John Wick Bourbon: Is Blanton’s Worth The Hype?

Ever caught yourself mesmerized as John Wick elegantly enjoys a sip of bourbon, sparking that inner voice to whisper, “Hey, I need to taste what’s in that glass”? You’re not alone.

I’ve gone down the rabbit hole into the illustrious realm of Blanton’s—the very brand Keanu Reeves’ character seems to cherish—to see if it truly matches its cinematic allure.

What you’re about to read isn’t just an article; it’s your behind-the-scenes pass into whether Blanton’s is the real deal or just another prop under the bright lights of Hollywood fame.

So go ahead and settle in because this reveal promises to be as thrilling as any action-packed scene from Mr. Wick himself.

Key Takeaways

Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon is the drink of choice for John Wick, a character known for style and quality. This bourbon stands out with its unique grenade-shaped bottle and horse and jockey stopper.

The bourbon has a rich history, having been introduced in 1984 at Buffalo Trace Distillery by Elmer T. Lee. It was the first single barrel bourbon on the market.

Blanton’s is famous for its smooth taste with a blend of sweet caramel, vanilla, spices like nutmeg and cinnamon, and a smoky finish.

Due to its popularity from the John Wick movies, often referred to as the ‘John Wick Effect,’ interest in Blanton’s Bourbon has skyrocketed worldwide.

While not cheap—costing between $60 to $70—the price reflects its reputation as a high – quality spirit that many feel lives up to the hype seen on screen.

John Wick’s Signature Drink: Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon

John Wick Bourbon: Is Blanton’s Worth The Hype? 1

You know, there’s something about John Wick that just resonates with us guys—maybe it’s his unflappable coolness or the way he handles those close calls. Now, let me tell you, when our man Wick pours himself a drink, it ain’t just any old swill—it’s Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon.

And trust me, that choice says as much about him as all those high-octane chase scenes and impeccably tailored suits…


Let’s talk about Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon, the go-to drink for the tough guy John Wick. Now, this isn’t just any bourbon. Imagine holding a bottle as legendary as it feels – with that deep amber color shining through and a unique heart-shaped stopper on top.

Master Distiller Elmer T. Lee knew what he was doing when he released this back in ’84 at Buffalo Trace Distillery.

I’ve got to say, sipping on Blanton’s is like a flavor party in your mouth. Think sweet with caramel and vanilla dancing around, but then—bam!—spices like nutmeg and cinnamon jump in, making everything pop.

And let me paint you a picture: swirling it in your glass, you’re not just prepping for a drink; you’re gearing up for an experience marked by its smooth finish with just enough kick from that 46.5% ABV to remind you it means business.

It might cost ya between 60 and 70 bucks but trust me; it’s worth every penny if you want to feel like a movie star badass—even if it’s just for one night.

Tasting Profile

Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon really nails it on taste. You take a sip and boom—sweetness hits you first with caramel, toffee, and vanilla. It’s like dessert in a glass, but not too sweet; just right.

Then comes the subtle smoky feel and just enough spice to make things interesting—it’s that smooth complexity that hooks you.

The color? A deep amber that looks as rich as it tastes, aged just so in Warehouse H where they know what they’re doing. Trust me, this isn’t your average bourbon; it tells its own story with every swig.

Now let me tell you about when this bourbon shines on the big screen…

Flavor Notes

So, we’re diving into the world where bourbon isn’t just a drink; it’s a statement. Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon packs a punch with flavors that tell a story in each sip. Here’s what you need to know about its taste:

  • First off, that sweet scent hits you – think caramel and vanilla dancing together. It’s like walking into a candy store, except this is for grown-ups.
  • Then there’s the toffee twist. It rolls in smooth, but sticks around just enough to remind you it’s there.
  • As for spices, nutmeg makes an entrance. It’s not overpowering, but it definitely makes its presence known.
  • Follow that with cinnamon sneaking up on you, adding warmth to every drop.
  • Clove pops in too, kind of like that friend who always shows up uninvited but somehow fits right in.
  • The smoky bits come next – they’re subtle but echo through the rest like whispers of an old tale.
  • Nutty elements take their turn as well; they’re not flashy, but they round out the flavor profile like a solid bass line in your favorite song.


Now, let’s chat about the finish of Blanton’s Bourbon. It’s got a kick that’ll hug your taste buds with sweet, spicy, and smoky vibes all at once. Think about it like the end of a great action flick—you want it to linger, keep you on the edge of your seat just a bit longer.

And that’s what Blanton’s does. After each sip, there’s this smooth, complex dance going on in your mouth where no single flavor steals the show.

You take that last sip and think, “Man, this is good,” as those flavors hang out for just the right amount of time. It makes sense why John Wick would choose something so classy and boldleaves an impression without saying a word.

Just imagine him pouring another glass… Now let’s switch gears and look at how Blanton’s stands tall on screen in those iconic scenes from his movies.


So, let’s talk about how Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon catches your eye. Ever seen a bourbon bottle with a little horse and jockey on top? That’s Blanton’s for you. This isn’t just any old bottle; it stands out on the shelf with its grenade shape and handwritten details.

