How To Pick The Perfect Bar Stools For The Kitchen

Gone are the days when bar stools were restricted to bars and drinking joints in town. Today, Kitchens are changing as many homes design breakfast bars with counter height seating. You can be creative with these functional and fun décors to make your kitchen or home bar stand out.

Some people prefer looks while for others comfort is king. Others also love bar stools to swivel, while others are content with stationary bar chairs. Regardless of your choice and reasons, this article highlights various bar stool stars styles and how you can pick the perfect ones.

Tips for Choosing the Best Bar Stool for Your Kitchen

Here are some tips to guide you while deciding on the number and type of kitchen bar stool to buy.

Consider your needs

When selecting the ideal barstools for your kitchen, examine your kitchen seating needs. Is your family large, and do they love home-cooked meals? Do you love entertaining friends and guests regularly? Or do you only want a place for a quick morning coffee bite? After ascertaining the layout and the purpose of the bar stools, you can select the appropriate style.

Keep in mind that your kitchen and dining table are the center of your home. Families gather here to bake, cook, enjoy meals, and it’s where you are likely to host and entertain your important guests. Hence, it is necessary to make it beautiful with striking aesthetics such as upholstery, metal, leather, or rattan.

Verify the counter height

Though it seems obvious, you may need to verify your kitchen counter height in some instances. If you have a typical counter height (36 “H), you can pick stools with a normal height of 24. However, if the home bar or the counter is raised to 42” high, you can choose 30’ high bar chairs.

Considering the counter height is a good idea, especially if you did not design the counter. Some counters do not have standard uniform heights, meaning you could pick custom stools or bar stools with adjustable heights. Therefore, it is essential to determine your counter height before choosing ideal bar stools.

Backless or Back stool

Bar stools’ designs are either backless or have back support. How do you determine what is suitable for your kitchen? The choice depends on several factors. One important factor to consider is the stools’ functions or purpose. If your children use them while doing homework or eating meals, a backless and lower bar stool may be easier to climb.

On the other hand, if you want to make a visual statement with the back of the stools and its fabric complementing your interior décor, you could pick bar stools with back support. Your counter space and layout should also be considered. Backless stools are ideal for limited space since you can tuck them under the counter when they are not in use, thus providing space for a walkway or footpath. Stools with backs require more space.

Your Preferred style

Style consideration is important for bar stools with back support since they impact your kitchen’s look and the overall space. You can accentuate your kitchen display with stylish counter stools. Some people prefer popular rustic bar stools to bring the vintage look into their dining area, while others want the industrial vibe with the adjustable bar stools. Adjustable bar stools are often cost-effective, stylish, ideal for children, and easily be wiped clean.

The material and finish choice

The bar stool’s finishing material is also worth considering. You can either choose metal, wood, acrylic, or upholster stools. Your preferred style could also play a role in the finish material you choose.

Some people love a finish material that contrasts the bar area. For instance, if the bar face is dark, you could pick bar stools with a light-colored finish. Color is everything when perfecting your interior décor; a wrong choice could prevent your kitchen from standing out.

Upholstered bar chairs with a nice vinyl covering can also be an excellent choice for your kitchen. They are easy to clean in case of spills and look like leather, thus giving your bar area an exotic look. Furthermore, you can easily replace them to make your stools look as good as new.

Wood stools have an added advantage because you can do repeat finishes to relate the stools to the room. You can easily paint them using contrasting colors to improve their visual impact on the kitchen.

Stationary or swivel stools

Though backless stools are loved for flexibility as they allow you to sit facing any direction without moving the stool, swivel bar stools also have their strengths. They are often preferred on the kitchen counter, where rotation is done often. Swivel bar stools are also good with heavier stools since they will be easier to pull out when you want to sit. Modern designs and styles make swivels look stylish, with some designs difficult to say they are swivel.

Children can make these stools their playgrounds, so choose quality cover materials, preferably vinyl cover. The beauty of swivel chairs is that you can turn and talk to your family or friends in the living room or breakfast room. You could also watch TV while having some drinks at the home bar. Nevertheless, they need bigger space to fit well in your kitchen.

The Budget

When it comes to purchases, budget is a must consideration. The type and design of bar stool you choose will significantly be dictated by the amount of money you are willing to spend on your kitchen redo. If you have a limited budget, you can go for some decent inexpensive bar stools, though they may not last long.

The best way to get quality bar stools with a limited budget is to purchase backless wood or rush seats. Rustic metallic backless bar stools are also relatively cheaper. However, anything leather, upholstery, or vinyl is likely to cost you more like swivels.

The Bottom Line

You can make your kitchen stand out with appropriate bar stools. However, to choose the ideal bar chairs, you need to examine your need, kitchen counter height, preferred style, back or backless, material, the budget. Regardless of your ideals, you can choose from a wide range of bar stools available in the market. These functional and fun décor items are not restricted to pubs and bars; you can pick them up for your kitchen!

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