The Ultimate Guide to Tyler Rake’s Costume in Extraction

Ever wondered how to pull off the rugged style of mercenary Tyler Rake from “Extraction”? No need for guesswork anymore, as we plan to break down every aspect of Chris Hemsworth’s intimidating look in Netflix’s hit action-thriller.

From his military-grade vest and cargo pants to his accessorized leather bracelets and dog tag necklace – our definitive guide to Tyler Rake’s costume has got you covered. Dive into this cinema-inspired fashion tutorial that’s sure to fuel your personal style with a touch of Hollywood charm!

Key Takeaways

The costume of Tyler Rake in “Extraction” includes key elements such as a casual grey t-shirtcanvas shirtkhaki cargo pantstan-colored vest with molle designknee padsdog tagsnecklaces, bracelets, sunglasses, and leather boots.

Each element of the costume is carefully chosen to reflect Tyler Rake’s rugged and practical persona as an SASR operator turned mercenary.

The accessories like the dog tag pendant and onyx necklace add to the intimidating commando-like appearance of Tyler Rake.

The hairstyle with buzzed sides and slightly longer hair on top add to the tough image of this iconic character.

Overview Of Tyler Rake’s Character In Extraction

Tyler Rake, an enigmatic and formidable character played by Chris Hemsworth, is the central figure of Netflix’s American action-thriller film “Extraction.” As a hardened SASR operator turned mercenary, his role in this fast-paced narrative reverberates with audiences worldwide.

His complex persona becomes even more engaging with Hemsworth’s stellar performance, finely balancing the tough exterior with hints of vulnerability.

Delving into his costume design gives us insights into the man behind the character. The aesthetic yet intimidating attire perfectly mirrors Tyler Rake’s on-screen persona. Comprising of everyday items like a grey cotton t-shirt and khaki cargo pants paired up with a canvas shirt and complemented by a tan-colored vest made from 600D Oxford material, it adds an air of rugged practicality to his look.

Matching coyote-colored knee pads and leather boots amplify this effect, further rendering him every bit the skilled operative he is supposed to be in the movie Extraction.

Key Elements Of Tyler Rake’s Costume

Tyler Rake’s costume in “Extraction” includes a casual t-shirt, a canvas shirt, khaki cargo pants, a tan-colored vest with a molle design, knee pads for protection and flexibility, and various accessories such as dog tags, necklaces, bracelets, sunglasses, and leather boots.


The Ultimate Guide to Tyler Rake's Costume in Extraction 1

One of the most recognizable elements in Tyler Rake’s costume from Extraction is his casual grey t-shirt. This laid-back garment, a staple in any man’s wardrobe, is made of 100% cotton and sports a seamless double needle collar with a regular fit design.

It plays into the character’s rugged and outdoorsy style while emphasizing his muscular physique – an aspect that Chris Hemsworth certainly did not lack! This T-shirt symbolizes simplicity without compromising on comfort or durability – much like the attitude embodied by the tough-as-nails SASR operator turned mercenary Tyler Rake himself.

For those seeking to replicate this look for a streaming and download movie night or next Halloween Costumes party, remember – simplicity can sometimes deliver more impact than complex designs.


The Ultimate Guide to Tyler Rake's Costume in Extraction 2

In the action-packed Netflix movie, Extraction, Chris Hemsworth’s character Tyler Rake rocks a long-sleeved canvas shirt that screams style and practicality. This 100% cotton work shirt sports a buttoned closure and relaxed fit, making it an ideal choice for men looking to emulate this rugged mercenary look.

The dual chest pockets don’t just add to its visual appeal but also provide handy storage space – mirroring Rake’s need for functionality in his high-intensity line of work. So whether you’re aiming for an everyday fashion statement or gearing up your extraction-style Halloween costume, Tyler Rake’s Long-Sleeve Double Pocket Work Shirt is worth adding to your wardrobe.


The Ultimate Guide to Tyler Rake's Costume in Extraction 3

The pants worn by Tyler Rake in Extraction are a crucial element of his commanding and intimidating look. Made from a durable blend of nylon and polyester, these khaki-colored cargo pants add to the overall aesthetic of the character’s costume.

Designed with functionality in mind, these pants allow for ease of movement during intense action sequences. With their military-inspired design, they perfectly complement the rest of Tyler Rake’s outfit, creating a cohesive and stylish look that captures his SASR operator background.

These pants truly embody the ruggedness and toughness that defines Tyler Rake as a mercenary in this thrilling American action-thriller film.


