Most amazing places to visit in Western Australia

Western Australia occupies one-third of the continent and it is the largest country on the continent. The capital is the magnificent city of Perth, which combines the modern, vibrant city together with the raw, rugged nature, natural wonders and abundance of animals. There’s something for everybody there, white, sandy beaches and crystal clear water, national parks, strange rock formations, waterfalls and amazing sunsets, just to name a few. The list of amazing things to do in Australia includes swimming with the dolphins, taking a selfie with a smiling quokka, jet-skiing through the ocean, swimming, cruising the lakes and flying over beautiful scenery.

1.  Elephants Rocks

Elephant Rocks is a place in Western Australia that is surely unique and there’s no similar place to it in the world. It is located in the south-west of Western Australia, 15km from the city of Denmark. It is one of the most popular places for swimming, definitely, with its strange rock formations (that look like a herd of elephants paddling in the shallow water) and turquoise colour water. Many families visit the Elephant Cove beach as it is a perfect destination both for swimming and snorkeling. You can also climb the rocks and enjoy the view in front of you. All in all, a stunning place to visit!

2.  Rottnest island

Visiting Australia and not devoting a day to visit the famous Rottnest Island is truly a pity as it is one of the top-rated tourist attractions in Western Australia. You can take a ferry from Perth or Fremantle and visit the popular resort, where people escape to when they get tired of the bustling city. The island got its name when a Dutch explorer discovered the island and saw its residents – furry little quokkas, he had mistaken them for rats and hence the name Rottnest (‘rats’ nest’). Cute and adorable quokkas are still found on the island, making it the only place they live in. Besides these curious creatures, you can also enjoy the white sandy beaches and coral reefs, which make the perfect places for swimming, snorkeling and simply enjoying nature and view.

3.  Purnululu (Bungle Bungle) National Park, The Kimberley

Bungle is a rocky site that is extremely difficult to reach by car because of its infamous rough terrain. What’s interesting about this place is that it was completely unknown to the outside world until 1983. It represents a land where aboriginal tribes lived and the remains of their culture, including ceremonial sites, rock paintings, and a burial ground can be seen. It is a particularly spectacular view as the violent summer monsoons created the chasms and gorges as well as the bee-hived shaped rock domes, made from soft stone, which mark this spectacular place. There are some walking trails you can explore, but not all of them are easily accessible. So, perhaps the best way to grasp the whole structure is by a sightseeing flight. You can easily book private jet flights from Perth to see this amazing sight and try to capture it in photographs.

4.  The Pinnacles

A sight that is familiar to many people and that is a clear association to Australia – thousands of limestone pillars rising from a lunar-like landscape of yellow sand is located on a two-hour ride from Perth. These rocks vary in height, so you can see some that are only a few centimeters tall to ones that are four meters tall. The origin of the stones is the topic of debates, but it seems that the combination of wind and water erosion caused a chemical change that washed away softer sandstones and left only the harder limestones exposed and standing. The sight can be explored with a car or by walking along the trails.

5.  Wave Rock

The oddly looking rock in the shape of a huge wave is fascinating. It is a 15-meter banded granite rock formation in the shape of a wave that’s about to break. The different shades of colours such as red, gray and ochre you can see on it are a result of the reaction of rainwater and various chemical substances. Near the Wave Rock is also another popular tourist attraction, a rock shaped like a hippo’s mouth, Hippo’s Yawn. There are a few other rock formations as well nearby the Wave Rock and you can explore them by car.

6.  The Margaret River

The Margaret River is a three-hour drive from Perth and it is one of the most visited areas when in Perth. It is so popular because of the many beautiful beaches, waves for surfing, scenic hiking trails, delicious restaurants and galleries. The landscape is diverse so you can see many forests, limestone caves such as Mammoth Cave, Lake Cave, and Jewel Cave, with impressive stalactites and ancient fossils. It is also a great destination for being active by indulging in some of the local sports that include swimming, surfing, kayaking, whale-watching, rock climbing and mountain biking. The perfect finish to such an active day is, of course, the local cuisine where you can try local specialties such as fresh seafood, grass-fed meats, cheese, and heirloom fruit and vegetables.

7.  Shoalwater Bay: Dolphins, Sea Lions, and Penguins

Shoalwater Islands Marine Park is located 50km south of Perth and it is home to many animals such as sea lions and dolphins. This destination allows you to see the animals up close and swim with them, too! You can enjoy a ride in a dolphin-viewing boat, from which you’re able to interact with the dolphins closely. You can also opt for another kind of superb experience – a cruise with a glass-bottom boat, which will get you familiar with the sea wildlife, the animals and the plants living there. The cruises take you to the rocky shores of Seal, Penguin, and Bird Islands and allow you to see nesting ospreys and pelican rookeries. The surrounding reefs are an excellent opportunity for diving and snorkeling.

8.  The Gibb River Road in The Kimberley

The Gibb River Road falls into the category of outback adventures. It cuts through the heart of Kimberley and it is actually a route that was used to take cattle through. It runs for 600km from Derby to Wyndham. The terrain that is assumed a road is quite rugged, so the easiest way to navigate it is with a 4WD vehicle. While riding along the road, you can see rugged red-rock gorges, outback cattle stations, aboriginal villages, crocodiles in rivers, savannah, and spectacular mountain ranges. From November to April, the road is usually closed for traffic, due to heavy flooding of the area.

9.  The Horizontal Falls

The rough Kimberley region offers an exciting way of viewing the Horizontal Falls – from a super-fast and exhilarating jet ski. It is one of the top outdoor adventures in Australia as this natural phenomenon involves powerful tides that squeeze through the two narrow gorges. You can reach this peculiar place only by seaplane or a jet ski. Tours usually include a scenic flight over the breathtaking sight of the Buccaneer peninsula, which is a wild stretch of red, cliff-fringed coast that is washed by turquoise water and decorated with hundreds of small uninhabited islands.

Australia is a land of diverse natural sights and phenomena as well as varied wildlife, modern cities and plenty of activities to do and enjoy and it’s definitely worth the visit. The only bad thing is that no matter how long you devote to exploring this continent, it isn’t enough!

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