Tyler Rake’s Evolution: Comparing the ‘Ciudad’ Comic and ‘Extraction’ Film

In recent years, we’ve witnessed a surge in comic book adaptations making their way to the big screen – and with great success. Among them is Netflix’s explosive action film “Extraction,” starring Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake, which draws its inspiration from the gritty graphic novel “Ciudad.” Created by powerhouse duo Joe and Anthony Russo of Marvel fame alongside seasoned comic writer Ande Parks, this thought-provoking story packs a powerful punch in both illustrated panels and high-octane action sequences.

Join us as we delve into the contrasting worlds of blockbuster movies versus ink-bound epics with our analysis of the hit ‘Tyler Rake’ film and ‘Ciudad’ comic.

Key Takeaways

“Tyler Rake” film, adapted from the “Ciudad” comic book, has been a massive success and is the most viewed film on Netflix worldwide.

While significant changes were made in the movie adaptationboth versions of Tyler Rake’s story captivated audiences with their intense action sequences and emotionally compelling storylines.

The success of the adaptations differed greatly: while the film was highly praised, received attention, and impacted the creators’ future plans,” Ciudad” remains largely unknown and out of print.

Overview Of The “Ciudad” Comic

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The “Ciudad” comic book was co-written by Anthony and Joe Russo with Ande Parks, illustrated by Fernando León González, and is set in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay.

Creators: Ande Parks, Joe Russo, Anthony Russo

The talented trio behind the creation of “Ciudad” is a power-packed lineup consisting of respected comic book writer and artist Ande Parks, along with renowned filmmakers Joe and Anthony Russo.

Ande Parks boasts an impressive résumé, with famous works such as “Capote in Kansas” and “Union Station” under his belt.

On the other hand, Joe and Anthony Russo – better known as the Russo brothers – have become household names for their much-admired work in Hollywood.

Setting Differences: Ciudad Del Este Vs. Dhaka

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The settings of the original comic book and the Netflix adaptation hold great importance in shaping the overall narrative and feel of the stories. Both Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, and Dhaka, Bangladesh, are known for their unique characteristics and the challenges they pose to the respective protagonists. Let’s compare these two distinct settings in the table below.

Ciudad del Este (Comic)Dhaka (Film)
Located in Paraguay, South America.Located in Bangladesh, South Asia.
Part of a lawless and corrupt triangle that spans Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina.Portrayed as a city under the control of powerful drug lords and corrupt officials.
Ciudad del Este’s criminal underworld is the dominant theme.Dhaka’s densely populated urban landscape and intense cat-and-mouse game are the primary focus.
Illustrations depict the South American city’s dark and gritty atmosphere in the comic.Filmed across Thailand, India, and Bangladesh, the movie captures the chaos and intensity of the city.
The setting contributes to the comic’s themes of crime, thriller, action, and fiction.The chaotic cityscape of Dhaka intensifies the high-stakes action and contributes to the film’s thrilling and suspenseful tone.

Character Changes: Tyler Rake And The Main Target

Tyler Rake's Evolution: Comparing the 'Ciudad' Comic and 'Extraction' Film 3

In the “Ciudad” comic, Tyler Rake is portrayed as a playboy mercenary with no emotional attachment to his missions. He focuses solely on his fees and dalliances with women.

However, in the Netflix film “Extraction,” played by Chris Hemsworth, Tyler’s character undergoes a significant transformation.

Another crucial change between the comic and film lies in their main targets. In the original graphic novel, Eva Roche (Natalia), an adult woman and daughter of a powerful crime lord from South America named Amir Asif (Priyanshu Painyuli), becomes Tyler’s responsibility after her father double-crosses him during an operation gone wrong.

Tyler Rake's Evolution: Comparing the 'Ciudad' Comic and 'Extraction' Film 4

This relationship creates a romantic subplot that adds depth to both characters’ story arcs.

These alterations significantly impact how audiences perceive both stories: while “Ciudad” highlights action-packed adventures interwoven with romance and betrayal set against South American lawlessness, “Tyler Rake” (or “Extraction”) offers viewers an intense rescue mission focused on redemption for its protagonist set against Dhaka’s gritty realism as he fights through thick layers of corruption and violence surrounding child kidnapping rings fueled by gang rivalries present across India´s borders such as Bangladesh and Thailand.

Adaptation Differences: Romance And Relationships

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The comic book version of “Ciudad” has a significant difference from the Netflix film adaptation regarding romantic relationships. In the comic, Tyler’s romantic interest is with Eva Roche, an 18-year-old girl who he saves from her captors.

