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Humanity has spread across the globe and bent nature to its will. While the rest of the animal kingdom has adapted to be a specialist, people change the environment around them to suit. Humans have migrated too, and lived, in almost every condition imaginable. Our ancestors paved the way for comfort, engineers of our own environment.

When the weather is cold, we used our first real invention, fire, to keep warm. When it was hot and humid, our ancestors devised ways of keeping fresh like palm frond fans.

Today we enjoy air conditioning systems that can keep an entire house cool with the touch of a button. We have developed portable fuel storage systems that keep our fireplaces and stoves burning and our homes warm without the need to gather wood. Our modern lives would amaze our ancestors, but there is a slight problem, cooling and heating our homes requires a lot of energy, which can cost a lot of money.

It seems like madness that in a time when renewable energy sources are becoming cheaper and more efficient, our power bills soar. In 2020 we pay attention to the non-monetary costs of a thing; where did it come from? How sustainable is it? Is it energy efficient? When making our homes comfortable in all climates, we must also pay special attention to the amount of energy our heating and cooling systems are using.

Mod Cons.

An average five-person household uses a startling amount of energy. Consider a home’s essential lighting, washing machines,and hordes of computers; contemporary people are plugged in and wired up. All these modern gadgets and devices gulp down kilowatts, but by far, the biggest eater of energy in your home is your heating and cooling systems.

Compared to a computer, which might cost around $30 a year to keep powered up, an AC system could cost nearly $400, a heater costing almost $700. It is virtually unimaginable how our ancestors made do without a heater in winter, maybe the grim reality is, many of them didn’t.In the past, keeping warm or cool wasn’t a matter of comfort, but survival.

Thanks to these modern conveniences like air-con or gas heating, it’s possible for us not merely to survive, but to be comfortable all year around. Many of you will know that always running an air conditioner or a heater will cause your electricity bill to balloon. Many of us rely on these two systems to keep comfortable all year round, but there is a cheaper, more efficient wat of doing so.

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Two For One.

The rotary fan features in practically all cooling systems (and some heating systems too). From palaces in ancient China to the tiny fans in your laptop, the rotary fan is a proven way to move air around. As tested as the rotary fan is, it has evident and undesirable failings. Firstly, the moving parts of the fan need to be shielded, to prevent damage to the fan, and probing fingers and hands. These fan shields are dust magnets and require cleaning often; the dust builds up also lowers the airflow from the fan. Secondly, rotary fans are noisy, something that can impact on comfort, especially when we are trying to sleep.

So, what’s the alternative? Is there something quiet, effective and easy to clean? Better yet, what about a machine that fulfills both heating and cooling duties, reducing the strain on your electricity bill? Such a machine exists, and it’s the perfect tool to keep comfy in every season. Meet the Dyson am09.

Hot And Cold.

Trust Dyson to create a bladeless fan. Who else but the company that helped invent the vacuum cleaner and then later reinvented it? Dysons innovative spirit and thirst for perfection have yielded a range of bladeless fans that not only look striking but offer superior comfort to old fashioned rotary fans.

The Dyson am09 is the perfect way to keep comfy in every season.  With accurate temperature control, the am09 can heat or cool a space quickly, using jet control to spread the air out, making it perfect for the family room. The am09 is just a suited for solo use, with Jetstream control switched to personal use; the am09 will keep you comfy without blowing out your electricity bill.

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I’m A Fan Of Safety.

Looking at the Dyson am09, we know, subconsciously, it’s a fan. Feeling a beam of air emanate from what is essentially empty space is quite sensational, our mind is expecting a rotary fan where there isn’t one. This fanless design hides moving parts from fingers and ensures children won’t have any accidents around the fan. There is a comfort in safety, giving you peace of mind in running the am09 all night and day.

When the mercury drops and its time to run the am09 in heating mode, this heater/cooler fan can heat a space as quick as any heater. A gas heater can be expensive to run and own and presents a danger as a radiant heat source. The Dyson am09 tackles this problem by hiding the heating element.

The am09 can heat a room all night, without presenting a danger to you and your family, and operates below dust burning levels, to eliminate the worrying smell that some electric heaters emit when they get dusty. The am09 is a safe and easy to use, thanks to ergonomic controls and hidden heating element. Forget aircon and gas heating, a two in one machine like the am09 is an effective and efficient way of keeping comfy in every season while staying safe.

Keeping comfortable is more relaxed with modern technology, but with dangerous heating elements and noisy fans, it can cause more irritation than comfort. Luckily, a quiet revolution in home appliances has brought us fantastic products like Dyson’s fanless heater coolers, now we can enjoy year-round comfort, without the worry of accidents or substantial power bills. My ancestors struggled to find enough food; I’m struggling to find the remote for my TV, now that’s comfort.

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