Top 7 Rarest Wine Logos You would ever come across

There are so many things that influence people’s perception of any wine. These include the blend type, the taste, and, most importantly, the packaging of the wine. The first thing on a wine that will attract you is the logo. That is why most people spend so much money and time designing a logo.

While some manufacturers opt for funny looking logos with rare backgrounds, others go for scary and straightforward logos. At the end of the day, what they want to achieve is a unique design. Something that is going to thrill anyone who lays his or her eyes on the wine. The idea always works, and that is why you will find some wines gaining more popularity than others only due to the logo.

Reasons why a wine’s logo is essential

There are so many reasons why every wine requires a unique and rare logo. Remember, once a manufacturer releases a wine with a specific logo, people are going to judge it depending on the logo. Here are some of the reasons why a rare wine logo is essential.

It represents the company

Every logo represents the company of the wine. As soon as people familiarize themselves with the logo, they are always going to relate it to the production company. It is quite hard to separate any wine logo from the company. The two always come hand in hand. You thus need a logo that is going to look good for your wine and represent your company.

It markets the wine

One mistake a manufacturer can make is to ignore the logo and instead depend on the wine to sell itself. It is evident that whenever you purchase a new bottle of wine, the first thing you are going to look at is the logo. A good logo will give you a hint of how the wine tastes. For instance, the snake and the herring shout the message that the wine is raw. And that alone is enough to make you want to taste the wine.

It gives a hint of how the wine tastes or how it makes you feel

A bottle of new wine can sometimes be too hard to read. A rare logo, on the other hand, is going to help you have a hint of how the wine tastes or how it is going to make you feel. Some wines come with warrior logos. Such a logo indicates that the wine is going to unleash the warrior in you. It also shows that the wine is bold. Even whiskeys like royal crown reserve use their rare and impeccable labels to indicate how the drink makes you feel while giving you a hint of how it tastes.

Rare wine logos

Below is a list of the best and rarest wine logos. What makes them very special is the idea behind the logo. It is something like no other with distinct shapes and drawings, which give it a unique appearance. While some wines like El Buscador come with letters spanning all over the label, others like Avere wines have messages which give the bottle a rare touch. The top seven rarest wine logos include:

Honey Moon logo

The creativity behind the Honey Moon logo is ingenious. There are so many aspects incorporated to make it give a good and sweet vibe. It is one wine logo that is shouting ‘sweetness’ even before tasting. First, the label is not as necessary as many other wine logos. Why? It has irregular edges with fantastic beeswax finish. The whole logo looks like natural beeswax, and the designer did an excellent job of ensuring you capture that with your first glance.

The yellow-gold color of the logo not only gives it that sweet vibe but also makes it look bold and mature. Designer Lauren Golembiewski provides the logo with a smooth twist by calling it the Honey Moon which is the first full moon of June. Combining those two aspects to the design makes the Honey Moon logo rare. The words come in a clear font that mimics the geometric shapes of beeswax pores.

The whole combination of the words and the overall look is fantastic. It also blends well with the wine, which comes with a sweet appearance and a colorless bottle. A picture of two bees is also available on the cap of the bottle. It is among the most creative wine logos on the planet, and once you place your eyes on it, you can’t help but make a purchase.

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Blue hugs logo

There are so many things that bring happiness. One of them is sharing a bottle of wine with your family and friends. That is precisely what a bottle of blue hugs indicates. The logo is simple, straightforward, and rare. The designer wraps the bottle with blue hands, signifying a hug. At the front of the bottle, there is a strip with the words blue hugs.

It is quite a brilliant logo design that indicates friendship. It is thus the kind of wine that you can gift a friend or a lover and put a smile on their beautiful faces. The black tint of the bottle creates a perfect background, and it is one of the main reasons why the logo is not only vibrant but also too good and visible regardless of the distance.

Another plus about the logo is that it comes in multiple colors. That means if you feel like blue is not a shade that thrills you, you can always go for a different color. For instance, there is a purple hugs logo as well as an orange hugs logo. The logos only have different shades and words, but the overall design is the same.

Lazarus wine logo

Lazarus wine logo is one of the few logos that make use of a braille language thanks to the inspiration of a blind winemaker. It is also the logo of a distinct wine that makes use of a unique and rare winemaking process called the sensorial winemaking process. The process makes use of your senses to determine if the wine is ripe and whether it requires a specific procedure.