The Ultimate Guide to Tyler Rake's Costume in Extraction 4

Tyler Rake’s vest in Extraction is a key element of his iconic costume. This tan-colored vest not only adds to his rugged and tough appearance but also serves practical purposes. Made from 600D Oxford material, the vest provides durability and resistance, making it suitable for intense action scenes.

The front and back adopt molle design to allow for easy attachment of additional gear or pouches, enhancing Tyler Rake’s functionality in combat situations. With its comfortable fit and added protection, this vest truly completes the look of a skilled SASR operator like Tyler Rake.


The Ultimate Guide to Tyler Rake's Costume in Extraction 5

Tyler Rake’s costume in Extraction wouldn’t be complete without the practical and functional pouch. This accessory is crucial for any mercenary or SASR operator like Tyler, allowing them to carry essential items while on dangerous missions.

The pouch is typically made of durable 600D Oxford material, ensuring it can withstand the toughest conditions.

The pouch serves as a versatile storage solution, offering ample space to store smaller items such as first aid kits, extra ammunition, and communication devices. It’s designed with multiple compartments and pockets to keep everything organized and easily accessible when needed most.

Pairing perfectly with the rest of Tyler’s outfit, the pouch adds an extra level of authenticity to your Tyler Rake costume. With this important accessory by your side, you’ll not only look the part but also have everything you need at your fingertips during intense action scenes or Halloween parties.

Knee Pads

The Ultimate Guide to Tyler Rake's Costume in Extraction 6

One crucial element of Tyler Rake’s costume in Extraction is his coyote-colored knee pads. These knee pads are made from a strong and durable Cordura nylon fabric, ensuring they can withstand intense action sequences.

What sets these knee pads apart is the thick neoprene recovery foam padding, providing both protection and flexibility for Rake during his most intense moves. They not only contribute to Rake’s commando-like appearance but also add an intimidating touch to his overall look.

The knee pads play a vital role in ensuring that Rake can navigate various terrains with ease, making them an essential part of his attire throughout the film’s action-packed scenes.

Dog Tag

The Ultimate Guide to Tyler Rake's Costume in Extraction 7

One key element of Tyler Rake’s costume in Extraction is the intimidating dog tag pendant he wears throughout the movie. Made from premium 316L stainless steel, this accessory adds to his commando-like appearance and gives him a tough and rugged edge.

The durable construction ensures that it will last for years to come, just like Tyler Rake himself. This dog tag pendant is a crucial part of his overall outfit, completing his aesthetic and adding an extra dose of intimidation to his character.


The Ultimate Guide to Tyler Rake's Costume in Extraction 8

As part of Tyler Rake’s costume in Extraction, one key element that adds to his commanding presence is the onyx necklace. This necklace features classic round-shaped beads with a matte finish, giving it a stylish and distinctive look.

Alongside other accessories like the dog tag pendant and beaded double-strand adjustable bracelet, the necklace completes Tyler Rake’s overall commando-like appearance. Not only does it enhance his aesthetic appeal, but it also adds an intimidating touch to his character on screen.

So if you’re looking to rock the Tyler Rake costume for Halloween or any other occasion, don’t forget to include this eye-catching onyx necklace as part of your outfit.


The Ultimate Guide to Tyler Rake's Costume in Extraction 9

Tyler Rake’s ensemble in Extraction wouldn’t be complete without his stylish and functional watch. The quartz timepiece adds a touch of sophistication to his rugged look while also serving as a practical accessory for his high-stakes missions.

Its durability ensures that it can withstand the demands of intense action sequences, making it reliable in any situation. With its sleek design and precise timekeeping capabilities, this watch is not only an essential part of Tyler Rake’s costume but also a must-have for men who want to exude both style and functionality in their everyday lives.


The Ultimate Guide to Tyler Rake's Costume in Extraction 10

One key element of Tyler Rake’s costume in Extraction is the beaded double-strand adjustable bracelet. Made from durable stainless steel, this bracelet adds an extra touch of ruggedness to his commando-like appearance.

It perfectly complements the overall aesthetic and style of Tyler Rake’s character, making it a significant accessory that completes his look. With its sleek design and sturdy construction, this bracelet not only enhances his outfit but also emphasizes his toughness and resilience as a mercenary.

Whether you’re looking to replicate Tyler Rake’s iconic style or simply want to add some edge to your own wardrobe, this beaded bracelet is a must-have for any fashionable man.


The Ultimate Guide to Tyler Rake's Costume in Extraction 11

Tyler Rake’s sunglasses in Extraction are a crucial part of his intimidating and commando-like appearance. These high-quality shades feature a metal frame and polycarbonate lenses that provide superior UV protection.

