Whiskey And Bourbon Decanters

Whiskey And Bourbon Decanters

For those of us that really enjoy drinking whiskey and Bourbon, of course the first thing any one is going to do is make sure that they have the perfect way to store their booze. There are several different ways to store alcohol, but a really nice way to make it accessible is by finding the perfect whiskey and bourbon decanters.



Here is the perfect bourbon or whiskey decanter .This dispenser can be used for literally any type of hard alcohol. It is a hand blown decanter that was crafted by skilled artisans that knew exactly what they were doing. This is a lead free decanter and it also has a unique handcrafted boat with amazing details that really show the craftsmanship. This decanter is also created in the USA. It is made with handcrafted oak out of Kentucky. For every decanter that is sold – this company plants a brand-new tree in its honor.

This is an amazing gift for virtually anyone. It can be housewarming gift for newlyweds, it can be a gift for graduation, it is the perfect retirement to gift. Also, Christmas or even Father’s Day – heck you can give it as a bachelors gift as well. This decanter stores 1150ml of your favorite drink. It also has an airtight seal from the glass stopper, see you will never have to worry about your alcohol evaporating. The best part about this decanter is that it is only $120.00 with a 60 day warranty. It doesn’t get any better than that.

For the nautical lovers will absolutely love this whiskey decanter ship set by The Wine Savant.This is a stunning decanter that is the perfect get for anybody that loves nautical themes or of course someone that enjoys drinking whiskey the right way. This home a decanter has an extremely detailed antique ship that is set in the center of the decanter. It really is a stunning piece that will attract plenty of attention. The ship inside was also hand blown.

This can be a perfect piece for your table or if you have a bar – you can add this to your collection. This decanter will aerate your wine or any other beverage. This needs to be hand washed. The high quality stainless steel spigot needs to be carefully taken care of. This decanter needs to be at least half-full to flow properly from the spigot, otherwise if it is less than half you will need to pour from the top. This is affordable and it also has free shipping.

The Perfect Decanter

When it is officially that time to find the perfect decanter, you want to take some time to really think about what you are looking for. You want to think about the size, because normally a standard bottle of whiskey is going to be 750 mL. That is something to take into consideration, because if you plan on putting an entire bottle of whiskey into a decanter of that size – it is not going to work.

You will need to purchase a larger decanter which is not an issue. There are a few different sizes of whiskey and bourbon decanters, so more than likely it is always recommended to just buy the largest decanter you can find. The reason for this: you may end up hosting a party at some point or you may end up needing this for a wedding/big event.

The next part you need to start thinking about is what kind of seal the decanter is going to have. You 100% want to have an airtight seal, because whiskey oxidizes slower than wine. It still does oxidize, but if you have an airtight seal – you are going to be doing better than nothing. When you finally transfer the whiskey into the decanter you need to remember that you’re already taking the whiskey out of its normal bottle and environment.

You want to be sure that you don’t exacerbate anything which means you don’t want to provide any type of constant airflow into the decanter.

Now, most whiskey and bourbon decanters are lead free, but it is still recommended that you take the time to check anyway. If you do end up with a decanter that has crystal with lead and your whiskey sits long enough – there is the chance that led could actually be leeching into the whiskey which would be doing absolutely horrible things to your insides. No matter what always double check to make sure that you 100% have a lead free decanter no matter what.

Last but not least when it comes to purchasing a decanter you need to think about the price. You can purchase a lower end decanter for under $50 and it will look perfectly fine. If you are trying to buy more of a high-quality decanter – then you can start looking at higher end department stores like Macy’s and even Bloomingdale’s. You want to research the quality before you purchase one, but then you also need to think about if you are trying to find a really flashy decanter if you like to host parties or dinners.

That is really something to take into consideration: how often would you use the decanter? If you like to sip on some whiskey at night after dinner – then you might consider a larger decanter to hold a larger bottle of whiskey. If you really don’t use a decanter that frequently – then a medium-size decanter would probably be sufficient.

Don’t forget the designs of decanters. You are going to find out that there are so many different designs to choose from. Hand blown and handmade seem to be extremely popular, because there are many people that are passionate about blowing glass and creating magical masterpieces. Some of whiskey and bourbon decanters are really heavy-duty and thick with a decent amount of weight. Those are excellent high-quality decanters that will last a lifetime. The lighter whiskey and bourbon decanters are also just as nice, but they need to be handled delicately.

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