Things to Consider Before Visiting a Wine Shop in Mumbai

Mumbai is among the fastest-growing cities in every field. The city has various restaurants that started serving wine, and there has been an increase in the number of local stores since the past few years. Mumbaikars are incredibly passionate about the combination of food and wine, especially in areas such as Colaba and Bandra.

Be it any city, state or country, there are certain things to follow when you purchase a bottle of wine. You probably don’t want to stand at the store, stare at their collection of wine and not have an idea about it. Purchasing a wine for the first time can be thrilling and overwhelming at the same time. Overwhelming will be an understatement if I describe my experience of buying wine for the first time at a wine shop near me, because I still feel the horrifying experience when I recall it time and again. And that is the reason why I have come up with tips and guidance for you before you visit a wine shop.

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What is Wine?

Wine is the fermented juice of a grape, which also contains flavor and sugar combined with yeast, alcohol and carbon dioxide gas. It is defined in a unique style by individuals according to their taste buds. The flavors are strong, delicate, mild, sweet, tart or spicy, and choosing one among them is entirely subjective.

  • Wine contains a sweetness which refers to semi-sweet or dry.
  • It has acidity with low and high amount, and the one with low levels of it tastes richer.
  • The high amount of alcohol in your wine makes your throat and back of the mouth warm.

Things To Know Before You Visit A Wine Shop

You get assistance to select a perfect wine when you are dining at a restaurant. Visiting a wine store, on the other hand, is a different story. If it’s your first time purchasing a bottle of wine, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. With some necessary information and understanding, you can learn about wines and be good to go. The following is a list of things you need to know where to start with.

  1. Learn about wine and know your taste

As mentioned above about wine, a little knowledge takes you a long way. You should learn about the types of wines and their differences, such as the difference between red wine and white wine. Learn about the main grape categories to discover the main flavors and the one you desire. You get several brands to shop, and no wine tastes the same, and this might entirely change your opinion and desire. When you learn about your taste and some features of wine, you can become an expert in no time, and you can get the confidence of pairing it with your meal.

  1. Know the reason you are buying it

When starting out new, the concept of purchasing wine might be foreign, but shopping for it is no different. When you go out to buy a dress for a specific occasion, you may have not decided the type of clothing you want, but at least you have an idea of the brand from where you want to shop. Purchasing the wine is the same, just keep in mind the reason why you are buying it. A family gathering, partying with friends, or a date night with your beloved can give you clarity on the kind of wine you want to go ahead with.

  1. Ask a friend for help

You might get suggestions online, at restaurants, or from the wine store salesperson, but there is another person whose advice would prove to be beneficial from others, and that is your friend. We all have at least one friend from our circles who is a pro at drinking and picks a good one when it comes to wine. Try asking for their help, and you might end up getting some of the best tips. Once you get familiar with it, you can start purchasing it from a specific store and establish a relationship with a staff member, and they can later help you out to try new drinks that match your preferences.

  1. Know the price

Price is the first thing that comes to our mind when we are tight on budget or still paying debts. But price does not define the essence of any wine, so don’t get stressed about it. The first thing is to figure out the flavor and the wine and then ask for the bottle that fits your price. Some stores provide a sample when requested, and at the same time, the salespersons would try to convince you to go for a higher price but don’t let them get too far from the amount you fixed. You might also get some idea about the style of wine and fare, and you can go for better options the next time.

  1. Go with quality of wine

A prominent name does not guarantee you the best taste, because everyone has their own preferences. After asking your friend and searching the top brands online, you might also want to check the local brands to get a better picture of comparison. After comparing the descriptions, similarities and preferences, shortlist the brands you want to try and purchase them when it’s your first time. Making a mistake for the first time doesn’t make you regret your action, it only helps you find and decide the most suitable one.

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  1. Gift wrap at the store

Purchasing wine is not just for one’s consumption and satisfaction. When you are out of ideas to gift someone something, a quality bottle of wine or a set would be a fantastic option. And it goes without saying, the celebrations are incomplete without them. Pay the extra amount at the wine store and get the bottle or set of wine gift wrapped to give it an elegant look.

Contrary to popular belief, your purchase might also turn into disappointment for not meeting your expectations. But once you acquire basic knowledge, decide what you want and stick to it.

Have you faced any problem while purchasing wine for the first time? Share your experience and your favorite wine with us in the comments section below!

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