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Any room in the home can have a printed map of the world. These maps are a wonderful addition to any home décor. Printed maps come in many different sizes and styles, so you can literally create almost any type of masterpiece. You can also find printed maps for children and young adults.

If you are thinking about purchasing a printed map or you are looking for ideas of how to incorporate a beautiful world map into your home, there are many different ways to do so.

The Traditional Living Room

This style of living room has a unique sense of symmetry. The traditional living room is famous for its well-balanced symmetry in terms of architecture and furniture. A printed map would be ideal in a room like this, because you are able to match the coloring to the traditional living room style. Most traditional living rooms are made up of warm colors that make the setting extremely cozy and comfortable. The Culturenik World Map Antique Vintage Old Style Decorative Educational Poster Print is a wonderful addition.

The added bonus about this particular print is the fact that you can order this with a frame or without a frame. The print is 16×20 inches with the print on thick sized paper. This is the perfect piece for a traditional living room and the colors will enhance any neutral or warm colors that you already have. This is also an affordable print for under $10.

Another amazing look from the traditional living room style is going to be the “Blue and White” living room. This style is amazing, because you can buy specific pieces of furniture in different shades of blue that will add style and sophistication. You also have the ability to add in different shades of white and even cream. The blue-and-white living room is notorious for presenting an aura of relaxation that you can’t find anywhere else. The simplicity of delicate light fixtures along with bold and eccentric seating – the only thing missing is the perfect piece of artwork.

This Funy Decor Large Canvas Print Rustic World Map has an extremely bold look, but it also has the abstract modern print that brings an extra pizzazz to this type of traditional living room. The total size of this print is going to be 60×32 inches. The piece really adds energy to any wall or room and it is easy to hang. The painting is already mounted on a wooden frame with hooks and accessories ready to go. This is a phenomenal gift for anybody in the family or even friends.

Kids Bedrooms

One of the favorite thing to do for parents is decorating their children’s bedroom. There are so many different themes and favorite Disney characters for children of all ages – you can really add a printed map anywhere. There are also so many different children’s printed maps to choose from. Some can be for younger children with vivid colors, but older children will appreciate learning all of the different continents and bodies of water. A fan favorite is going to be this Simple Shapes World Map Peel and Stick Wall Print.

This kids world map is spectacular, because not only does it come in two different sizes, but this printed map is also reusable. Yes, you read that correctly! This is a removable and a reusable map that was made in the USA. This is a really fun map for children just learning about the world and different continents. It has landmarks and animals pertaining to the specific regions that you would find these animals. This is a fun way to start learning geography.

For children that are getting older and studying the United States in school – this is going to be an excellent way for your children to learn all of the states. The Newverest Scratch Off Map of the United States fits into a 17×24 inch frame that comes with a scratch tool, 20 pushpins, four stickers, a cleaning cloth, carry bag, and a gift tube. This is a phenomenal map to take while you are traveling or it is also a great way for your kids to study the states.

The pushpins are wonderful for having your children show which state is what. The print is on 250GSM paper stored in a sturdy storage too. This map can be used for so many different activities – including birthday parties or you can even create memories by holding a special “Learn the State” party for your children. That is a wonderful way to add excitement into the environment and make your children have fun playing a game while they are learning at the same time.

For those who are looking for a challenge – this United States map is perfect for all ages. It comes in three different sizes. This map is great for students and even adults. The United States map is printed on a thick 100lb smooth card stock that ships in able pack of 10. Preschools or even a day care would benefit from this type of learning tool. The affordability is ideal and having multiple sizes available for purchase makes it a bestseller.

A printed map is going to be invaluable anyway you look at it. You can never go wrong with having a map in your home as part of the décor. Now, choosing the right map can get tricky, but if you are not in a rush – it is just a matter of spending the time online looking at all of your different options.

A word to the wise: be sure that if you are purchasing a printed map from a website – always check to see if there are any promotional codes or a discount coupon code. You’d be surprised to find out how many of these places actually do have a discount, consumers just are not aware that they have the possibility to save money. All it requires is a simple search using your favorite Internet browser.

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