Essential Authors for World Travelers

One of the best parts about reading is that it can take you somewhere new without having to leave your couch. You can explore distant deserts, historical landmarks, and shadowy forests under the protection of a blanket.

If you love to travel and just can’t wait to get out on your next new adventure, reading a book might help keep you satisfied for a while.

Your mind will be able to explore places unknown, which will give you some inspiration for your next trip. Fictional characters or detailed memoirs are both wonderful for inciting wanderlust in readers.

While on the hunt for the perfect book about travel and adventure, keep in mind these six authors that can take you somewhere exciting!

Ernest Hemingway

If you love to travel, you probably want to read books that were written by travellers themselves. Truth-based accounts have something special about them that imaginary locations just can’t match.

Hemingway is one of the best authors to help you explore the many adventures out there. He travelled the world and often used his experiences to inspire his writing, which has an impact on so many of his readers.

Hemingway travelled through Europe, Africa, Paris, and Idaho during his life in addition to so many other places he could draw inspiration from.

He writes of war and history along with love and travel to create pieces his readers can connect with. Reading his work from home or while out on the road can get you excited for the adventures that lie ahead.

This guide to his books is a good place to get started deciding which one you should read first!

Jack London

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Realistic fiction that centres upon adventure can be some of the most exciting work to read for a travel lover. You can imagine you are on the adventure with the character from the safety of your home.

Jack London specializes in heart-pounding adventures that are inspired by his real experiences. He spent so much of his life travelling that it was only fitting that he would write about it!

His works ‘The Call of the Wild’ and ‘White Fang’ take place during the Klondike Gold Rush in the cold, harsh environment. He lived through this and used his knowledge to depict the reality of the historical event.

London will take you on a trip back in time to experience adventures that you might never find anything close to today.

Cheryl Strayed

Reading about the travel experiences of others could make you itch to begin your own next adventure. Cheryl Strayed, a writer of nonfiction and memoir, tends to share her own journeys through new places to inspire her readers.

Strayed’s well-known travel text titled ‘Wild’ details her 1,100-mile hike through California and Oregon all the way to Washington in order to connect with herself.

The realness and rawness she presents in her writing will make any adventure-thirsty individual excited to travel soon. She helps readers realize just how important travel is for well-being!

Nonfiction is a great genre for world travellers who often feel like nobody understands their desire to explore somewhere new. Strayed’s work is the perfect companion for the traveller who needs someone to understand their love.

Maybe Strayed will even inspire you to go on a long hike that could truly change your life.

John Steinbeck

There are so many authors and even more books to read, though reading the classics are a necessity for the busy traveller.

Longer texts make the best travel buddies because they will keep you occupied during all travel excursions.

No matter if you are travelling or reading from home, the right book can inspire you to explore somewhere new.

John Steinbeck can take you to all different states in any of his best-selling novels. One of his texts, ‘Travels with Charley’, details his adventure in a simple camper across the United States.

Even his most famous works, like ‘East of Eden’ and ‘Grapes of Wrath’, will inspire you to learn more about locations you may be unfamiliar with.

Many of his popular texts have been turned into films for you to watch after you finish the books. Reading about the action and then watching an adaptation can offer two different experiences of the same awesome adventures!

Steinbeck’s classic novels should be on everyone’s list of must-reads, especially those who love learning about new places around the world. 

Paul Theroux

Authors from the travel genre might just be the best choice for readers who love hearing about adventures they might want to take someday.

Paul Theroux definitely delivers here, being a successful travel writer that writes loosely about his own trips.

The book that offered him the most success was ‘The Great Railway Bazaar’, in which he tells of his journey from Great Britain to Japan.

This book is now thought of as a classic piece of travel literature, making it a must-read for any lovers of world travel.

If reading just one of his books isn’t enough, he has also published many others that detail his various adventures.

Through his own travel experiences, you might say Theroux has turned himself into a travel expert!

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Elizabeth Gilbert

Soul searching is a common reason people enjoy travelling. Escaping trauma, seeking new meaning in life, or just looking for a change of pace can lead to a new perspective on life.

Elizabeth Gilbert knows all about making a change in life, as she explores in her popular nonfiction piece ‘Eat, Pray, Love’.

She realized that after her divorce, she needed to do something new and unexpected. Gilbert travelled through Italy, India, and Indonesia in search of adventure, then detailed it in her popular novel.

Her novel is the perfect read to inspire world travellers of all ages. It tells of the unforgettable moments during travel and how exploration can be a life-changing experience.

You can see the world through Gilbert’s eyes in her work, then plan a trip as fulfilling as hers one day.

Reading about travel and adventure is a great way to fill the gaps between your own worldly experiences. If you are stuck at home or travelling somewhere new, having the right book to keep you company can change your perspective.

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