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Teva vs. Chaco – What Are the Best Sandals?

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There are a lot of iconic footwear brands available on the market, but nothing beats the popularity of Teva and Chaco sandals. The footwear dates back to the 1980s, but modernity has seen manufacturers use the new technology to improve style and design. You will, therefore, note a significant difference between the older sandals and the new, improved versions.

Generally, sandals are excellent for traveling, hiking, or even engaging in some sporting activities. What differentiates sandals and other footwear is that the former is lightweight, easy to pack, versatile, simple to clean, and straightforward to wear.

Teva and Chaco sandals might be challenging to differentiate since their features are almost similar. Perhaps you have come across the two types of sandals and are still confused about which sandals offer the best service.

Well, no need to worry since we intend to share with you the in-depth analysis of the two brands. Later, we will also share the most sought after Teva and Chaco sandals. But before that!

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Why Sandals?

We prefer sandals to other kinds of footwear due to their advantages. These include:

  • Sandals are lightweight and extremely comfortable
  • They keep the feet cool and dry during the summer
  • No more blisters during your lengthy walk
  • They are fashionable and look great with almost everything
  • Never worry about the wet shoes and socks
  • Never too hard to pack even if the space is limited
  • Less costly when compared to boots

Brief History of Teva and Chaco

What inspired the creation of Teva and Chaco brands? Let’s see the history behind the two.

Teva History

In the year 1984, Mark Thatcher, a Colorado River rafting guide, made the first sandals by attaching Velcro straps to basic sandals. The intention was to create lightweight, secure, and simple to use sandals. These were the first sport sandals ever made with simplicity. Teva, a Hebrew word meaning nature, from then, became the leading brand in the world. It is currently under Decker Outdoor Corporation.

Chaco’s History

A whitewater guide, Mark Paigen, used the Teva sandal for a while but wasn’t satisfied with a few things. First, he wanted a shoe that was easy to adjust for a better fit. Moreover, a sandal that would hold less water and dry quickly was a priority.

To create a more advanced sandal, he used z-straps instead, which were easy to adjust, leaving a well-fitting shoe. Chaco started in 1989 and has expanded worldwide. It’s perhaps the second leading brand among hardened terrain travelers.

Which sandals should you choose?

Follow through as we uncover the nitty-gritty details between the two leading brands. The review will highlight differences in use, design, quality, and durability. Furthermore, we’ll review the sole and grip, warranties, and replacements and price, among other things.

Teva vs. Chaco – Head to Head Comparison:


In most cases, when buying your favorite sandals, the question about what, where, and when you consider using them is crucial. If you are traveling, hanging around the beach, or even taking a stroll in your town, then Teva sandals come in handy.

The Velcro straps make the Teva sandals lighter and more comfortable. You can, therefore, wear and remove them quickly and even have them on for more extended periods. If you have been looking for sandals that won’t leave you with blisters and injuries, then the Teva sandals are an excellent choice.

On the other hand, Chaco Sandals are designed for water sports and harsher terrains. They feature a tremendous anti-slip footbed grip and a toe holder, to prevent the big toe from moving.

Chaco sandals are great for hiking, camping, kayaking, fishing and so much more.

Teva and Chaco sandals differ when it comes to usability. You will, therefore, have to settle for a pair depending on how you plan to use them.

The Feel and Fit

The preference when picking a product depends on the overall look, feel, and fit. Teva and Chaco sandals have a variation in the way they fit and feel, which contributes to the way you plan to use them.

Your preferred fit and feel are a priority when it comes to selecting the perfect sandal. For instance, are you set for a super-fitting and tight sandal so that you can move from terrain to terrain, or are you planning for a casual walk along the beach or to your nearest town?

The Chaco sandals have a complex strap system. They use a buckle and strap system that adjusts for a perfect fit. The straps are also replaceable, which allows you to use the sandals for quite a while.

The velcro straps on Teva are easy to use because wearing and removing the handle is much faster. However, the straps tend to loosen after continuous use, and some users complained of them being oversized after months of use.

