3 Things to Master Before Starting Advanced Workouts

While you don’t need many workouts to trigger your initial gains, your muscles will eventually adjust to the tension that you subject them to. Your body will get stronger and will also become accustomed to the workouts that you do. Basic home workouts are effective, but if you fail to upscale your training regimen, you could potentially be setting yourself into a plateau.

It’s at this point that you might want to consider adding advanced workouts to your routine. However, doing so too early could increase the risk of injury, which could destroy the progress you’ve made so far. Before you attempt advanced workouts like the Jefferson squat or archer push-ups, here are some things you need to check to determine if your body is ready for the added tension.

You’ve Mastered Your Nutrition

Nutrition is a cornerstone of fitness, but it becomes even more important once you start taking on more difficult exercises. The reason behind this is that advanced workouts are much more physically taxing, which means that the added burn will affect your body’s nutritional requirements.

It’s important to keep your body sufficiently fueled during advanced workouts, as this has a significant effect on whether you’re able to perform properly. If you consistently hit your macros, and if you know how to adjust your caloric intake relative to the increased intensity of your workouts, then you’ve mastered getting the nutrition that your body needs.

You Can Discern Good Pain From Bad Pain

Whether you’re starting a basic workout or an advanced exercise for the first time, the muscles used in the exercise are going to experience a lot of pain. It’s important that you’re able to determine what type of pain is a normal result of the tension you’ve subjected your muscles to.

The reason for this is that you have to know when you should stop an attempt. Pain is good, but only as long as it isn’t sharp, intense, and immediate. If you experience sharp, intense pain while attempting an advanced workout, stop immediately. If the pain persists, you’ll have to consult a doctor.

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You’ve Established Good Rest and Recovery Habits

Triggering muscle hypertrophy is only one aspect of fitness. It’s important that you’re able to strike a balance between pushing your body and giving it time to recover. Otherwise, you’d be overtraining your muscles, which significantly hurts your progress. 

Your body is bound to react to the new workouts, especially when we consider that advanced workouts are going to put greater strain on your body. This means that it’s likely that your body will need more time to recover from the increased strain.

Fortunately, proper rest and recovery is just a matter of managing which muscle group you want to work on a particular day.  Initially, you might want to allow two days of rest for each muscle group before working them again. This way, you’re giving them enough time to recover and adjust to the new training regimen.

Advanced workouts are more an eventuality than a choice. You’re eventually going to have to increase your training intensity if you want to strengthen your body and mind further. These are the things you need to master before you can level up your training regimen.

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