Valentines Gifts For Him

The Best Valentines Gifts For Him

For many people, Valentine’s Day is one of the most awaited holidays. 

It’s a time to celebrate one of the most amazing and magical parts of life: Love. 

But for countless poor souls, Valentine’s Day can be something of a stressful occasion. After all, we’re expected to go the extra mile for our loved ones. What happens if we fall short? After all, our relationships are on the line!

If we can’t think of something amazing, it can lead to a lot of disappointment. To avoid this fate, most people plan for their Valentine’s day gifts and celebrations well ahead of time, preparing the perfect valentines gifts for him. 

While men can definitely have a hard time racking their brains for gift ideas, women also suffer from the same conundrum. After all, some men are seriously hard to shop for. 

When it comes to buying gifts for women, there are plenty of “safe” options available. From roses to boxes of chocolate, you can’t go wrong with the classics. 

But what about men? Do these time-honored gifts have male equivalents? Is there a perfect valentines gifts for him? 

What exactly do people give their boyfriends and husbands on Valentine’s day?

Don’t worry – we have some amazing ideas up our sleeve, and at least one of our options is sure to be a major hit with your man. 

But before we explore these gift ideas, let’s first delve into the history of Valentine’s Day, shall we?

A Brief History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is named after (who else?) Saint Valentine. 

But who was this guy, and how did he manage to become a saint?

Well, no one really knows for sure who Saint Valentine was, and how he became associated with the “day of love.” But one theory is that he was a very early Christian priest in the third century AD. 

As the story goes, Saint Valentine defied Emperor Claudius II, and arranged marriages in secret, even though they were banned for soldiers of the Roman army. 

After being imprisoned, he is said to have written a love letter to a special woman in his life on February the 14th, immediately before being executed. That special lady just happened to be the jailor’s daughter. 

A more realistic explanation of Valentine’s Day is that it evolved from the ancient Roman celebration of Lupercalia. 

This celebration took place in the middle of February and ushered in the beginning of Springtime. 

As with many Roman and Pagan celebrations, this was eventually transformed and molded into a Christian celebration as the dominant religion of Roman society changed. 

But let’s get back to the matter at hand… What are you going to get your special man on Valentine’s Day? Here are some excellent ideas:

A Fancy Bathrobe

Buy your man a fancy bathrobe for Valentine’s Day, and he’ll feel like an absolute king. 

A high-quality bathrobe can last for decades, and you’ll ensure that he’s always comfortable as he gets out of the shower or bathtub. If you want to make it even more special, you can even customize it with a monogram. 

Whiskey Glass Set

This Valentine’s Day gift is a no-brainer if your man is a whiskey enthusiast. 

You can get all kinds of different whiskey glasses , so make sure that you’re buying his favorite type. 

You can customize the glasses with a special message of love, laser-etched into the glass, an awesome valentines gifts for him. 

A Stainless Steel Flask

You really can’t go wrong with a flask . It’s a classy piece of equipment, and you can bet that your man will be proud to add it to his collection. 

Stainless steel is always a solid option, although you can get slightly more elaborate copper and brass variations. 


Men are usually overjoyed to receive a nice pair of sunglasses , even if it’s not exactly the most fitting gift for Valentine’s Day. 

Make sure that it’s a style that he actually likes. Certain frame shapes don’t really fit some facial types. But hey, if there’s anyone who can pick out a rocking pair of shades for your man, it’s you. 

A Straight Razor

This is somewhat of an acquired taste, but it’s definitely a classy addition to any bathroom cabinet. 

All men used to shave with straight razors back in the day, and the practice has gone out of style in recent decades. But straight razors are beautiful creations that are made with real craftsmanship. Even if your man isn’t planning to shave with it, a straight razor is an excellent collector’s item. 

Some Awesome Body Spray

Don’t worry, your man won’t be insulted if you buy him body spray. He’ll appreciate the option to smell great every day, and you’ll certainly enjoy the results as well. 

For best results, try natural body sprays with woody, rustic-inspired notes and aromas, making your man smell good will be a memorable valentines gifts for him.

Whiskey Ice Balls

Whiskey ice balls are another perfect gift if you want to make your whiskey-loving man fall in love with you all over again.

These whiskey accessories can help your man enjoy his glass of whiskey without water melting and diluting the taste, a perfect valentines gifts for him.

Beard Oil

If your man is always cutting himself while shaving, get him some high-quality beard oil on Valentine’s Day. A quick dab of oil before every shave lubricates the skin, reducing the chance of cuts.

It can also eliminate razor burn, so you’ll be kissing a cheek with fresh, clear skin!


If your man is a smoker, you can blow his socks off with a high-quality box of cigars . Your man will really appreciate the fact that you’re enabling this innocent hobby!

Whiskey Stones

Whiskey stones are just like ice balls, and they serve the same purpose. 

They’ll keep your man’s glass of whiskey cool and fresh, but they’ll never melt, like love it is an eternal valentines gifts for him!

Waxed Denim Jacket

Waxed denim is a seriously cool fabric, and your man will feel like a total rockstar when he puts his new jacket on. 

These jackets are also rainproof and incredibly durable, a long lasting valentines gifts for him!

Cocktail Shaker

A cocktail shaker is another excellent option if you’re still racking your mind for potential gifts. 

He’ll feel just like James Bond as he whips up Martinis and other cocktails!

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