Each one tells you about the whiskey inside – like which rack or barrel it came from.

That love for horse racing comes from Colonel Albert B. Blanton himself. He was big on that scene, and this unique bottle is his tip of the hat to those galloping thoroughbreds. Grabbing a Blanton’s feels like holding on to something special, not just another drink but a piece of history in your hand… if history looked super classy and tasted amazing!

The Role of Blanton’s Bourbon in John Wick Movies

blantons bourbon in john wick

You know, when things get as intense as they do in John Wick’s world, the man needs a drink that can match his style—enter Blanton’s Bourbon. It’s not just a random bottle he grabs; nope, this whiskey is like an old friend that shows up in those quiet moments amidst the chaos…

Now, let me tell you why it’s more than just product placement; it’s character building in a glass.

Scenes Featuring Blanton’s Bourbon

Blanton’s Bourbon shines in the John Wick movies. It’s not just a drink; it’s a statement. Here are some moments where this bourbon steals the spotlight:

  • John Wick pours himself a glass in his quiet home, the golden liquid gliding into the glass—it’s his moment of peace before chaos erupts.
  • In John Wick: Chapter 2, there’s a scene where he savors Blanton’s after a rough day… Talk about drinking in style!
  • That time Wick meets with old friends and Blanton’s is on the table—like an old friend itself, it adds to their bond.
  • The camera often catches that iconic horse and jockey bottle stopper—it’s a sign that John Wick prefers the finer things.
  • Let’s not overlook how when adversaries come knocking, a bottle of Blanton’s is sometimes still lingering, almost untouched amidst the mayhem.

Symbolism of John Wick’s Drink Choice

John Wick, the man, the myth, the legend. His choice of drink? None other than Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon. It’s not just a bourbon to him; it’s a symbol—of class, quality, and rarity—just like Wick himself.

Sipping on that high-rye mash bill #2 speaks volumes without saying a word; it says he appreciates the finer things that are as balanced and smooth as his combat style.

Cracking open a bottle of Blanton’s is more than enjoying a top-notch spirit; it’s about making a statement. Our guy John chooses this bourbon for its bold yet sweet character—a nod to his own complex persona.

Whether he eases into an armchair with his glass or broods over past deeds—the amber liquid mirrors his journey: rare and refined through fire and time in toasted oak barrels.

The History and Production of Blanton’s Bourbon

John Wick Bourbon: Is Blanton’s Worth The Hype? 2

Ah, diving into the story of Blanton’s Bourbon is like taking a stroll through bourbon aristocracy – it’s got that old Kentucky charm mixed with a dash of pure American innovation.

Imagine sipping on history, folks—each drop is steeped in tradition from the heartland of whiskey wizards.

Detailed History

Elmer T. Lee must’ve felt a spark of genius when he released Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon in 1984. It was the first bourbon to kick off the single barrel trend, setting the bar for what top-shelf American bourbon could be.

John Wick Bourbon: Is Blanton’s Worth The Hype? 3
Colonel Albert Blanton.

Now imagine taking a trip back to Buffalo Trace Distillery, where this gem came from. They’ve been crafting spirits since way back in the 1700s—talk about having history!

Colonel Albert B. Blanton, now that’s a guy who knew his bourbon—a true pioneer in creating quality drinks that folks rave about even today. His passion turned into something special at Buffalo Trace Distillery in Kentucky, and let me tell you—it’s still all about tradition and taste there today! This distillery has seen it all; making liquors through times both good and bad, but always staying true to those old-school methods that make you feel like you’re sipping on a bit of American history with every drop.

Kentucky Origins

So, let’s chat about where Blanton’s bourbon comes from. It all kicked off at the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Kentucky. This place isn’t new to the game; they’ve been making liquid gold since the 18th century.

Imagine that – over 200 years of perfecting their craft! Then there’s Elmer T. Lee, quite a legend around those parts. He was with Buffalo Trace for almost forty years and is the mastermind who brought us Blanton’s Bourbon back in ’84.

Being born in Kentucky means you’ve got bourbon in your veins, right? Well, that might be stretching it a bit… but not by much. The Bluegrass State has this rich tradition of distilling that goes way back—think vast fields of corn and fresh limestone water, just perfect for crafting something as smooth as Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon.

You can almost hear those bottles filling up while horses run wild outside—it doesn’t get more Kentucky than that!

Pricing and Availability of Blanton’s Bourbon

John Wick Bourbon: Is Blanton’s Worth The Hype? 4

Ah, Blanton’s, the nectar of the gods—or at least, that’s what John Wick might call it when he’s not busy taking names and kicking butt. But how does this bourbon fare outside the silver screen? Does your wallet have to take a hitman-style beating to get a taste? Let’s talk dollars and sense—where can you find it, and will you need to auction off that fancy watch just for a sip? Stay tuned as we crack open the case on Blanton’s price tag and hunt down where bottles are hiding out…

Price Range

So, you want to know what dent Blanton’s Bourbon will make in your wallet? Well, the buzz around this smooth drink has certainly pumped up its price. What used to cost about the same as a dinner for two at a decent restaurant—think $24 to $30—is now hitting closer to a fancy steakhouse night out.

