10 Best Ginger Beer Brands

While people suspect a secret ingredient, the drink is made from spring water, ginger root, natural flavors, natural cane sugar, and ascorbic acids. The New York Times describes this drink as “a mixer to be taken seriously,” and we couldn’t agree more. If you are going to fill ¾ of your highball glass with a mixer, then it better be as good as Fever-Tree ginger beer.

The ginger beer works best in several cocktails, such as Dark & Stormy and Moscow Mule. You can also play around with other gin and vodka recipes. While it is fermented and brewed like real beer, Fever-Tree is non-alcoholic as it contains negligible alcohol levels (Approved by FDA, of course!). It is also caffeine-free.

Bundaberg Ginger Beer

Another drink from our list is the Bundaberg Ginger Beer from Australia. It is an incredibly smooth drink with a touch of sweetness, a few tweaks cutting through the tangy ginger spiciness. It works well as a beer on its own or as a cocktail mixer. Bundaberg is made with fresh beer and is probably one of the best drinks to take on its own during a hot summer afternoon.

Bundaberg ginger beer is one of the best ginger beers for rum-based cocktails like Dark & Stormy. It brings a warm and fuzzy texture to the cocktail ideal to take during fall or winter. In addition, the beer has a rich taste because it takes up to three days to brew. We like that this ginger drink looks natural, and if you put the bottle upside down, you can see small chunks of ginger forming a cloud on top. But where does the sweetness come from?

Sugarcane! Yes, instead of adding sugar or other artificial additives, the family-owned business uses pure cane sugar for a naturally sweet taste. There is simply no room for compromise in the quality of the ginger beer. The brewing of Bundaberg ginger beer started in 1968 by an Australian family, and over the years, there has been little change in the taste and how they brew the drink. It is truly as authentic as the first bottle shipped out of the factory.

Gosling’s Ginger Beer

If there is one ginger beer that was made with a specific cocktail in mind is Gosling’s Ginger Beer. It is probably the ultimate Dark & Stormy ginger beer mixer. First off, Gosling isn’t a soda or beer company; they brew rum and have been in the business for over 200 years. The Black Seal Rum is their most popular brand, and their ginger beer is probably the second-best.

Gosling’s Ginger beer is perfect for this kind of cocktail as the beer has a stimulating blend of sweet and spicy. It is a blend the Gosling’s took years to curate so that it tastes perfect on their signature Dark & Stormy cocktail. In addition, it is a non-alcoholic drink, and you can have it alone without the rum.

Despite Gosling’s ginger beer being recommended as a Dark & Stormy mixer, its sweet and spicy blend is ideal for most cocktails. Folks prefer it due to its balanced spiciness, and it is also less fizzy than most ginger beers. On the other hand, the ginger beer is packed with sugar (about 48 grams), almost tasting like ginger ale. Plus, the six-pack can is more affordable than most ginger beers.

Fentimans Ginger Beer

Fentimans Ginger beer is one unique drink and has used a slightly different brewing process than most ginger beers. The drink is brewed using traditional techniques, and the company calls it “botanical brewing.” Botanical brewing isn’t a technique used by modern ginger beers as it uses an old technique that would only appeal to those who love a specific drink like Fentimans.

Fentimans family started brewing this beer in 1905 after taking this recipe as security for a loan that was later not paid. The family started using the recipe to brew beer and distribute it door to door. 100 years later, Fentimans is one unique ginger beer with distinctive flavors and a silky texture.

Fentimans ginger beer is made with ginger roots, and it’s gluten-free. The drink is suitable for vegetarians as it contains no additives, sweeteners, or artificial flavor. Despite having a complex taste, Fentimans is an excellent cocktail mixer, and you can use it in gin drinks as long as they match the same notes. Vodka would also be great on this ginger beer.

Maine Root Ginger Beer

Maine Root ginger beer has interesting notes apart from its distinctive ginger flavor. The sweetness comes from pure cane sugar and does not contain additives or flavors to enhance its taste. So, all that flavor is just ginger and sugar cane juice. Like many ginger beer companies, Maine Root beer started as a man’s idea of beer who wasn’t impressed by the local root beer. However, his recipe later hit the restaurants, and when it was popular, he quit his day job and opened a manufacturing plant.

One good thing about Maine Root ginger beer is that it focuses on natural ingredients, and you can easily get a bottle from the grocery store. It is non-alcoholic and well-carbonated, probably not too fizzy. Maine Root should be a good option if you need to make a ginger beer cocktail like Moscow Mule. The ginger in Maine Root is clean and not too heavy on the lips. It should make Moscow Mule perfectly as it won’t overwhelm the vodka and lime juice. This drink also gives an extra oomph to tequila.

