Top 7 Places To Visit After Lockdown

If you are a wanderlust, you may feel that all countries and favorite tourist spots look so far away due to coronavirus bringing the entire world to a crumbling halt. Many countries went to total lockdown to stop the spread of the virus. The outbreak has put a pause on the world of travelers. Even though the first half of 2020 has gone, that doesn’t stop us from dreaming about all the places where we can travel post-lockdown. So, while you patiently wait for the pandemic to be over, we created a list of top seven holiday destinations for you to visit as soon as it gets safe to jet off.

1. Ireland

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Ireland is a serene island in the North Atlantic full of exquisite nature, history, rugged terrains, and a lot to offer to travelers. The extremely warm and friendly people will make one fall in love with their rich culture and put a sparkle in your eyes. The history enthusiasts are going to love this island, seeing the castles, museums, and bohemian markets. One of the best medieval architecture present in Ireland is the imposing gothic structure of the Rock of Cashel. Visit here for a soul-stirring experience after seeing the Romanesque Chapel, a round tower, and a castle. Visit the Dublin city to witness an exciting mix of old-world charm and modern vibrancy. Another fantastic place in Ireland is the vibrant Connemara that features lakes and mountain vistas that one cannot stop admiring.


This diverse island country has something of interest for every traveler. From modernistic sky-kissing structures to exciting nightclubs, this country has got everything covered. Apart from modern architecture, Singapore also has some natural trails like the Botanic Gardens and Changi Beach. Gardens by the Bay is another sightseeing spot with attractions, such as cloud forest and flower dome. One cannot miss going to the Universal Studios in Singapore located in Sentosa Island in Singapore. This place is loaded with various restaurants, commercial areas, and adrenaline pumping roller coaster rides. Lastly, finish your Singapore trip with a visit to China Town, enjoying the authentic Chinese food and shopping traditional Chinese products.

3. Finland

Finland is a hidden gem located in Northern Europe filled with many experiences to offer. Start your Finland trip with the most out-of-the-world experience, the mystical Northern lights visible between September and March. Finland is also known for the world’s largest sea fortresses, which is just a 15 minutes ferry ride from Helsinki’s market square. You can visit the Ehrensvard Museum, do some shopping from the local potters and artisans and spend the rest of the night enjoying the musical performances. Another major attraction is the Turku town located at the mouth of the Aurajoki River. It is home to a church, shopping center, and a Swedish theatre. A walk along the quirky riverside restaurants will surely satisfy all your senses. You can also go for a hike to the Nuuksio National Park, which offers camping and skiing opportunities. It also has a long trail for bicycling and horse riding. Make sure to carry all the essentials in your universal roof rack on your vehicle to avoid inconvenience.

4. Sweden

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Sweden is every traveler’s paradise because of its rich history and varied landscapes. If you are outdoorsy, then Sweden is the place you must visit post lockdown. It’s crystal clean air and water with the vast unspoiled forests, and majestic lakes will leave you rejuvenated. For the first time-visitors and solo travelers, Sweden is a secure place due to its friendly citizens and excellent transport facilities. There is a vast amount of mind-boggling history to this place. Start with the Vasa Museum, which invites almost 20 million visitors every year from across the world. There is a Vasa Battleship immersed below the icy water, which is fascinating to look at. Other places to visit in Sweden are Stockholm, The Gota Canal, Visby, and Abisko National Park.

5. Maldives

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The Maldives has retained its luxurious aura throughout the years by attracting people from around the world, giving them solace and tranquility. Your entire trip to the Maldives can go by merely gazing at the fine sandy beaches, crystalline lagoons, and blue water. It the most highly demanded honeymoon destination for couples. The Como Cocoa island is the most famous in the country. It possesses water villas, resorts where you can take a spa, take a stroll on the white sand, and then call it an evening with the top-notch food. Other famous islands are Baros island, Mihiri Island, and Male Island. Some of these islands have sports activities like snorkeling and diving.

6. Jamaica

Jamaica boasts of the natural jewels and the colorful Caribbean vibe. It has enviable golden beaches with turquoise seas and coral reefs like Negril Beach, Boston Beach, Doctor’s Cave Beach, and Burwood Beach. Montego Bay and Ocho Rios are the most well-known resort towns as they offer lush mountains, waterfalls, and lots of adventures. Outdoor enthusiasts can go for kayaking, ziplining above the river for an adrenaline rush. One can also take a tour of the historic Devon House, National Gallery, Bob Marley Museum, and Natural History Museum.

7. India

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From breathtaking lakes to unending rolling meadows to the snow-covered Himalayas in the north, India is the most picturesque country in the world. You will notice a varied culture, festival, landscape, and weather with every city you cross. Towards the south of India, we have Kerala, the prettiest state of all that holds a host of stunning beaches. It has breathtaking monuments, hill stations, and national parks. Then there is Goa, a must-visit party destination and famous for its beaches and water sports. Rajasthan is a state full of history on wars and victories and home to the vast Thar desert. There are many other places like Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Punjab, and West Bengal, which will mesmerize you with their beauty and mouth-watering food delicacies.


The virus outbreak has put a pause in all our lives. It has taken a toll on our mental and physical health also. Traveling might not be accessible during these times, but planning the next trip is always fulfilling and will uplift your mood. This way, you will be ready to go on a journey with your family and friends post-lockdown. Remember to take all the precautionary steps, even while traveling post-lockdown.

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