5 Father’s Day Activities That Don’t Cost a Thing

Father’s Day is just around the corner, so it is time to start planning your activities. Whether you are celebrating with your actual dad or the father of your children, the day should be a very special occasion. The great thing is you can have a good time with the father in your life without spending any extra money.

Home Movie Night

Every dad loves to watch movies with the family. Since it is their day, the movie choice should be based on the father’s preferences. You can opt for one of their all-time favorite classics or go with a newer release they have been dying to see. If you do not feel comfortable surprising them with a movie, then you can always leave the choice up to them. Make popcorn and other snacks to enhance the entire movie-watching experience.

Cook a Special Meal

There is no better way to make the day feel special than by pampering the father in your life. An easy way to do this is by cooking them a delicious meal. Serving breakfast in bed is always a popular option. If you are not much of a morning person, then you can just cook them their favorite meal for dinner. You do not have to worry about your cooking skills. They will love anything you make for them.

having a barbeque

Go On a Hike

If the father in your life loves spending time outdoors, then taking them on a hike is the perfect free Father’s Day activity. The country is filled with beautiful hiking spots, so it should not be too hard to find one near your home. Spending time together in nature is a great way to grow your special bond. Do all of the planning ahead of time to make it easier to leave for the trip. This includes finding the spot, preparing the Cuisines, and packing the gear.

Invite Friends and Family Over

Some special occasions are just more fun when celebrated with friends and family. If your father loves socializing with a lot of people, then you must invite everyone over for the Father’s Day celebration. There is no need to throw a big extravagant party. Seeing everyone special in their life will be enough. If you want to make the party a little festive, then you can always get some decorations at the balloon store.

Watch a Baseball Game

One of the biggest pastimes in the country is watching a baseball game with your dad. This rich history is why Father’s Day is one of the biggest nights of the year in Major League Baseball. Every team in the league is scheduled to play on Father’s Day, so you should have no problem finding your dad’s favorite team on television.

Great fathers are often overlooked most of the year, so it is only right to honor them on the upcoming Father’s Day holiday. Spending time with them is the perfect way to show your appreciation, so there is no need for expensive gifts.


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