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How To Be A Southern Gentleman

Manners: The Makings of A Southern Gentleman

Having manners is something that is very rare in today’s society. If you are wanting to learn how to have the manners of a Southern gentleman, then this is your perfect opportunity to officially learn what it takes to be the ultimate gentleman.

One of the first things that you can do is open the door for a woman. Back in the old days this was actually a sign of showing strength and protection. When a lady would get into the carriage, a gentle man would help the woman up. The dress attire for these ladies back in the day was heavy and also the dresses were hard to clean, therefore a man would assist a lady in getting into the carriage or anything else that might need assistance.

Another great way to let a woman know that you are a gentleman is by letting a woman walk through the door first. This is not an acknowledgment that a woman is less than a man, but actually the opposite. Letting a woman walk through the door first is acknowledging that a woman is powerful and is the stronger sex.

Any time you go to have a meal or are in an area that a woman is going to be seated, you should always pull out her chair. When a man goes to seat himself, you always want to be sure that your sole focus is on the woman. If you have the opportunity – always be sure that you put your back towards all of the people. You want to have your woman front and center, so that you are able to enjoy her company.

No matter what – always pick up the check. Many times women feel the need to pay the bill or at least pay half of the bill. The expectation for more is always at the back of any woman’s mind. An easy way to eliminate the problem is simply by picking up the check and making everything casual. This will let a woman know that you are serious about her and it also shows that you are definitely a gentleman.

Many times couples will be walking, but you never seem to notice that a man is walking the correct way with a woman. A man should always walk closest to the street and walk right next to her. Many men in today’s society will walk wherever they want and half the time they do not even know where their partners is at. Always be sure that you have your attention on your lady 100%. That will make her feel safe and also it will keep her protected from any potential danger.

When it rains – always make sure you have an umbrella over her. Even if you are getting completely wet – use a nice Elite Cane umbrella to cover your woman. It is a nice gesture, but it also will keep your woman from getting wet and potentially getting a cold. Also, when you get inside – be sure to help her take off her jacket. This will keep your woman warm.

At the end of a date if you are meeting somewhere in a public place, you should always walk her to her automobile or home. This is a nice way to show her that you care, but also it is letting her know that you want her to be as safe as possible. If it is cold outside, you should always ask if she would like your jacket. That is a very important part of becoming a Southern gentleman.

When traveling, you always want to carry her nice high quality Vera Bradley large travel duffel and you also want to give her the first seat. Even if you end up on a public bus or some type of transportation where there is no seating for you – no matter what – give her the seat. This is really important during traveling, but in case you enter a restaurant that is really busy where everybody is waiting in the lobby for a table in the dining room. You will want to offer her a seat before you sit down yourself.

When having a conversation with a woman, you never want to start to laugh for attention or laugh if she is telling you something serious. A lot of times men can not be paying attention and laugh when they should not be laughing. You want to quietly pay attention to your woman and be a good listener. Women especially love this quality in a men, because if you listen to what she is saying and are frequently complementary to her – you are going to have a better life without any unnecessary drama.

One of the most important things you could ever do in regards to becoming a Southern gentleman is always showing up on time. Men that are late make women feel like they are not important or not worthy. Be sure to make sure that your woman knows that she is your number one priority and that you are ready to make her happy. That is a great way to start out a relationship and your woman will know that you are serious and not playing games.

If you really want to be sure that you are on top of your game, never ever ask about age or weight. There is nothing worse than having a man trying to figure out what size of jeans a woman is trying to wear. Women in general are very insecure about their bodies, because society has glorified supermodels for so long. Therefore, women that are normal looking tend to strive for these hard to achieve supermodel bodies. Always complement your woman and make sure that she feels beautiful all of the time.

Do not go through her purse or break dates, because that will show a woman that you don’t trust her or that she is not your number one priority. If you are just starting to date – a nice “thank you” note is always a great way to end everything. It can be as simple as a polite text message.

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