The two brands vary in the footbed softness. Teva has an extraordinarily soft and comfortable footbed, and that’s why you can have it on your feet the entire day. On the contrary, the Chacos feel more rigid since they were designed for complex terrains. The footbed difference makes Chaco more suited for rough terrains, while Teva is ideal for soft grounds.

The Design

Differentiating the two brands could be challenging for new users. However, mastering the design will eventually simplify your selection. There is a noticeable difference between the Teva and Chaco sandals.

Teva features a more casual look. They are stylish and sleek with a lower profile design. The casual design makes these sandals ideal for use at home, on the trail, or even out to dinner. You don’t have to worry about becoming uncomfortable in the shoes after extended periods.

On the contrary, Chacos are clunkier and more massive with colorful zigzag straps. Besides, they feature a rugged appearance, which makes them quite conspicuous.

Quality & Durability

Both Teva and Chaco have incredible durability. The manufacturer’s focus on quality is the reason as to why they rule the market.

The Velcro straps on Teva sandals wear out after some months or years of use. You will experience more wear and tear if you continuously expose your sandals to wet conditions or if you employ the wash and wear mode. Additionally, Teva’s thinner footbed and soles wear out fast on continued use.

Chaco sandals are more durable, majorly because of the robust design and rigid footbed. Additionally, Chaco has a replaceable sole, which means you will take some time before buying a new pair of sandals. Above that, the straps are replaceable, allowing you to have your preferred colors and themes. The thick footbed and sole offer the advantage of all-terrain use primarily for hikers and swimmers.

When considering the durability of the materials used to make these sandals, Chacos comes up ahead of Teva sandals by a significant margin.


The sole design means a lot when it comes to the kind of grip you require. Advanced technology has seen changes in the sole design and quality. The manufacturers are now designing suitable soles to meet the purchaser’s needs. Both Teva and Chaco have the best quality soles, and that’s why they continue to dominate the modern market.

However, there are slight differences when it comes to the sole design and grip. Teva has a thinner sole while the Chaco has a slightly thicker sole.

The thicker sole on Chaco with the grip makes it naturally longer. Both soles, however, have what it takes to perform the required roles.

Weight and Packaging

Do you consider the weight of your sandals important? Well, this is crucial when it comes to the intended use of the shoes. Generally, lighter footwear supports longer distances. If you are running late for the airport flight, strolling in your city, or even having a casual walk, then the lighter footwear is an advantage. On average, a Teva sandal weighs 14.6oz while the Chaco weighs 21.02 oz, which is a massive difference.

How about storage for portability? Mostly, Teva tends to take little space courtesy of the thin sole and lower profile. This means that storage will also be a stress-free task when compared to the massive nature of Chacos, which takes more space. Therefore, when it comes to packaging, most travelers prefer Teva to Chaco because of space.

Cost Warranties and Replacements

Buying a sandal will depend on your general use and also the budget. Once you have the budget, it’s easy to get the sandal that falls in your budget range. Mostly, Teva is cheaper when it comes to buying. This is because of the construction and also the durability. On the other hand, Chaco is costly since it is a sturdy shoe designed for hard terrains.

The warranties are also vital since they help you develop trust in the product. The Chaco has a lifetime warranty and will come through when you want the replacements for any of the parts, as indicated in the warranty instructions. Besides, the Teva has a one-year limited warranty. Based on this, it’s clear that Chaco has better warranty terms than Teva.

The Pros and Cons of Teva and Chaco Sandals

Teva Sandals


  • Lightweight construction for easy use
  • Stylish and matches your fashion
  • Has adjustable Velcro straps
  • More cushioned with a comfortable footbed
  • Affordable when compared to Chaco
  • Easy to put on and remove
  • Very popular


  • Features only one year limited warranty
  • Not suitable for demanding outdoor tasks
  • Velcro wears faster, and it is not replaceable.

Chaco Sandals


  • Durable construction
  • Versatile for outdoor fun
  • Keeps the toe intact
  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Has replaceable sole and other parts
  • Straps are fully adjustable for perfect fitting


  • Not easy to wear
  • Very heavy
  • Limited use
  • Highly-priced than Teva

Top Chaco and Teva Sandals on the Market

There are thousands of online platforms selling Teva and Chaco sandals. A quick Google search will reveal this truth. Well, this is where confusion sets in. You might have the right budget, but the hundreds of sandals available can easily confuse you.