Yup, these days you’ll need to shell out a cool $60 to $70 if you’re itching for that John Wick swagger in your glass.

And let me tell ya, while it might feel like a splurge compared to some other bourbons on the shelf (I’m looking at you, Jim Beam and Wild Turkey), Blanton’s still isn’t touching those ‘sell-your-kidney’ prices of rare scotch whiskey.

But beware: depending on who’s selling, that price could creep even higher. Makes you think twice before just casually pouring one on the rocks after a long day—you’ll want every drop of that bourbon gold.

International Availability

Now, let’s jet-set for a sec. Blanton’s isn’t just a bourbon you stumble upon in Kentucky or your local liquor store. It’s gone global and has been making appearances across Europe and Asia too.

But here’s the catch – not every place you go will have it on the shelf. Some spots have it; some don’t, kind of like that one friend who sometimes shows up at parties.

And if you do find Blanton’s while trotting around the globe, brace yourself for the price tag. Since this liquid gold has to travel distances and hop over oceans, it can cost a pretty penny more than what we pay stateside.

That’s because import costs and high demand in places far from its Kentucky home spike up prices faster than my interest when someone says, “Let’s grab a drink.”.

The Impact of John Wick on Bourbon Sales

John Wick Bourbon: Is Blanton’s Worth The Hype? 5

Ever noticed how suddenly everyone’s a bourbon aficionado after watching John Wick reload his guns and sip some classy Blanton’s? Yeah, me too. Call it the ‘John Wick Effect‘—the guy doesn’t just leave a trail of empty bullet casings but apparently, liquor shelves are getting cleared too…

Who would’ve thought Keanu Reeves holding a glass could make bourbon sales shoot through the roof?

Increased Interest in Bourbon

So, Blanton’s Bourbon has been flying off the shelves lately. Thanks to John Wick and his classy choice of drink, more guys are giving bourbon a nod. It’s not just about shooting bad guys and looking cool; that smooth sip of bourbon on screen makes you want to try it, too.

Seems like our friend John isn’t just nailing baddies, but also pushing up bourbon sales – talk about influence.

Now, hold on to your hats because this wave is huge. They call it the ‘John Wick Effect,’ and boy, does it pack a punch! Picture this: you’re chilling after work, you pour yourself a glass of that golden goodness, and bam – you feel like a total boss.

Blanton’s is hitting it big time in Japan as well – turns out they love their whiskey almost as much as we do. Maybe we should thank Mr. Wick for making us look at that bottle on the top shelf with dreamy eyes?

The ‘John Wick Effect’

Now, let’s talk about something cool. Have you noticed how some movies make things super popular? That’s exactly what happened with John Wick and Blanton’s Bourbon. This fancy drink got crazy famous because John uses it to chill in the movies.

People saw him enjoying a glass and thought, “Hey, I want to be as cool as that guy!” So they started buying more of this smooth bourbon.

Seriously, sales went through the roof thanks to these films! It’s like everyone wanted a taste of John Wick’s world. This buzz around Blanton’s has people calling it the ‘John Wick Effect.’ It’s not just a boost for this one bourbon; folks are getting into all kinds of bourbon now.

They’re even naming their drinks after scenes from the movie! Crazy, right? But hey, who wouldn’t want to sip on something that makes them feel like a tough action hero for a minute?

FAQs About John Wick Bourbon

What’s the big deal with John Wick’s bourbon?

Well, you know how John Wick is a super cool guy in those action movies? Blanton’s is like his sidekick—in bourbon form! It’s got this rich flavor that makes it stand out… just like our pal John does when he’s taking down the bad guys.

Is Blanton’s stronger than other drinks… like what James Bond has?

Ha, let me tell ya, James Bond might love his martinis, but Blanton’s straight bourbon packs its own punch with a higher alcohol by volume (abv). So yeah, it can give Mr. Bond’s vodka a run for its money!

Can I make an old-fashioned cocktail with this bourbon?

Oh boy, can you ever! Just grab your bitters and sugar cube and mix ’em up with Blanton’s—you’ll feel fancy enough to hang out with Tyler Rake or Jason Bourne at their swankiest parties.

How does Blanton’s compare to Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey or Maker’s Mark?

So here’s the scoop: each drink is like meeting a different character—Blanton’s is your smooth-talking hero; Maker’s Mark winks at you from across the bar; and Jack Daniel’s tells stories of Southern charm. They’re all good choices, but if you want something really special… well, folks seem pretty excited about Blanton’s!

Are there any other drinks as cool as bourbons for an action movie fan?

Sure thing! If bourbons had a stunt double teaming up for some extra kick—it’d be Bulleit or Peligroso Tequila shooting scenes next to Russian Standard Vodka without breaking a sweat! Each one brings its own flair to the action-packed world of drinker heroes.

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