Brooklyn Crafted Mango Ginger Beer

Brooklyn Crafted is one beverage manufacturer that you should definitely watch out for. The company is keen on sodas and has produced a line of beverages. You’ll tellBrookl;y Crafted drinks by their distinct taste and unique selection of ingredients. For example, the Brooklyn Crafted Mango Ginger Beer is a combination you must taste to understand the marrying notes. It’s a flavor combination to die for.

Ginger beer is good as a normal drink or as a mixer to a wide array of cocktails. The bottled drink is unfiltered so expect some chunks of ginger lingering on top. Of course, Brooklyn Crafted being them has other flavors like extra spicy, sugar-free ginger, lemon-lime ginger, and early grey, but mango ginger is an excellent combination which is why it made it to this list. You can add this great mango ginger beer to make Mango Mule or a more exotic Mocktail Mimosa.

Q Mixers Ginger Beer

Not all ginger beers were made to be extra sweet. One such example is the Q Mixers Ginger Beer, sweetened with agave, which doesn’t give as much sweetness. However, this makes the ginger beer brand unique, as its sugar content is only 22 grams. That said, it has an earthy flavor, and it’s enhanced with fermented spices from coriander and cardamom. You’ll also get a taste of lime and carbonation to balance spirits in cocktails.

Normal ginger beer fanatics will definitely feel the lime taste and, at times, more pronounced than the ginger. Due to its content, Q Mixers Ginger Beer is widely used in making cocktails of all sorts. You don’t need to add many ingredients. The presence of lime makes it easy to add spirits on the go.

Top Hat Ginger Beer

Top Hat Ginger Beer is an interesting pick for those who want to always have the drink on their hands. The ginger beer is sweet, and it contains concentrates of VItamin C and antioxidants. Cocktail lovers can mix this drink with a soda, lime, or a touch of spirit. Top Hat Ginger Beer uses real natural ginger, and when mixed up, you can see small sediments of ginger floating.

Top Hat did a great job balancing the sweetness as it sets the stage for ginger’s spicy appearance on your tongue. It is one of the few ginger beers that isn’t filled with spiciness like most ginger beer brands. Top Hat is the go-to ginger beer if you’re looking for a drink packed with citrus notes. In cocktails, it is a no-brainer how the ginger beer brings a twist to the Moscow Mule. After a few sips, you’ll definitely fall in love with it. It is still compatible with other spirits; you have to spend more time trying out the different cocktail recipes.

Top Hat ginger beer may be slightly different (and less carbonated), but it is fun to have on a warm afternoon. It is charming, accessible, and definitely healthy!

Reed’s Extra Ginger beer

Tired of the same old American brands? Well, Reed’s offers a unique twist to ginger beer complemented with Jamaican-infused notes. The drink uses real ginger, lemon juice, lime juice, Honey, and pineapple craft. You can already tell the greatness of this Jamaican-style ginger beer.

Reed’s offers different types of ginger beer with varying levels of spice. There are the Reed’s original, extra, and strongest. The drink is packed with fizz, flavoring, and many aspects you need to taste to get. That said, Reed’s is best taken alone but is still an interesting choice when mixing up to make cocktails. The best spirits that work with this Jamaican-style ginger beer include vodka, whiskey, bourbon, and rum.

Zevia Mixer Ginger Beer

Not everyone is a sugar freak, and at times, you need a cold ginger beer to cool off the hot summer afternoons. Sometimes you need a low-carb cocktail, especially when on a diet, but still want a good ol’ beer. Zevia is a company that makes ginger beers with no sugar, artificial sweeteners, hence zero calories. Zevia’s ginger beer is perfect for healthy watchers and vegans as well.

Zevia is a perfect mixer for cocktails to enhance flavor with other ingredients like lime juice or syrup. The beer itself is not as spicy, but you’d definitely tell it’s ginger beer. That said, the main ingredients in this drink are carbonated water, citric acid, natural flavors, and Stevia leaf extract. Stevia adds a tinge of sweetness to this beer. You can use Zevia ginger beer for several cocktails like Strawberry Moscow Mule and other summer cocktails.

Bonus: Royalty Ginger Beer

When craving strong ginger beer with rich, spicy flavors, Royalty’s ginger beer is the ideal option. It has an age-old recipe which the company still uses and is still as affordable as before. Royalty Ginger Beer is a British brand and has been in the business for years. While the ginger taste is very pronounced, there are notable sweet tones, and it makes a good standalone drink after a long day.

Royalty Ginger beer is sugar-free, making it a healthier alternative. It is brewed using flavorings, carbonated water, citric acid, sugar, and preservatives. The ginger beer has a lemonade look with a little fizz. The burn from ginger will definitely give you a kick. And if that’s not enough, why not try out different cocktails?

Royalty is a big manufacturer and has several brands of ginger beer, including regular and sugar-free. All variants have a distinctive sweet taste synonyms with the British company. Maybe that’s the “royal” nature of this drink.

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