or night outdoor activity, an efficient headlamp ensures that you have adequate light and that you avoid nasty surprises.

When embarking on any outdoor activity, aspects of lighting headlamps,there are factors that you consider. These factors include lighting abilities, cost, battery life, and comfortability.

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Black Diamond Headlamps

The black diamond company has been in the headlight manufacturing industry for long. Therefore, their products are top of the range. The Black Diamond headlampmodels include:

1.Pre-2019 Spot

They are smaller, lighter, and less powerful in terms of light output and battery strength. However, they possess a handful of advantages in performance.

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2.The Storm

They are larger, heavier, and more potent than the pre-2019 Spots in terms of size, weight, and burning time.

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3.Pro-2019 Spot (Spot325)

This is a more advanced headlamp that is the lighter version of Spot. It has an advantage in that its light output is comparable to that of Storm.

Arguably, the Black Diamond’s Spots and Storms series of headlamps are all useful when camping, mountain climbing, and skiing. Notably, recent development in terms of quality and reliability of both spots and storms have fostered competition among these Black Diamond headlamps- a characteristic that gives customers a platform to make choices that suit their preferences.

Significantly, to choose between Spots and Storms provide a challenge and is based on individual aspects of packing spaces, preference on weight, lighting distances, among other variations. The three models of headlamps boast of many positive reviews from users. Actually, it is a close call!

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An Overview Of The Three Models-Similarities

For the past three decades, Black Diamond Company has employed proper efforts to bring about efficient, comfortable, and effective headlamps. The introduction of Spot (pro-2019 and Spot325), and Storm headlamps have all that it takes to ensure your outdoor goes as smoothly as possible as far as lighting is concerned. As for their features, both Spots and Storm headlamps are closely related. They are similar in:


Spot, Spot325, and Storm headlamps are in the same price range. All three headlamp designs are characterized by three-year warranty plans that make it secure to purchase them. The price of the Spot325 model remains at approximately a $40 price tag since its debut in 2019. However, one can buy a pro-2019 Spot and Storm at a discounted price in Amazon stores. While choosing your headlamp, the price criterion might not be a verysignificant determiner since the price range of the three models remains the same.

You need to consider more factors!

Comfortability Factors

The inspiration behind the development of Spot, Spot325, and Storm models was to promote comfortability and efficiency when you are involved in your outdoor activities. The three models employ hand-free services and additional features to minimize head stress. For instance, both models of headlamps (Spot and Storm) use headbands and hardware to enhance their compactness.

Headbands are easy to adjust and cater to diversified sizes of customer heads, equipment, caps, and hats. Importantly, the Spot headband passes through the housing to ensure that the band is on your head while in use. Correspondingly, the Storm’s headband has padded sections, integrated into the headlamp’s housing. Storm headlamp tends to be more comfortable due to the noted characteristic of its headbands. Comfortability aspect of the three models makes it difficult to distinguish between Spot, Spot325, and Storm. However, on this one, the Storm takes the prize.

Extra Features

Apart from the cost and comfortability factors of the three models, there are other crucial features that you should consider before you settle for any of the models. Spot, Spot325, and Storm provide for standard dimming characteristics, strobe, and red LED light aspects, as well as the Black Diamond’s Power Tap TradeMark technology that enables the user to dim the light by touching and tapping the model’s housing. That makes operating the headlamps quite easy!

The Storm utilizes an additional blue and green LED light and provides a bonus in dustproof protection. In aspects of waterproofing, the IPX8 waterproofing ratings of the Spot enables it to function for 30 minutes when submerged in a depth of 1.1 meters of water. Similarly, the IP67 ratings allow the Storm to operate in an underwater depth of 1meter for up to 90minutes. Therefore, the Spot performs better when it comes to water resistance.

Summary Of the Similarities

Both models share different features, as discussed. Their similarities can be summarized as follows:

  • They both have tap interfaces that enable users to change device brightness with a simple tap quickly.
  • They have locks that prevent them from turning on inside your pack bag
  • They have color LED lighting. However, Storms have green and blue LED lighting also
  • They have close and far beams depending on the user preference and decisions
  • They are “smart.” In this sense, it is easy to switch the headlamp on as it “remembers” the last setting.