Don’t worry, though, because we went to all the trouble to help you pick the best shoes. After thorough research, we came up with the following recommendations for both men and women. Here are the top three in each category.

Top 3 Chaco Sandals You Can Buy

Chaco Men’s Z2 Classic Sport Sandal

The Chaco has durable and dependable classic sandals for men. These sandals have had improvement since 1989, and currently, the fashion for men has no competitor yet. Here are the features that set it above the rest.


The type comes from 100% textile, and this is the reason why it’s durable and excellent value for money. The synthetic sole lasts for ages due to the quality construction.

Additionally, the durable PU midsole remains resistant to breakdown or compression, making them suitable for long-lasting use.

Straps and outsole

The customized fit is real since the upper webbing wraps around your foot via the midsole along with a toe loop. You can, therefore, use it for the most challenging terrain and excel with ease. The non-marking compound used for the outsole ensures a firm grip on the ground, which makes the sandals perform well in extreme conditions like wet traction.


Men worry less about colors. Even so, the manufacturer has provided 17 color options for you to choose from. This keeps your fashion shining.

Note that the loop around the toe feels a little bit restrictive on the first day of use. You might end up never using the sandals. However, when you start wearing them frequently, they lessen and become more comfortable.

Chaco Men's Z2 Classic, Black, 11 M US Check Lowest Price

Chaco Women’s ZX2 Classic Athletic Sandal

Since 1989, Chaco sandals have been improving to meet your daily needs. We have the Chaco Women’s ZX2 Classic Athletic Sandals that are customized for your daily activities. The sandals have all the features you would want to support you in your intense hiking activity.


The sandal comes from 100% textile, and that’s why it lasts forever. You can trek through tough terrains, thanks to the excellent quality rubber sole. The midsole comes from polyurethane compounds that never break down or compress.

You will, therefore, have them on your feet for ages. Besides, the ChacoGrip outsole features a non-marking rubber compound. You will find it suitable in extreme conditions and well optimized for wet traction. If you want to be on your feet all day, then this is a perfect sandal for you since it has the most comfortable LUVSEAT footbed.

The Straps

The customized adjustable straps deliver a comfortable fit and feel. The upper webbing is stylish, which makes the footwear ideal for any fashionista. Besides, it wraps tightly around your feet through the midsole providing a customized fit. You will also love the high tensile heel risers that keep you tall as you move confidently.


You can choose from the available 28 color variations and patterns. This allows you to get the fashion you want for your outdoor adventure.

As much as these sandals have great admiration for thousands of users, they can still annoy you where you keep tightening them through the day. This leaves excess strap materials that dangle as you walk.

Chaco Women's ZX2 Classic Sport Sandal, Creed Golden, 9 M US Check Lowest Price

Chaco Women’s Zcloud 2 Sport Sandal

This Chaco sandal comes in a Zcloud sport style. Women love this sandal since the rare sporty fashion makes the whole difference. Here are the outstanding things you will find on this sandal.


The sandals craft from quality polyester hence durable. Besides, it features a custom fit like never before due to the straps. Additional comfort comes from the LUVSEAT dual-density PU midsole Chaco Cloud cushioning, which delivers a pillow-top comfort underfoot.

Straps and outsole

Unlike other regular sandals, this type has the Polyester jacquard upper webbing, which keeps the foot intact by wrapping around the foot through the midsole. The 3-strap style with a buckle and toe loop keeps you safe through your trail. Besides, the outsole is unique with non-marking rubber compounds making it precise for extreme conditions and also wet traction.


There are over 30 color variations, so you can quickly get a pair that matches your sense of fashion.

Sadly, the three-strap design can become tiring to adjust and sometimes create discomfort around your toe after long hours of trekking. But you can still deal with that.

In conclusion, Chaco has the best sandals for men and women with a lifetime warranty. It’s your time to own one and take your adventure to the next level.