Their relationship leads to a tragic miscarriage scene that drives them apart emotionally and physically.

Another significant change in the film adaptation was Ovi’s gender and age. In the comic book, Eva was kidnapped due to her father being a corrupt businessman, while in the movie; Ovi is portrayed as a young teenage boy whose father happens to be one of Bangladesh’s major drug lords.

Overall, these differences may have been necessary adaptations for creating a more appealing cinematic experience for audiences globally or making it easier for viewers unfamiliar with comics’ nuances.

Tyler Rake’s Fate In The Comic And Film

In the comic book version of Tyler Rake, he manages to rescue Eva successfully and goes on to send her money for her freedom. However, in the film adaptation, Tyler’s fate is left uncertain after being shot and falling into a river.

What makes this difference interesting is that it highlights how a movie adaptation can sometimes improve upon the original work by adding more depth and nuance to certain aspects of the story.

By making these changes, both versions of Tyler Rake resonate with viewers in different ways.

Eva’s New Life In The Comic Book Ending

In the comic book “Ciudad,” Eva Roche survives the kidnapping and ends up living a new life away from drugs and violence. She also gets to experience love with Tyler Rake, which is not present in the film adaptation.

It’s interesting to see how different adaptations can change characters so drastically. In “Tyler Rake,” Ovi is a young boy who still has his whole life ahead of him, while in the comic book, Eva has already experienced so much pain and trauma at such a young age.

While there are differences between the two versions of this story, it’s clear that both creators had a vision for their respective mediums.

Comparing The Success Of The “Tyler Rake” Netflix Film And “Ciudad” Comic

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The success of the “Tyler Rake” Netflix film and the “Ciudad” comic is vastly different, with the film garnering massive viewership and attention, while the comic remains largely obscure. The table below compares various aspects of their success.

Aspect“Tyler Rake” Film“Ciudad” Comic
PopularityMost viewed film on Netflix worldwideLargely unknown and out of print
Critical ReceptionHighly praised for action sequences and character developmentReceived negative reviews and failed to gain much attention
DiscoverabilityAvailable on Netflix, a major streaming platformOut of print and harder to find for readers
Impact on CreatorsRusso brothers have expressed interest in revisiting the character in future projectsReception of the comic may have influenced the decision to adapt it as a film
RewatchabilityFilm’s success has led viewers to rewatch the action-packed, intense storyComic’s shortcomings may not entice readers to revisit the story

The Netflix film adaptation of “Tyler Rake” has unquestionably surpassed the success of the original “Ciudad” comic, capturing the attention of viewers worldwide and showcasing the true potential of the characters and story.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ciudad and Extraction

What made the ‘Tyler Rake’ film and ‘Ciudad’ comic so successful?

The explosive success of both ‘Tyler Rake’ and ‘Ciudad’ can be attributed to their engaging storylines, compelling characters, and expertly crafted action sequences. Additionally, the fact that they were able to reach audiences through two different mediums – film and comic – helped expand their reach even further.

How did the release strategies for each medium affect their success?

The release strategies for Tyler Rake as a film and Ciudad as a comic differed significantly- Tyler Rake was released on Netflix directly while Ciudad was published physically by Image Comics before it was adapted into a movie format. However, both were marketed well in terms of building anticipation around them via trailers or social media promotions, which contributed to their explosive reception.

How do marketing strategies differ between blockbuster films versus comics?

Marketing strategies differ greatly depending on the medium being promoted; Blockbuster movies rely heavily on big-budget TV commercials and billboards, while print ads are more common in promoting comics since These tend to generate buzz within niche markets such as Comic-Con events or fandom forums where everyone is eager about new releases in a similar genre.

Can we expect more crossovers between comics and movies like “Extraction” & “Ciudad”?

It’s definitely possible, given how well these cross-medium adaptations have been received by audiences thus far- especially now with IP being used more frequently. Crossover promotion seems like an opportunity not many filmmakers nor publishers would want to miss out upon! The potential profits could benefit both companies involved, plus allow fans plenty of chances to experience beloved stories conveyed differently across different platforms that may attract broader audience appeal than just one specific demographic.


In conclusion, both the “Tyler Rake” film and the “Ciudad” comic have proven to be successful in their own right. While the movie adaptation made significant changes from its source material, it still managed to captivate audiences with its intense action sequences and emotionally compelling storyline.

The comic book’s setting in Ciudad del Este added an extra layer of intrigue to the story while also exploring different character dynamics not present in the film version.

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