Made by the iconic brand Ray-Ban, these sunglasses not only complete Rake’s mercenary look but also add to his overall aesthetic appeal. Whether you’re looking to channel your inner action hero or simply want to elevate your style, these sunglasses are a must-have accessory for any man seeking to emulate Tyler Rake’s badass persona.

Leather Bracelet

The Ultimate Guide to Tyler Rake's Costume in Extraction 12

The leather bracelet is a crucial element of Tyler Rake’s costume in Extraction, adding an extra touch of ruggedness and masculinity to his overall look. Made from high-quality cowhide with a braided design and magnetic clasp, this accessory completes Rake’s aesthetic and adds to his intimidating presence.

Durable and long-lasting, the leather bracelet not only enhances Rake’s style but also serves as a statement piece that reflects his tough and resilient nature. With its sturdy construction and bold design, this bracelet is an essential component of recreating Tyler Rake’s iconic costume.


The Ultimate Guide to Tyler Rake's Costume in Extraction 13

Tyler Rake’s costume in Extraction wouldn’t be complete without his badass Tachyon boots. Made of 100% genuine leather with a durable rubber sole, these boots are both stylish and functional. They add to Tyler’s overall commando-like appearance, making him look like a force to be reckoned with.

The boots feature a removable insole for added comfort during those intense action scenes. Whether you’re looking to dress up as Tyler Rake for Halloween or just want to elevate your everyday style, these leather boots are the perfect addition to any wardrobe.


Tyler Rake Haircut

Tyler Rake’s badass persona in Extraction is further enhanced by his rugged and trendy haircut. With a buzzed style on the sides and slightly longer hair on top, this hairstyle perfectly complements his tough image as a skilled mercenary.

The clean and sharp edges of the haircut add an element of precision to his overall look, reflecting his calculated and strategic approach to missions. Whether you’re dressing up as Tyler Rake for Halloween or simply want to rock a style that exudes confidence and adventure, this haircut is sure to make heads turn.

So don’t hesitate to visit your barber and ask for the Tyler Rake-inspired cut – it’s time to embrace your inner action hero!

How To Rock The Tyler Rake Costume

  • Embrace the casual and rugged look by starting with a grey t-shirt as the base of your costume.
  • Layer on a long-sleeved canvas shirt in a complementary color, like olive or khaki, to add depth and texture to your outfit.
  • Opt for khaki cargo pants that are not only comfortable but also practical for any action-packed adventure.
  • Complete the ensemble with a tan-colored vest, similar to Tyler Rake’s, made from durable 600D Oxford material.
  • Add authenticity to your costume by accessorizing with a pouch attached to the vestcoyote-colored knee pads, and a dog tag pendant.
  • Amp up the style quotient with an onyx necklace, Quartz watch, stainless steel bracelet, and Ray-Ban sunglasses, just like Tyler Rake.
  • Don’t forget to finish off the look with a pair of sturdy leather boots that will withstand any terrain you encounter.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tyler Rake’s Costume From Extraction

How can I recreate Tyler Rake’s costume from Extraction?

To recreate Tyler Rake’s costume from Extraction, you will need a black tactical jacket, cargo pants, combat boots, fingerless gloves, and a black balaclava. Additionally, you can accessorize with a gun holster and prop weapons to complete the look.

Where can I find the specific items needed for Tyler Rake’s costume?

You can find the items needed for Tyler Rake’s costume at military surplus stores or online retailers that specialize in tactical gear and cosplay accessories. Make sure to check for customer reviews and compare prices to get the best deals.

Can I modify Tyler Rake’s costume to fit my personal style?

Absolutely! While it is important to stay true to the overall theme of the character’s costume, you can add your own personal touches or adaptations. For example, you could choose different colors or styles for certain elements of the outfit while still maintaining its functionality and rugged appearance.

Are there any safety considerations when wearing Tyler Rake’s costume?

When wearing any kind of tactical gear or props, it is essential to prioritize safety. Avoid carrying realistic-looking firearms in public places where they may be mistaken for real weapons. If participating in events or conventions where props are allowed, make sure they comply with event rules regarding weapon replicas and ensure they are handled responsibly at all times.


In conclusion, Tyler Rake’s costume in “Extraction” is the epitome of badass style. From his casual t-shirt to his tactical vest and accessories, every element adds to the intimidating aura of this SASR operator turned mercenary. His distinctive neck tattoo peeking out from under his shirt collar completes the edgy merc look.

By following this ultimate guide, you can rock the Tyler Rake look and channel your inner action hero. So gear up and show off your Extraction-inspired swagger!

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