How to Make the Most of Your New Home Security System

If you’ve invested in a security alarm system, you’ve made one of the best choices you can possibly make for the safety of your home, family, and possessions. You may be concerned about how to make the most of the new security system, and that can involve both the system directly and other in-direct protections that add to the overall security of your home. Here are some suggestions for both. 

1. Professional Installation

Having your devices and system installed by professionals can range from free to expensive, but the value is exceptional no matter the cost, given that you are choosing to give the system the best possible opportunity to protect you and your home. Do-it-yourself installation is great on a budget and not entirely difficult, but if you choose a more complex device kit or integrated monitoring system, it’s best to have the company involved when putting it all together. 

2. Professional Monitoring

Monitoring services that have a real person involved rather than the devices themselves are an amazing boost in security. While any alarm or security system will contact you or emergency services when something is detected on the property, there are some more advanced services that mean there is someone looking through those devices at all times, or the times you dictate based on your service settings. One such service is Ring’s new Security Guard service, which has now opened its waitlist to potential customers. 

3. Choose the Right Equipment

If you can only invest in one device, let it be a camera. This is the single most important piece of security equipment there is, especially when you choose one with great image quality and night vision capabilities. If you don’t have to skimp and have the budget for more, the best approach is to have a control panel, multiple video cameras, door and window sensors including those with glass breakage sensors, motion detectors, alarms for flood, smoke, and CO, and exterior lighting. 

Installing surveillance

4. Be Weary of Landscaping

While elaborate landscaping can be beautiful and you should do as much as you feel you want to at your property, it’s best to keep in mind that certain trees and shrubberies may disrupt the view of your security devices and that would-be burglars can make use of them for stealth. Be clever in your landscaping design and make sure whatever you do, it doesn’t interfere with the security system. 

5. Police Inspection

While it’s a service that is not commonly utilized, police departments would be happy to send someone out to your home to inspect the security layout and let you know of any flaws that you may want to address. 

6. Protect your Wi-Fi Network

Long gone are the days when all someone needed to do to violate your security was take a crowbar to a door. Nowadays, the internet is a dangerous door to all the details of not only your life, but to dismantling your security system, including access codes, passwords, plan details, and more. Protect your wi-fi network, especially if your security system works via home automation. 

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