The label is significant, and so is the logo. It covers three-quarters of the bottle with words written in braille. You can also get other types of labels that have different colors. For instance, there is the Lazarus orange label with a black logo, Lazarus black label with white braille logo, and Lazarus green label with a white logo, among many others.

The simplicity of the logo and how it makes the wine stand out is incredible. Whenever you see the logo, you get a feeling that wants you to know how the wine that uses the sensory winemaking technique tastes like. It is also one of the few logos that, even though you may not find it easy to read, you will find it interesting to look at.

Equilibrium wine logo

If you have a naughty sibling who is always drinking your wine, then this wines’ logo will not only excite you but also put a stop to that. Equilibrium wine logo comes with a much more unique design. It is simple but very distinct from the rest. The logo occupies nearly three-quarters of the bottle. It is the type of label that can easily lure you into purchasing the wine.

The first thing that you are going to note is calibrations. They run from the top of the label to near the bottom. They then leave enough room to write valuable information concerning the wine’s name. When full, the calibrations appear dark due to the wine in the background.

As soon as the wine goes past the first calibration, it leaves a colorless mark, which clearly shows the wine is past the label. At the end of the calibrations, there is a wine bottle with a distinct color than the other calibrations. You can thus tell if someone else has been enjoying your wine when you were away.

Enotheque Privee wine logo

Even though the Enotheque Privee wine logo mimics the scout’s logo, it remains to be one of the best and unusual designs in the market today. The color combination, as well as the detailing, is perfect. The idea of using soft yellow and brown colors is ideal since it seems to be one of the main things that make the whole design rare.

On the edges of the label, there are yellow highlights, that improve the overall appearance of the wine logo. There is also neat diamond detailing, which makes up the background of the logo. It is quite a remarkable inclusion since it breaks the monotony of the colors. There are various glittery gold additions on multiple parts of the logo.

The lack of too many words on the label gives it a simple general look. It also makes the logo stand out perfectly well. The logo symbolizes friendship and togetherness while the color indicates there is some earthy feel in the wine. It thus attracts anyone who wants to enjoy a sip while surrounded by friends. The writing of the name is also unique with bold fonts.

The tentacle wine logo

As mentioned above, some logo designers aim at giving a scary feel to the customers. That is the same thing the tentacle does. The black and white logo is one of the most exciting designs in the industry. The tentacle displays a considerable number of exciting features that can lure anyone who sets his or her eyes on the wine bottle.

At first, the designer uses a tinted bottle, which is not only amazing but also strategic. The inclusion of the label ends up blending with the bottle color, thus giving out a pleasing appearance. The designer then goes ahead and adds a white logo to make it stand out further and better. It also makes it easier for anyone to know what the logo is without struggling.

What makes it even scarier is the inclusion of the tentacle with eyes wide open and its tentacles spreading all over the bottle. The blend of the wine comes from ripe berries that have been maturing for a more extended period. It is also the type of logo that gives you the curiosity to know how it tastes and what are the ingredients.

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Cava wine logo

Cava wine logo is among the rarest wine logo designs. It is not only incredible but also great to gift a lady. The label of the wine comes with logos facing upside down. Reason being that when you lift the wine bottle using the neck, it looks like a bouquet. The design is thus stunning and beautiful.

The fact that the whole bottle is white with distinct but colorful flowers makes Cava logo excellent. Very few bottles have such a complete makeover, and that is why Cava is on the list of the rarest logos you can ever come across. The neck of the wine bottle also comes with a beautiful and expensive finish.

To ensure simplicity, the designer of the logo does not include a lot of information on the bottle. There is only the word Cava on the bottle and some few details about the wine. There is also inclusive of the word blossom. The logo indicates the fruity notes and the floral scent of the wine.

Those are so far the top seven rarest wines you would ever come across. Each wine bottle has its unique appearance and logo making it better than the rest. While other logos signify romance, some logos come with scary images that indicate either boldness or bitterness. What all the logos have in common is that every design is unique and remarkable. The designers intertwine skills, craft, and intelligence to come up with excellent logos that are stunning. They make sure the final appearance is memorable and elegant enough for you to remember.

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