8 Travel Tips from Frequent Business Travelers

One of the biggest misconceptions of society today is that business travelers have a blast when they go abroad. Yes, they definitely travel a lot, but they spend most of their time either on a plane or in the hotel room. But this fact is not that important when it comes to actual traveling, as they really have to get ready for the trip every single time, regardless of whether they will spend some time sightseeing the exotic destination or simply go from the hotel lobby to the hotel room and back.

As far as trips, in general, are concerned, we can never have enough of them, and it seems that every single time a new issue pops up, leaving us unprepared. This is exactly when these frequent business travelers that we have been jealous of step in the picture – we can learn a lot about traveling from them. Take a look at some of the most important traveling tips for anyone and make your life easier.

1. Plan Your Trip Beforehand

One of the most important things that you can do for your trip is plan it accordingly. You have to be aware of the fact that planning is really important, and that you can be as spontaneous as you like, but it is good to have some sort of plan before you hit your destination. This doesn’t have to be a very detailed trip plan, but knowing what places you want to visit and on which days is a great start. This is also important because entrance tickets to many historic landmarks have to be purchased days or months in advance, so it would be good to know and book your tickets on time.

2. See What Is In The Vicinity

One of the things that will help you go through the first step without any issues is knowing what is around the place where you will be staying. This means that you would have to google the shops nearby, restaurants or anything else that you might find interesting. Having a store and something to eat nearby is very important as this can serve as your last resort in case something happens.

3. Have A Packing List

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How many times has it happened to you that you go somewhere and realize you had forgotten an important part of your itinerary? Well, so that doesn’t happen again, there is one good thing that you can do, and that is keep a packing list next to your suitcase. Yes, you can create it on the day of your packing, but an even better idea would be to have one on your dining table at least a week before your actual trip. This is how you will make sure you do not forget anything as you will be writing everything you remember.

The most important things to put on top of your list are your documents (passport, flight and accommodation confirmations). Apart from that, make sure you include your credit card as this is an item that is very often forgotten. In case you are planning your trip long in advance, you can also do research on what type of useful and reliable credit card you might need for the trip as there are some that offer miles, which can really be amazing. When you have that settled, you can move on to the clothes and the toiletries.

4. Try To Save As Much As Possible

All of us would like to save some money while traveling, but this is definitely one of the things that are easier said than done. How can you actually save on your trips? Well, first of all, it is important to look at the airplane tickets. The common misconception is that return tickets are always cheaper than two one-way tickets, but this is not always the case. Sometimes, different companies offer different prices, and yes, you might save some cash in your pocket if you do your research.

Also, you might want to see the prices on the day of an actual holiday (such as Christmas Day). The same goes for accommodation, so try to find several good hotels or apartments and only then make a choice. Apart from that, see what things you can get a discount on (perhaps there are some museums or landmarks that offer a discount if visited at a specific time). You will certainly not save huge amounts of money, but you might save enough for a nice dinner someplace.

5. The Size Of The Luggage

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Now, if you are a regular traveler, then you definitely have luggage that you will have to check (especially if you are traveling for more than five days). However, if it is a business trip that you have to go on, then it would be a great idea to only have a carry-on. Not only does this reduce the chances of having your luggage lost, but it is also cheaper and more convenient as you will not have an extra suitcase to carry around with you.

If you plan nicely, you will be able to put all of your necessities into one carry-on bag, even for trips that last four days. In order to utilize the space in your carry-on, you can pack by rolling your clothes instead of folding them. Also, do not forget to know how much your luggage weighs.

6. See What Things You Can Buy There

So, when it comes to packing and the size of the luggage, if there are some things you have to get out of your carry-on, make sure that those are the ones you can buy at your destination. This means that you do not have to take all the toiletries with you, as you will be able to buy shampoos, creams or anything else you are using there where you are staying. Also, check if your room has a hairdryer, for example, and if yes, you can leave it at home.

The same goes for the iron (yes, there are plenty of people who take these two around on trips). As far as the clothes are concerned, you can, of course, take less with you so that you go shopping there and buy something for yourself.

7. Have A Backup Of Your Documents

Taking a photo of all the documents that you might need is a must. Even if you have all of the confirmations on your email account, it is best to have all of those on your phone as well. Take a photo of all the things around you – the things you have packed, the things you have still to pack. The camera can also be an amazing way to remind yourself what to do, and also a great thing to have as a backup. Imagine not having internet access and not being able to get into your email account and losing all your accommodation confirmations – have a photo of it and you’ll be safe.

8. Know Something About The Country

Regardless of whether you will have time to sightsee or not (if it’s a business trip), you should find out as much as you can about the culture of the country you are traveling to. Learn some words in their language, read about their landmarks and notable people. It will not only make you more involved in the country and its culture (which can definitely make you feel good), but you will also show your respect towards the country you are traveling to.

Even though there are so many more smaller tips and tricks that you should know about, these are the most important ones as they will make your trip more convenient and easier. Good luck and may you have an amazing time wherever it is you’re going next!

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