What Type of Nail Polish Should You Use?

No two sets of nails are the same. Everyone has a unique nail texture and experiences growth differently, meaning everyone’s nail routine is different.

Doing your own nails can save you quite a bit of money when compared to consistent appointments at the salon. The only difference is that the professionals know the right treatments and polishes to keep your nails healthy.

If you want to start taking care of your nails yourself, you will have to create a routine that works for the type of nails you have.

The polish you choose to use can make a huge difference in the appearance and strength of your nails.

If you know what kind of nails you have, take a look at some of these suggestions to decide the right polish for you.

 If You Have Thick, Strong Nails…

Consider yourself lucky! Many people are envious of thick nails because they tend not to break often and can grow long with ease.

You can get away with almost any nail polish if you have strong nails because any type you use will stay strong and last long if applied correctly.

Clear nail polish is great for thick nails so you can show off their naturally beautiful texture. Bold colours are also fun, but you should use a top brand to make sure it lasts long.

Essie, OPI and Sally Hansen are just a few of the best brands that will cover your full nail without needing more than one or two coats.

Fewer coats are better when you have thick nails so they don’t get even thicker. A great practice to get into for keeping your nails as strong as possible is to apply a clear topcoat over your favourite colour.

Having strong nails is something to be proud of, so make sure you take care of them to help them shine!

If You Have Brittle Nails…

So many women have weak, brittle nails, which can be quite a burden to care for. Nails that constantly break or peel do not look professional or appealing, especially when it seems like nail polish just won’t stay on the fingernail.

You could try taking supplements to strengthen your nails and hair at the same time, but the right type of nail polish can keep you from putting too many substances in your body.

Many popular nail polish brands promote their own special nail polish for weak nails because it is so popular for women to have trouble with them.

You should look for a nail strengthening polish that will prevent breakage and promote growth. Many of these strengthening polishes are applied to a clean nail, then can easily be painted over with your favourite colour.

Some strengthening polishes even come in different colours that will make the polishing process even quicker!

Using a few coats of polish on a weaker nail will help them grow longer and not break so easily. Try a strengthening polish to get the nails you always dreamt of.

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If You Have Fungal Issues…

It might be embarrassing to admit that you struggle with fungal issues in your nails, but in reality, it is a struggle that many people face.

You may dread heading to the nail salon out of embarrassment and wish to do your nails on your own to cover up the issue.

Instead of trying to hide, you can rid your nails of the fungal issues altogether with special nail polish. Antifungal nail polishes exist that can remedy the discolouration or breakage that comes along with an infection.

Many brands make their own version of antifungal nail polish, providing a variation in colours across all seasons and styles.

GiftWits has a useful list of antifungal nail polish if you are looking for some recommendations. Find out what kind will work for you to see the best results.

It shouldn’t take long for the right nail polish to remove the fungal infection you struggle with. When it is all cleared up, you will feel more confident and ready to experience a professional manicure every once in a while.

If Your Nails Have Ridges…

Everyone’s fingernails are so different, creating a need for various nail routines amongst every individual. Ridged nails are common in men and women whose hands see a lot of wear and tear.

Doing dishes or frequent exposure to water is one of the top causes of ridges in nails, though they can easily be covered with the right nail polish.

If you do your own nails, you can make sure to buff and shape your nails thoroughly before adding polish. Buffing helps smooth out the surface, though you should be careful not to over buff to make them too thin.

You can also apply a coat of nail hardener as a base coat to coloured nail polish, or use a special ridge filler polish.

Ridge fillers go easily underneath any nail polish you love to help them keep a smooth surface. You should also try to stay away from acrylics or gel manicures since those tend to make ridges worse.

A gentle polish and a ridge filler will make a difference in the texture of your nail surface. Treat yourself to an at-home spa day to properly maintain your ridged nails.

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If You Have Acrylic Nails…

Many women love to rock long acrylic nails when their own nails aren’t long enough to paint how they want.

They are fun to use every once in a while but can cause damage if you never give your nails a break. You can apply acrylics at home following a few simple steps to ensure your safety and the health of your nails, then paint them with any polish you want.

After a while, you should remove them safely and try a different type of nail art, like a gel manicure or a simple coat of standard polish.

Acrylics are perfect for special occasions that require a dressed-up look since they last long and look beautiful. Just make sure to rest your nails after use to keep them as healthy as you can.

No matter what type of nails you have, you can keep them beautiful with the right nail polish. Find a brand you love with the type that works best for you to see amazing results and feel more confident!

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