How to Get in Shape for Free (or Cheap)

Summer is a time when people often want to get in better shape, especially with beach weather on the way. But gyms can be expensive and even hazardous to your health, and if you’re on a budget, it’s tough to find a way to get into shape — or is it?

Get in Shape for Free

Here are a few inspirational ideas on how to get in shape for little or no money. Not only will these activities get you in shape, but they will offer health benefits at no cost at all!


Walking/hiking is an easy, convenient, and free physical activity that offers significant benefits. Numerous studies have shown that even 25 minutes of brisk walking a day or slow jogging could improve your longevity by seven years. Walking can also help people lose weight, control their blood sugar, and lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Walking is a fun activity and can positively impact both your physical and mental health. So what are you waiting for? Get up and get walking!


This is another low-cost and fun physical activity that can keep you healthy and fit and enable you to spend some quality time outdoors doing something that you enjoy. Bicycling will not be hard on your pocket, and it is something that you can do at your convenience and ease. It can help you lose weight, strengthen your muscles and give your body a total workout.

Make your own meals

We understand that people today have very busy schedules, are generally multitasking, and are on tight deadlines. This often results in grabbing fast food and other unhealthy food items. An easy way to get in shape is to make your own meals. This will save you from spending money on expensive food from restaurants, but it will also allow you to choose the right dishes and make intelligent and healthy food choices.

Use household items as weights

 People are often hesitant to take on a fitness regime because they don’t have the budget to spend on the expensive fitness equipment. But nothing could be further from the truth. You don’t need to break an arm and leg to exercise at home. All you need is some free space, a yoga mat, and nice music. You can also use household items as weights for resistance training. You can use a gallon of water, a bag of cat litter or anything similar. If you want dumbbells, you can use cans. Even if you do want to invest in some equipment, it doesn’t have to be something expensive. You can buy low-cost and versatile equipment like kettlebells or resistance bands. See? No need to spend a big chunk of money to get moving.

Buy equipment second-hand

 For people who are serious about creating their own gym and want to work with proper equipment, there is no need to buy brand new exercise equipment. There is a huge market for second-hand exercise machines, many of which have been used in gyms and are functioning properly. If you want to make a home gym, don’t waste your money on expensive machines. Do your research and find affordable and quality equipment.(shape)

Take an online training course

 With the Internet opening up so many avenues for everyone, fitness is no different. Today, you don’t have to visit a physical gym. You can simply enroll in an online training course. If you feel your fitness goals require some one-on-one attention, you can find an online personal trainer (here are some of the best options). But, again, research is the key. Know your goals. Have a budget and find a personal trainer to help you become fit.

Exercise Program Online

Stream exercise programs online

 You can also stream exercise programs online. Whether it’s Zumba or yoga, or step training, there are numerous avenues you can easily access online. These programs are easy to follow and have proper instructors leading the sessions. You can follow the steps/routine at your own pace and get into the flow slowly and gradually without feeling pressured to perform.

The ideas mentioned above clearly show that getting into shape is not as difficult or expensive as you may have thought. All you need is some motivation, commitment, imagination, and a little research. Don’t let finances control your health. Exercise is good for your body and soul. Don’t let budgets deter you. You can start walking any day. You can start taking the stairs or walking to work. There are numerous ways in which a person, committed and motivated, can achieve their fitness goals without hurting their pocket. Use your imagination, and the rest should fall into place easily.

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