Chaco Women's Zcloud 2 Sport Sandal, Llama Angora, 8 M US Check Lowest Price

Top 3 Teva Sandals You Can Buy

Teva Men’s Original Universal Sandal

The Teva sandals have been worn all over the world, and they continue to rule the market. Manufacturers are delivering customized sandals to suit varied activities in your regular day to day life. We found these suitable men sandals for you. Some of the distinguishing features are as follows:


The sandals are made from quality fabric to support you for long hours. The time-tested rubber outsole provides durable traction when in use. Additional comfort comes courtesy of the Cushioned EVA footbed.


The sandal features a universal strapping system that adjusts in 3 places, for a comfortable fit. Also, the open toe construction makes it suitable for walking in water areas as it prevents water from pooling.

We liked the antimicrobial treatment that keeps odor away from your sandals in case you used them in wet conditions.


Color variations are what most buyers prefer. The manufacturer has 29 color variations for you to give you a more extensive range of options.

These sandals are an excellent choice that you should try out. However, the only problem is the rough side of the Velcro is exposed. It grabs dirt and frays the webbing if you cross your feet, making it a bit uncomfortable.

Teva Men's M Original Universal Sport Sandal, Peaks Black, 11 M US Check Lowest Price

Teva Women’s Tirra Sandal

The trendy, sporty sandal dates back in the 1980s. The sturdy construction with an incredible design makes the sandal outstanding. We have some of the best features below.


Crafts from excellent quality 100% water-ready synthetic and polyester webbing, making it a long-lasting sandal and versatile for all-terrain use. The rubber sole and raised heel make these sandals comfortable for long mile journeys. The unique spider original rubber outsole is on another level and supplies excellent traction when running or even jumping. Lastly, entire sandals are lightweight and hence precise for outdoor fun.

The straps

The secure hook strap closure is one of the features that make these sandals simple to wear and remove. When on your foot, you get the correct feel and fit to enable you to cover miles without straining. Moreover, the sandal has a cushioned shock pad in the heel for impact absorption. This makes it suitable for rocky ground and even hard surfaces.

Color variations

Well, you have a lot of options when it comes to color choice. You can pick from the over 40 available color variations and match with your fashion.

On the downside, if you aren’t used to the ankle straps, you will find them a bit uncomfortable.

Teva Women's Tirra Sandal,Black/Grey,9 M US Check Lowest Price

Teva Women’s Original Universal Sandal

The Teva Women’s Original Universal Sandal is an iconic pair for women. These sandals have been crafted to suit your varied outdoor and indoor activities. Some features that make the sandals unique include;


It comes from excellent quality polyester for durability and value for money. The rubber sole is also a super-quality and supports you on flat terrain. Besides, the contoured EVA footbed and midsole make your walk comfortable and enjoyable.

The Straps

The universal strapping system is time tested and adjusts in 3 places, ensuring a perfect fit and comfortable feel as you move. The hook-and-loop webbing straps ensure you remain comfortable as you want. Also, the padded heel strap prevents injuries and blisters. You can wear sandals barefoot or even mix with socks. Whichever style you prefer, then it’s your choice.

Color options

Choose your favorite color from the 21 color options available on Amazon. This ensures your fashion matches well with the sandals for an eventful occasion.

Always be on the lookout as the straps may run wide with continuous use and, in the long run, leave you feeling uncomfortable. Nevertheless, the advantages are overwhelming.

Teva Women's Original Universal Sandal, Black, 8 M US Check Lowest Price

Overall Reputation

Both Teva and Chaco sandals are the best brands on the market because of the durable construction and functionality. However, what brings out the difference is the usage. It is clear from the review above that Chaco is more durable than Teva courtesy of the quality of materials used. Chaco, therefore, will serve you for ages under good use. However, this doesn’t mean that Teva won’t serve you properly. You will have to take great care of the sandals for them to serve you for longer.

The review has the top three sandals in each category. Our selection was based on the top and most sought after types. Hopefully, this will ease your selection process and quicken your buying decision.

Therefore, we recommend Teva sandals for enthusiasts who fancy travels, city walks, beach walks, and light adventure activities. If you are an adventure guru, who engages in dedicated hiking with trekking on rough terrains, then the Chaco is your sandal.

We hope this information will guide you towards making an informed decision.

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