How to Find the Best Influencer for Every Kind of Marketing Campaign

Finding the right influencer for your marketing campaign can help you reach a wider audience around the world. You need to find an influencer who can understand and promote your brand to all of their followers. Read on to learn about how to choose an influencer based on your campaign.

Know Your Audience

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The first step to identifying the right influencer for your marketing campaign is to determine your audience. For example, If your business is fashion-oriented, an Instagram model would be an obvious choice. You’ll want to think about your audience and choose someone who would appeal to them.

Depending on your product or service industry, you can find Instagram influencers for your brand without any effort, by using influencer marketing platforms such as Humanz, Grin, and Upfluence. These platforms will let you find the person who will meet all your requirements and be a perfect ambassador for your brand. For instance, if you have local beauty products, working with micro-influencers will give you a chance to gain more attention and increase your brand awareness as they have a high engagement rate. However, for international brands, macro-influencers might be a good choice as they have audiences from all over the world.

Choose a Platform

Brands need to figure out which platforms will be most effective for their marketing campaign (blogs, YouTube, Instagram, etc.). Consider the personality of your audience and ask yourself on what platform you think they would spend their time.

Set Measurable Goals

You want to have concrete goals to achieve throughout your marketing campaign to make sure you get the right results. Think about what you need from your marketing objective, such as heightening your brand awareness or getting a certain number of users engaged.

Types of Marketing Campaigns

There are endless ways that a brand can implement influencer marketing campaigns, but here are some of the most common strategies.

  1. Social media takeover: A social media takeover involves giving control of your social media accounts to an influencer. They can create new content, post stories, and engage directly with your audience. For this type of campaign, an aspirational influencer is a good option. You will benefit from their overall reach and following. You can advertise their presence on your social media and give customers a chance to see them up close in personal.
  2. Affiliate marketing: In affiliate marketing, influencers generate sales and are paid a commission for each new customer that they bring in. Using an authoritative influencer is a good option for this type of marketing campaign. An authoritative influencer can recommend a good or service, and people will trust them that it is the best that they can buy. Their expertise will give them the ability to fully explain why they should choose your brand over the competitors. YouTube is generally a good platform for affiliate marketing because influencers can go into a lot of detail with how-to videos, product reviews, and more.
  3. Sponsored social media content: This marketing strategy involves influencers directly posting about your brand on their social media. For this option, a peer influencer could be a good choice. Peer influencers have the ability to quickly gain the trust of your audience.

You may think that the more followers, the better, but influencers with 4k-5k followers can be just as good if not better than those with 20k followers. Influencers with a medium range of followers typically get more engagement on their posts than more famous influencers. Additionally, brands that are seen as “divergent” can actually have their perceived uniqueness decreased by popular influencers with many followers.

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