Differences Between The Three Models

However, Spot, Spot325, and the Storm vary in other aspects. These variations provide users with a proper platform for more informed selections. The three models differ in aspects of:

  1. Size

Preferably, the smaller the size, the more packable the headlamp is. The pre-2019 is smaller in size compared to the Storm. The Spot325 is even smaller and thus more preferable by customers who opt for smaller headlamps. However, the differences in size are not that much, though.

  1. Weight

The pre-2019 spots are lighter than the Storm. However, Spot325 is the lightest of all three models. The weight of each model is determined by battery size, as well as their housing sizes. For instance, the Spot is lighter compared to Storms since they use 3AAA batteries compared to 4′ batteries, which the Storm uses. Weight ranges from 86 grams to 110 grams. Here are breakdowns of the specific weight of each model

  • Pre-2019 Spot weight with battery: 88grams
  • The Spot325 weight with battery: 86grams
  • The storm weight with battery: 110 grams

Again, just like size, weight differences among the three models are not on much and may,therefore, not wholly impact your preferences and decision.

  1. BatteryLife

Battery life is an important aspect to consider when choosing a headlamp for your outdoor activities. The ability of the headlamp to light for a long time is crucial in influencing your purchasing decision. Significantly, there are variations between the three headlamp models due to the differences in battery capacities and abilities.

The Spot headlamps can burn for about 30hours while the Storm operates for about 40 hours of maximum lighting. Storm’s battery ismore durable and heavier compared to those of Spots. The enhanced model of Spot325 burns for about 65 hours on maximum brightness.

The Spot325 headlamp also has battery use indicators whereby you can use them to identify changes in battery usage. Battery- use indicators are anessentialaspect when making your purchasing decision. Through the battery-use indicators, the user is able to know trends of battery use. For instance, Green indicates a percentage range of 100 to 50, yellow indicates a percentage range of 50 to 25. Similarly, red indicates a percentage of below 20.

  1. Light Output

For any outdoor activity, light output is significant. The distance of coverage of both headlamp models (Spot and Storm) influences preferences. For instance, no one would prefer a headlamp with low light output since it means that you are only able to see a few feet ahead of you. Again, light output variations may be widely influenced by battery capabilities,as well as the technology utilized.

Arguably, Spot and Storm are comparable in terms of light output. The Spot300 lumen range is about 80meters, while the Storm350 lumen range is around 85 meters. Due to advancementsin technology, Spot325’s lumen range is between 80 to 85 meters bearing in mind the smaller battery size of Spot325. Notably, the Black Diamond’s headlamps have more lumen ranges than other versions whose range is between 8 to 70 meters.

Other essential characteristics of Spot325 headlamps include:

  • Brighter beams, easy- to navigate buttons
  • Brighter memory modes
  • Adjustable light outputs
  • 25 more lumens than pre-2019 models.

Therefore, on brightness, the best option is the Spot325 model.

  1. Difficulties when operating

Pre-2019 Spots and Storms are reasonably easy to use as compared to themore sophisticated Spot325 model due to the integration of many buttons. This makes it difficult for new users to use Spot325 properly. However, the Black Diamond Company has provided for different tutorial guides on how to use each of the models. Therefore, uncertainties when using the headlampsshould not scare you!

Summary Of The Differences

Sure, some aspects of the differences between the three models are only minimal. However, the three models differ in aspects of color LED, waterproofing, housing size, weight, battery strengths, and burning life. Also, the three models vary on levels of difficulties encountered when operatingeach of the models.

What Model Should You Choose?

Based on the comparisons of the three models and varied preferences, we can argue that your choice of headlamp should be inspired by the following factors:


Your budget should be your immediate guideline in determining which model you would go for. For Black Diamond headlamps, there is assurance in upholding aspects of quality and affordability. For instance, both Spots and Storm come at affordable prices and with a handful of user advantages to boot. Try any of them!

Weight and Sizes

As noted, the three models of headlamps do differ in aspects of size and weight. However, if you are a lover of lighter headlamps, you should try Spot headlamps, especially the Spot325. However, even the Storm is not a burden. It worth a try too!

