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Rollerball Fountain Pens

Rollerball fountain pens have always been a trendsetter. Their ease of use and practicality means a lot of people use them in their everyday lives. Their design which also allow for the easy flow of ink means their writing style and appeal extends to a wide range of consumers. 

Finding the Best Roller Fountain Pens

Finding the right rollerball pin might be a difficult task, but it is actually really easy if you know what you are looking for. The popularity of of the rollerball fountain pens have become a trendsetter, because of how easy it is to use and it is actually better for people to use, because it the ink flows out easier. There are also different styles to choose from which makes it even more appealing for consumers. The best part about this type of pin is there are so many different ways to use this pen. It can be a gift or it can become the office pen of everyone’s choice.

The Handmade Schimmel Pen is an expensive pen from Germany. This pen features handmade Damascus steel for the body with antique brass accents. This type of steel is made with a way to the surface pattern that produces hammer welding strips of steel and iron used specifically for knife and sword blades. This type of steel was used during the medieval period. If you want an upgrade, you can also get an 18 karat gold nib. This is a great gift or it can be purchased for yourself. This is a one-of-a-kind type of pen that costs just under $700.00 – yes, that’s for a pen!

The Pitchman by Pitchman Pens in emerald green abalone shell with 22 karat gold accenting. This is a one-of-a-kind fountain pen that features emerald green abalone shell with chrome plate accents and unique handcrafted patterns that are all over the pen. The interesting part about this pen – it has to be created after you order it, so it is a specialized custom designed pen. It is also delivered with special gift wrapping and an embossed Pitchman logo in real sealing wax. This pen is priced at $295.00 excluding shipping. This is a great gift for a graduation or a surprise.

A handmade fountain pen is the perfect gift and the pricing is right. You can purchase one pen for $65.00 or two pens for $120.00 with $17.00 and shipping. These pens are made with four different kinds of wood. There will never be one identical pen and if you are the person purchasing the pen, you are the only one that will ever have that specific pen. These are exotic and rare rollerball fountain pens made from rare wood located in Québec, Canada.

Suffolk Regent Gift Set Fountain Pen & Rollerball in Wine Barrel is another terrific idea especially if you are a wine lover or you know someone who would love this as a gift. This is a luxury found pen and a rollerball in a specially designed velvet gift box. Reclaimed oak is used to create these amazing pens. This high quality fountain pen has a gold nib with a fitted iridium that was manufactured in Germany. This pen has an affordable price of $117.00.

The Blue Swirl Verona Hand Crafted Fountain Pen is a steal for only $99.00 with free shipping! This is a handcrafted pen, so when you place your order – this pen will be created. It generally takes 1 to 2 days to make this one-of-a-kind pen. The fountain pen has an exquisite blue swirl acrylic look. It has also been hand turned and it measures just under 5 1/2” long. This pen can use either a standard Cross or Parker refill. This product is made in America too!

All of these fountain pens are unique and they also are all high quality. It is a good idea to do some research before you decide on the best roller pen for you.

The Recommended Styles of Fountain Pens

  • If you are looking for a fine tip pen, then you need to be sure that you are looking for a tip that is going to be approximately .38mm to get that type of precision. The fine tip fountain pen is ideal for school notes or any type of detailed work. Also, the fine tip pen will come with a cap just in case you like to twirl your pen around.
  • Some of us can decide whether or not a rollerball pin or a fountain pen are going to be the best option. A highly recommended style of pen if you are in this predicament is going to be the Regal 117 Alice Rollerball pen. This is a pen that can be switched back and forth between a fountain pen or a rollerball pin. This is a great feature for those consumers who like to use both types of pen as well.
  • Those who crave comfort will absolutely love the Stabilo Worker Rollerball pen that was specifically designed for professional usage. This is a great pen for anyone who works in an office. It has a small rubberized area that was designed for users to let their fingers rest in a comfortable spot without any type of slipping.
  • An eco-friendly pen such as the Pilot Hi-Tecpoint Rollerball pen is great because you do not need to sacrifice any of your performance, plus you are able to help the environment. This is a pen that is made up of 71% of recycled materials. It also has a waste fighting cartridge refill system that is outstanding.

The wonderful thing about choosing the right rollerball fountain pen is the fact there are so many different pens to choose from. Choosing the right style can be a difficult task, but you also need to think about your ink as well. There are also so many different types of ink to choose from. There are many different ink comparison charts available online. They are a great way to gauge how much ink you will need and also if you are looking for a bolder line or if you are looking for a thinner line. Users are writing reviews and voicing their opinions about which of these pens really do work and are recommended.

If you are going to spend a fair amount of money for one of these pens, it is a good idea to research what you are purchasing before you make a decision.

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