Maximum Brightness

For nature and adventure lovers, whether practicing mountain climbing, night outs, camping, or any other outdoor activities, maximum brightness is an essential factor to consider. Similarly, Black Diamond’s Spot325 and the Storm are better options when it comes to providing needed illumination for your activities. In this sense, they provide convenient light brightness that is adjustable and also suits your preferences

Battery Strength and Life

Well, who would go for a headlamp whose battery drain quickly? I guess not you! Similarly, the burning time is fundamental.  For adequate burning time and maximum battery strength, you should consider going for Spot325 and the Storm. However, the Storm battery is more durable than that of the Spot325 but considerably more massive.

Another aspect of headlamps that is worth considering is the battery type it uses. For instance, lithium batteries are favorable. Also, consider going for headlamps that are easy to recharge and that have sizes of 3AA, 3AAA, and 4′. In this case, both Spot325 and Storm are favorable. Also, consider going for the Spot325 for battery-use indicators to enable you to track battery usage.

Beam Quality and Auto-Adjusting Beam

Any of your outdoor activity will be a success if you have a headlamp whose beam covers your preferred distance. Whether mountain climbing, skiing, or camping, the illuminated area ahead of you on your side plays a significant role in determining your gross visibility. Putting into consideration beam quality and auto-adjusting beam factors, the spot325 and the Storm provide you with the needed satisfaction. Whether you prefer proximal or distant coverage, the two models are real deals as their beam distance ranges from 6 meters to 85 meters. Similarly, Spot325 provides a chance for beam auto-adjusting, which enables the user to adjust the beam easily.


While choosing a headlamp, you should consider the levels of activities you undertake. Some activities may demand a headlamp with a bigger beam range, long battery life, and long burning periods while other activities may demand less of these aspects. For eventsthat demandfewer aspectsof headlamps, pre-2019 Spot headlamps are appropriate. For undertakings requiring more of the highlighted aspects of headlamps, always go for the Spot325 and the Storm.

Headlamp Durability

The durability factor is also worth consideration. Durability encompasses all factors of maintenance, replacement, and factors of coping with adversities while at the same time providing quality services. Spot, Spot325, and the Storm provide for reasonable quality and time of usage. The Spot325 is arguably more durable due to advancement in body construction and improvements on relevant constituents. However, the responsibility to uphold the durability of any headlamp model rests on your user. Avoid keeping them in unfavorable conditions such as on wet and damp surfaces.

Waterproofing Abilities

Incidences of headlamps getting into contact with water may occur. However, both Spot325 and the Storm have different capabilities and ratings when it comes to waterproofing protection. Arguably, they are two headlamp models that can operate when submerged in water for a specific time frame. Nevertheless, one should consider drying the headlamp after any unfortunate incident of contact with water.

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Choose A Headlamp Based On Your Needs

While outdoor activities are essential in ensuring interactions with nature, exploration, and enhance proper utilization of leisure time. As such,the Black Diamond Company is committed to ensuring that your outdoor activities are successful. The Company’s commitment comes with long term inspirations on technological advancements, customer satisfaction, and partnership with other companies in ensuring the provision of efficient and convenient outdoor facilities.

Significantly, the development of the pre-2019 Spot, the Spot325, and the Storm headlamp models provide an important aspect in improving lighting to customers across the world.

The three headlamp model comes with diverse factors and characteristics that aim at satisfying customer preferences and choices. Important factors of concern include different sizes and weights, varied beam quality and light outputs, different battery lives, durability, integration of LED technologies. Presence of headband modifications that help to limit stresses on the customers’ heads. Also to accommodate equipment, caps, and hats.

However, despite all efforts to satisfy user preferences, there are loopholes and shortcomings faced. For instance, different customers come with different needs and specifications that are obviously insatiable. Arguably, customers may opt for a headlamp that possesses factors such as low cost, high quality in terms of light output, beam quality, battery life, and durability. To integrate and satisfy all customer needs is a difficult challenge for the manufacturers.

Despite the above-noted challenges, the Black Diamond Company has employed various approaches and upgrade on previous headlamp models to cater for factors of improved quality while aiming at alleviating the cost of purchasing headlamp models. Significantly, Pre-2019 Spot, The Storm, and Spot325 have combined aspects such as favorable costs, warranty coverage, high light output, long battery lives, waterproofing rating, LED technologies, and headband improvements to enhance comfortability. However, there are still areas for future improvements.

For your case, consider going for any of the headlamp models that suit your preference in that given time!

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